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What is the actual point of a bra?
  • it provides support and helps prevent nipple chafing

  • Bold Ideas For Funding Open Source Software
  • saving so I have a baseline of what not to do

  • Warframe Staff Reveals Intel's 14th & 13th Gen CPUs Responsible For Instability Issues, i9-13900K Takes Up A Major Portion
  • agreed even my poor decision purchase 1800x ran it pretty well so it's not looking good for Intel

  • Warframe Staff Reveals Intel's 14th & 13th Gen CPUs Responsible For Instability Issues, i9-13900K Takes Up A Major Portion
  • oh shit

    when you've got a significant game studio calling you out you know your pants are on fire

  • Canvas 2024 is live!
  • Tankies are trying to cover up the NATO art and are also destroying the peace art on canvas

  • About the coming canvas event [OC]

    cross-posted from:

    > Hello touhou enjoyers, > Are we planning something to the coming canvas event at > It will be a quarter of the size of its precedent iteration and welcome all the fediverse, wich will probably lead to some competition between arts. > I already prepared this template for it, help is welcome if you feel interested. > If any suggestion on the pixel art, lemme know it. > > Characters: Reimu Hakurei, Cirno (fumo)

    They’re crimes — so why do we keep calling them ‘porn’?
  • makes sense,
    it should be classified as something like Revenge Sexual Abuse Material (RSAM) or even just SAM

  • Formlabs acquires Micronics
  • Founded in 2021, Micronics is the product of recent University of Wisconsin grads who threw themselves into the problem of democratizing access to industrial printing tech.

    unless they go open source, to me this aquisition is a similar but worse situation than IBM and Redhat

  • Hermitcraft S10#9: Walking To The Horizon


    I'll get to destress with a comfy and/or interesting Etho vid after I get home🤗

    What could be the consensus for an "open source" or "free software" community that is not nor

    Please know that even while our communities are moderated by us admins are still making sure the content is within our TOS and community guidelines🤗

    although it would be nice to find volunteer moderators as it would help distribute both power and responsibilities🌻🍀

  • [Every Frame a Painting] The Second (2024) — A Limited Series Trailer
  • IKR??

    I'm super excited to see his new vid/film!🥳

  • [Gamers Nexus] Zotac's Big Mistake | Consumer Warranty & Business Data Exposure

    Within the first minute of the vid I'm thinking holy shit Zotac!

    • easily googlable private customer and B2B info is publicly available

    They're gonna have one hell of a class action coming their way

    Edit: alright I'm 5mins in and now I'm thinking there might not be a class action anymore but Zotac's information handling is just funny and confusing now

    lmao love the quote from Zotac's partner😂: > If I can Google search my own credit memos... what the fuck is this? How can you be this insecure? How can you run a business like this?

    In defence of swap: common misconceptions
  • It’s a lossless compression algorithm.

    if so that's pretty dope!

  • In defence of swap: common misconceptions
  • I've run Arch without swap for many years without issues. The key of course is that you need enough RAM for what you are trying to do with your computer.

    There's no reason why a 32GB RAM + 0GB swap system should have more problems than a 16GB RAM + 16GB swap system with the same workload. If anything, the former is going to run much better.

    I run a lot of VMs; I typically run 2 at the same time in addition to running other programs in the background, my usecase is more eccentric than most users in the Linux space which is already pretty niche

    What is finicky about a swap file?

    It's just this:

    mkswap -U clear --size 4G --file /swapfile
    swapon /swapfile


    I'm using BTRFS with LUKS-based Full Disk Encryption, the last time I used swapfiles with BTRFS with FDE it was in 2019 and it was painful to say the least, I rememeber spending several weeks scouring Stack and the Arch forums in order to get it to work properly.

    • usecases and preferences will differ from user to user, so I wouldn't advise assuming a one-size-fits-all solution

    If anything it's way easier to create a file in your filesystem than having to (re-)partition your drive to have a swap partition. Much more flexible too if you want to change your swap configuration in the future.

    swapfiles are great in that you can resize them at will, however after trying all 3 options I found myself questioning when would I even want to resize swap for a single system, so at a certain point I felt that swapfiles were more of a gimmick cause again you don't really want to depend on swap if can.

    • if you're consistently reaching your physical memory limits, upgrading your ram will most likely be the best bet for both system stability and hardware durability
  • In defence of swap: common misconceptions
  • after a quick preliminary search,
    a couple of things I've found out:

    this might not necessarily be adopted by the mainstream desktop users, due to the nature of zram compressing data in addition to disallowing hibernation

    Hibernating to swap on zram is not supported, even when zram is configured with a backing device on permanent storage. logind will protect against trying to hibernate to a swap space on zram.

    • data compression by nature incurs dataloss so there are both pro & con tradeoffs to which should be communicated to the user otherwise they might receive an unnecessary worse user experience:
      • "why is my computer so buggy?"
        • (the system is working as it's coded but not working in they way the user expects it to)
          • this would be unfortunate as they might leave back to Windows or MacOS
      • I could be completely wrong about this, if so please comment or disregard this section entirely

    to me atm; zram seems great for server based systems rather than for desktop users' systems

    one other method for zram mainstream adoption is to encourage an eccentric system that I'm currently using, which is to have the host system only contain minimal packages to run Virtual Machines:

    • zram compression might be fine as the main services/programs are run within their relevant and/or separated VM containers
      • this simultaneously achieves:
        • Wikipedia - Separation of Concerns
        • enhanced security as the host is further firewalled/bubblewrapped from the guest like Flatpaking/containerization (and malware is less likely to activate due to malicious users being unhelpful in letting their programs run in a VM 😢🤗)
    • hibernation can still be achived by save-stating VMs (VM restoration at will basically achieves hibernation so it doesn't really matter if the host is shutdown so long as all VMs are saved by the user before host shutdown)

    sorry for the long comment!
    stuff like this interests me the most so I've spent a lot of time in learning and tinkering around🤗

  • In defence of swap: common misconceptions
  • definitely agreed on against using swap as memory as much as you can especially since it can needlessly wear out your ssd (m.2 on most if not all on modern systems)

    allocating swap is still necessary as it provides features such as:

    • mitigating OOM scenarios (but doesn't prevent them completely)
    • enabling system hibernation(suspend-to-disk)

    On my journey to learning Arch Linux I've personally tried:

    • 0 swap: which was pretty awful with constant unexpected system freezes/crashes
    • swap file: finicky but doable
    • swap partition: typical default/ol'reliable

    the last two doesn't guarantee 0 problems as user errors such as allocating too much system memory to VMs can cause issues for the host system, but it does tend to mitigate the majority of issues that prevent the perception of system stability in comparison to Windows or Macs


  • How programmers comment their code
  • this seems like a great idea as it provides proof in writing just in case the stakeholder complains later on about the thing you implemented at their request

  • ‘Guess what? Mummy is a sex worker’: the sexologist who wants to build a ‘slutopia’ for women
  • ehhh I dunno

    feels like I just made a fool out of myself in public😬

    You're already doing what a good moderator separates you one from an average one: engage, explain and adapt!

    much appreciated🤗

  • ‘Guess what? Mummy is a sex worker’: the sexologist who wants to build a ‘slutopia’ for women
  • The issue here is that marking articles like these as NSFW perpetuates the core issue of the content discussed: that this is a woman problem that should be talked about in private.

    I guess that's where the majority of downvotes come from as well: "this should not be viewed in the workplace" is a catastrophic signal in this context for the message.

    yeaaa I can totally see where my request would be problematic to say the least

    All of this is my personal opinion of course but I wanted to leave you with more than just a two word comment!

    Yup and Thank you!🤗

    • all the points you made felt solid and made sense to me

    based on your and other commentors I feel like I have a better grasp on future moderation decisions

    for today, I def fucked up so this is a learning momement for me

    again thank you for commenting!🤗🌻

  • ‘Guess what? Mummy is a sex worker’: the sexologist who wants to build a ‘slutopia’ for women
  • As stated, images are reasonable to blur, because having them in your screen would Not be Safe For Work. Text generally doesn't really make sense to blur, especially an article published by a major news source. If it could be seen in print sitting on a lobby coffee table, it probably doesn't qualify as NSFW.

    yup, I agree with all of your points

    Text generally doesn't really make sense to blur, especially an article published by a major news source.

    also while rereading this I realized that I'm not really sure what the mainstream concensus decision is when it comes to NSFW text-based content

    • I know Fifty Shades was referenced/used in an episode of The Office

    so maybe it's fine?🤔? not too sure

  • [mimiyori] Why We Love Bocchi


    please give Bocchi the Rock a watch if you haven't before watching this🤗

    [Summoning Alt] Summoning Salt Music Mix 2024

    apologies if this doesn't fit this community

    • feel free to comment and I can take down this post

    thought I'd share here as they're a well known game documentarian that uses these tracks

    jonringer Continues to Cause Drama and Problems Should jonringer get his commit bit back?

    Hi, I haven’t read this thread and I don’t really care to read all of it. I’ve always intended to get back into the Nix community after the issues with community management are sorted to my satisfaction. If jonrigner gets his commit bit back, I’m gonna be gone for good. Create whatever future you...

    Should jonringer get his commit bit back?

    cross-posted from:

    > Nix project: ban? What ban? > > They invited that guy back. I do have to admit, I admire his inability to read a room.

    [TechHut] my favorite app (Neofetch) is dead

    TL;DW: It's been 3 years since Neofetch received updates and the repo has been officially archived since Apr 26, 2024.


    Thank you to for the additional recommendation, which I've added to this post✨



    Tourism/aliens visiting us would be equivalent to escapism/isekai

    also, do aliens exist?

    • probably when considering statistics
      • would we ever see aliens?
        • probably not when considering statistics
    [Gamers Nexus] Confronting ASUS Face-to-Face

    oh shit!

    this is gonna be a good one✨

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