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Ontario mom pulls Jewish daughter out of high school after antisemitic 'culture' event
  • Oh wow newsite comments are always fun.

    Jewish voters vote for leftists by a vast margin. They must switch their vote to Trump and Conservatives. Otherwise they are doomed.

    Trump for Prime Minister!

  • Meet my new puppy: Ass!
  • Wasabi Pea no peeing inside!

  • Mammals
  • As I'm burning I'm the happiest I've ever been. I'm finally mammal.

    -the coconut

  • Completely normal- ai rule
  • It's not. The 5-10 figure is originally from an extremely unscientific study from the 1940s meant to spawn distrust of "German" cockroaches. While it absolutely happens the real numbers are much lower. More frequently they enter the anus.

  • ICQ will stop working from June 26
  • Most people in my circle moved to AIM with some on MSN and one or two weirdos on Yahoo. The ability to have a fun username maybe contributed. Did ICQ let you set an away status with melodramatic lyrics? I remember that being an important feature in the others.

  • I wish that every website that works only in Chrome also has to be compatible with Firefox.
  • Granted. Mozilla announces they're retiring Gecko and moving Firefox to use Chromium under the hood, ensuring maximum web compatibility!

  • Daylight Computer – New 60fps e-paper tablet
  • The HN thread has comments by "founders" admitting it's a transreflective LCD. They claim it's super-duper customized but it's still an LCD.

    I also found a a reddit thread where it was being advertized as e-ink and a company rep came in and admitted it as an LCD and that the article came from a friend of an employee, but I'm not finding the thread again now from a quick search.

  • Dumb question: how do I know if an open source project is trustworthy?
  • You could hire a team of security experts to audit it for you

  • Venti Water from Starbucks
  • Another fun fact, basic means something is alkaline. Coffee and milk are acidic so you're infact not a basic bitch for your pumpkin spice latte

  • Daylight Computer – New 60fps e-paper tablet
  • It's not actually eink (aka electronic paper). It's an LCD screen with a filter to help glare. Clearly deceptive marketing and worse, they have "friends of employees" advertising it as eink.

  • r🥛le
  • If you look at the insta, I'd say just horny "art"

  • r🥛le
  • Similar idea as here but with... Let's say... chocolate milk.

  • r🥛le
  • That alt-text is lacking a few minor details.

  • Sony Pictures Explained
  • That hashtag is so lame, no wonder Madame Web wasn't a huge hit like Morbius!

  • Sony Pictures Explained
  • That's on marvel

  • Why has no one thought of this before?!
  • Carefully timed explosives placed in the middle of the moon causing it to split in half, one half going away from Earth and the other half going right into the Atlantic coast. Problem solved.

  • Amber - the programming language compiled to Bash
  • I love the concept. I hate many of the language design choices.

  • I'm new
  • How were messages communicated back then? Wonder if the messenger forgot the rest of the message and was like "if... Um... Just if ya, those laconic Laconians you know how they are" and that's what got written down in history

  • My weekly submission for moldy monday rule
  • I hope grey responded "ok" in 2022

  • What's the reason for high refresh rates?

    I was reading an article on the new LG display with a refresh rate of 7680Hz and it says:

    > While a typical refresh rate for a monitor might be 60Hz-240Hz, an outdoor display designed to be viewed from a distance needs to be much higher

    The idea that there's an intrinsic link between refresh rate and viewing distance is new to me and feels unintuitive. I can understand the need for high brighteness for far view distance. I also could understand refresh rate mattering for a non-persistent (CRT) display. But for an Led display surely you can see it far away even if it refreshes once a second?

    Refresh rate normally needs to be high enough to avoid pixels "jumping" between refreshes on high resolution displays, so wouldn't higher view distances allow you to decrease the refresh rate?

    Is the article just spouting bullshit? Or is there an actual link between refresh rate and view distance?

    SLPT: in a rush after a snowstorm? Skip brushing your car off by simply driving fast! The air will brush your car off for you.

    This can also save you shoveling/plowing your driveway, simply drive over the accumulated snow at high speed. Make sure to avoid getting stuck however.

    Who is a fictional character you most identified with?

    From TV, movie, book, fanfic, audio drama, cuneiform tablet, or whatever.

    SLPT: Striking out on tinder? Use AI to make you look attractive and give you the profile of someone with an actual personality.

    Before your first date go to an MMA dojo and insult anyone walking out so you have a cover for why you aren't like your profile.

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