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I could see benefits and drawbacks
  • Julie’s the missing girl in the very beginning.

    Clarissa is her younger sister who spoilered the spoilers in the slow zone. The one with spoilers in her spoiler, that made her spoiler alert.

  • Can the internet ever be fun again?
  • I do know better. I know about diversity and acceptance, and taking it easy, and living and letting live, and to each his own, and being a traveler, and having an open mind, and ribbing, and separating the important stuff from the unimportant stuff.

    I know things that are so much better than getting offended over more and more things each year. I know better, so I do better.

    I don’t get offended over jokes because I have contempt for that behavior.

  • Dreaming of a more egalitarian world
  • My favorite psychology professor likes to say that human males organize themselves into a status hierarchy, then females tend to be most attracted to the males at the top of that hierarchy.

    What this implies is that men are basically electing, themselves, the other men who will pass their genes along to the next generation.

  • Dreaming of a more egalitarian world
  • I got big arm from the gym once and even women who never went to the gym couldn’t resist peeking at them.

    You make it sound like the muscles are only interesting as a sign of lifestyle.

    No, in my experience women find muscles viscerally and directly arousing, not just an indicator of compatible lifestyle. Women like muscles the way men like boobs: before thinking.

  • Neverminding the evidence to the contrary.
  • because capitalism dictates

    So your model of capitalism is that one can either provide value or make a profit, but not both because they’re opposing forces?

    No man. The “free” part of the term “free market” means nobody has to buy shitty products.

    It’s why we’re surrounded by abundant, diverse, high quality food: the only way to succeed under capitalism is to provide more value for the dollar than your competitors.

    Somehow people think free markets cause a lack of alignment between what people value and what happens, but that’s exactly the opposite of what’s true.

  • Skateboarding on multilevel o'neill cylinders is gonna be sick

    O’Neill cylinder is that big rotating cylinder space station format that uses the spin for artificial gravity.

    At higher elevations the gravity will be lower. BMX bikes will be fun too. Make a big jump and you can go across the center and land on the other side, or go into a zero-gee part in the middle, which works out if you’re always inside a curve.

    Sleep is when your brain's LLM retrains on the day's conversation

    I’ve noticed ChatGPT gets less able to do precise reasoning or respond to instructions, the longer the conversation gets.

    It felt exactly like working with a student who was getting tired and needed to rest.

    Then I had above shower thought. Pretty cool right?

    Every few months a new ChatGPT v4 is deployed. It’s got new training data, up through X date. They train up a new model on the new content in the world, including ChatGPT conversations from users who’ve opted into that (or didn’t opt out, can’t remember how it’s presented).

    It’s like GPT is “sleeping”, to consolidate “the day’s” knowledge into long term memory. All the data in the current conversation is its short term memory. After handling a certain amount of complexity in one conversation, the coherence of responses breaks down, becomes more habitual and less responsive to nuance. It gets tired and can’t go much further.

    Summary of threats facing humanity

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users.

    I asked GPT-4 for a list of the most important threats to human civilization, their likelihood, and why they were considered threats.

    GPT's output is also pasted into the comments.

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