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App or community for "Is this AI?"

I'm not great at determining when something is AI. Is there an app or community for asking if an image is real or AI?

Texas tops the list of America's 10 worst states for quality of life in 2024
  • I borrowed my husband's phone one day to take a pic. There were dozens of pictures of him making funny faces. WTF? That's my mad face. That's my happy face. That's my 'just learned about aliens ' face. Again...WTF? He said, "That's what i do while I'm sitting in traffic." 🤷

  • Texas tops the list of America's 10 worst states for quality of life in 2024
  • It depends on what you do during that time. Listen to an audio book or learn something. Call a friend or family that you didn't talk to often. Chat with the passenger. The best of just winding down between work and home, though trains are good for that too.

  • Texas tops the list of America's 10 worst states for quality of life in 2024
  • We do have our problems, but Texas is in the bottom half of states for gun ownership rate. I'm not sure what the hour driving comment is about - is that supposed to be a traffic or distance jab? Are you legally not allowed to cross city or state lines?

  • What are your mundane grievances?
  • Yes!! Don't enter the intersection if you can't exit it!! Also, how did covid make people think it's ok to keep going when the light turns red? Why has that worsened in the last 4 years?

  • What age to people begin to like colors?

    When i was young I thought my mom's colorful decor was ridiculous. Now I'm old and my kids think I'm ridiculous for wanting colorful everything. Is that a thing?

    I like Nickelback

    Not enough to follow them around, but i would see them if they came to town and I'm kind of looking forward to watching the Netflix show when I'm home alone Monday.

    Flow dropped a couple of new strains today and restocked some others.

    I'm missing the drop notices and reviews from r/, but not enough to go back.

    US politics- Who should/could take Biden's place?

    I know people will say anyone, but realistically, if you could hand pick our next President, who would you choose? Who do you think could win?

    Sorting comments

    Where's the button to set default comment sorting?

    Is there a confessions community?

    I popped into r/ today to read about furniture and now I'm feeling kinda dirty. Maybe i should donate to lemmy as penance.

    Pecan for outdoor furniture?

    I got a good deal on some pecan and i was planning to use it to build patio furniture. I don't know much about pecan and I'm having trouble finding much info about it. Is this a good wood for outdoor use or should i find an indoor project for it?

    What's the best US site/app to sell stuff?

    Cleaning out my mom's house. I hate to trash things that may be useful to someone else and some of it's probably worth some $$. I've used Facebook marketplace a couple of times. I've heard of OfferUp and LetGo but haven't used them. Where will i get the best response and $? Should i just pile it all up and do an online estate sale instead? TIA. Also, if anyone has done this and has any general tips, please share.

    Have you ever scent trained a dog? Do you have experience with a blind pet?

    My 10 year old pup is going blind. We've been in the same house for most of her life and she's doing ok, but I'm worried it's going to get more difficult for her. She's not the smartest, but she can sit, lie down, and shake on command. I've read several articles about scent training but would like to get tips from someone who has done it. I'm thinking of using 4 different scents for bed, toys, stairs, and food/water - i know she can smell the food, but i want to make sure she can find the water bowl when she's outside. Is that too many?

    One article recommended marking a path on the floor/ground so she knows where there's a clear route. Another suggested marking furniture/obstacles so she knows where to avoid.

    If you have any experience with this and can offer tips, i would appreciate it. Also, if you want to share any happy stories about your VI pets, i would love to hear them. It's heartbreaking to see her misjudge the doorway or bonk into things.

    political polls

    Have you ever been asked to participate in a political poll? Do you know of anyone who has?

    TIL about Thomas Midgley and I wonder what's 'perfectly safe' today. Once celebrated, an inventor’s breakthroughs are now viewed as disasters — and the world is still recovering | CNN

    Though the dangers of leaded gasoline and CFCs are now well-known, their inventor, Thomas Midgley Jr. — the subject of a film under development — was once lauded as a hero. But even he couldn’t escape the impact of his creations.

    Once celebrated, an inventor’s breakthroughs are now viewed as disasters — and the world is still recovering | CNN
    I'm glad we don't snuggle people as a greeting the way we snuggle animals.

    Edit to clarify that by 'snuggle' i meant all pets, scritches, belly rube, squeezes, ass pats, questions about who's the goodest, nicknaming, etc.

    What to watch?

    Sick and feel like I've hit the end of Netflix, Prime, ... Is there a community about what everyone is streaming/recommending?

    Do you leave a tip for housekeeping if you're only staying one night in a hotel?

    Is it a 'thank you for prepping my room' or 'please clean my room today'? If you tip post cleaning, it's likely going to someone else the next day. Many hotels now only do housekeeping on demand. How do employees feel about this - do they miss the tips or are they happy for a less stressful workday?

    ETA- I'm in the US. Does the rest of the world tip housekeeping? I always have when traveling because I do at home, but I don't know what the norm is.

    thca and dry herb vape communities

    There's a vaporent community and a vaporists community. Neither have been active for almost a year. It would be nice to have one of those going to see what everybody's using. I also miss the old old cult/ Franklin/thca groups from r/. Anyone interested in starting one of those?

    What's a fun office prank? Christmas themed if possible.

    Boss is going away for a few days and we're trying to create a fun surprise for when she returns. Our offices are all shared so it has to be limited to a small area and can't impact other people toooo much.

    Not really casual but I i don't know where to put this. I lost a school kid last week...

    It's very sad, but with the holiday weekend I've been able to keep it in the back of my mind instead of the front. Now that Mom is sharing info on services, i can't imagine actually going there and seeing and what to say... and it's getting to me, a lot. Today is a celebration day in my house and i don't want to bring my family down, so i just need a place to rest this until i can get back to it tomorrow and begin processing. Sorry for public journaling.

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