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RNC official: Nothing in our platform says we won't ban abortion nationwide
  • All of project 2025, including the attack on abortion rights and rise of Christian nationalism, is to distract the progressive movement against corporate greed and influence. Seems like they’ve been spooked since that Indian communist activist called Piers Morgan an idiot

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    Don’t ask how Poe wrote anything

    The answer is Syphilis

    It didn’t eat it

    Actually, I don’t know. I don’t remember where this pic is from

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    Question him daily
    Sacrilege rule
  • Purist

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    Biden is losing in every swing state now. Oof.
  • Eh, all polls do is try to assume that trends remain the same. I remember when Hilary was favored so heavily to win

    Voter apathy and turnout is the main issue, get people to the polls to vote.

    If they think it’s already done or there’s already a winner, then that’s just giving into propaganda.

    Tbh, we don’t know if the polls could be cooked, there are a lot of shenanigans happening everywhere this election season

  • Forbes rule.
  • Thanks for sharing the archived version ❤️

  • Forbes rule.
  • Don’t worry, OPs telegram is on its way to everyone who visits this thread, that’ll clear things up

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  • Games if anything are less woke now than they used to be

    For real, check out this dude complaining about anti-religion in Castlevania lol (I feel okay sharing this because account is deleted and thread is ancient by internet standeds, otherwise I always wanna prevent brigading etc):

    Or consider that God always dies in SMT games, or there’s a path to always do that

  • It's an epidemic
  • Eh I’d agree with the UX guy. We get away with a lot flexibility in software dev that we can’t in other engineering, like mechanical or civil

  • Ocasio-Cortez Loses the Democratic Socialists’ Endorsement Over Israel
  • Being a socialist is not necessarily progressive. What a distraction

  • Judge dismisses classified documents case against Donald Trump
  • What a nonsense decision, it should be appealed at the very least

    Edit a lot has happened so let’s bring some context to this: Hilary Clinton was derided as unfit for presidency because she had a secure server in her private space for emails, some of which were classified.

    Meanwhile, Trump literally had boxes of classified documents in a bathroom. Republicans are duplicitous, hypocritical and should not be expected to operate on good faith.

    Or if they’re not, then they should show some objectivity and apply the same standards everywhere. What a bunch of clowns

    Edit2 said a wrong word

  • Thomas Matthew Crooks: The registered Republican and gun lover who shot Trump
  • (Removed as it’s baseless speculation, more or less)

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    [Rant] Something's wrong with my ears for the past week and it's making me quite uncomfortable
  • No problem, sometimes people just don’t know!

  • The 2010 "phone wars"
  • I had a Motorola Razr as my first phone

  • MEGA THREAD - Trump shot but safe, 2 others killed at PA rally
  • Civil disobedience may not be the best way forward. A better approach I think is voting more progressive thinkers into congress and other places of power and authority.

    Remember: countries where the Nordic model is used for social welfare and economic development/growth are thriving, consistently voted high in the happiness index, and also have been rejecting the far right extremism seen else where in Europe

    He’s super point on here

    … The smug, self-righteousness of this crusade against Trump only contributes to the national reality television show that has replaced journalism and politics.

    It is accompanied by a refusal to confront and name the corporate forces responsible for our failed democracy.

    This collusion with the forces of corporate oppression, which have impoverished the working class, fostered endless war, militarized our police, created the largest prison system in the world, licensed corporations to exploit the most vulnerable and transferred wealth upwards into the hands of a billionaire class, neuters the press, Trump’s critics and the Democratic Party.

  • [Rant] Something's wrong with my ears for the past week and it's making me quite uncomfortable
  • Well, I hope you feel better! Doctors can be pretty useless at solving uncommon things

    Edit used a wrong word. I think specialists may help more, like maybe someone who is a tinnitus expert in particular

  • stap
  • I am sorry for your bounty of lemons. Please, no longer insist on making lemonade. Instead, for any subsequent lemon provided to you by life, throw it into the garbage and set the garbage on fire. Enjoy a citrusy bonfire

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  • Unrelated, but George Takei is a national treasure ❤️

  • Medieval hardships
  • But that’s the nature of memes, isn’t it? I also try to attribute as best as possible

  • Trump rushed off stage after gun shots targeting him
  • Fair, it’s done

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  • Me everyday, I kinda feel like I find less pan people in real life relative to others

  • Trump rushed off stage after gun shots targeting him Live updates: The latest on the 2024 campaign | CNN Politics

    President Joe Biden is vowing to continue his reelection campaign as questions swirl around his candidacy. Follow for live news updates.

    Live updates: The latest on the 2024 campaign | CNN Politics

    Secret Service agents rushed former President Donald Trump off the stage after he fell to the ground at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.

    Loud bangs were heard before Trump fell. Agents then helped him stand, and he had blood on his face. He was yelling back to the crowd and raised his fist. He was then taken to a vehicle and evacuated from the scene.

    Another thread:

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