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The end of an era?
  • Why do we need a seat when we can just Crazy Frog it

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  • I still get the rocket sauce song stuck in my head. Ice cream trucks just started up around me so I'm singing it every day.

  • Guess how my day started
  • Toss in some bidets, a squatty potty and baby you got a stew going.

  • For free for 11.99$
  • It's been awhile since I've been on twitch, but I remember the ad would be blocked, but the player would just display "The broadcaster is currently running an ad" or something like that. Didn't see any ads though so it technically worked

  • anonette works in IT
  • Not trying to downplay their situation, but the craziest part to me is the boss is actually competent and knowledgeable of their environment.

  • No problem: Don't Teach History
  • Damn you morbid curiosity!

  • MaXXXine (2024, dir Ti West)
  • The ending scene/credit roll of Pearl is one of the most unsettling things I've seen in awhile. Props to Mia Goth.

    I wasn't really a fan of X, but Pearl was incredible. Hopefully they finish the series with a bang (and don't keep making more after this)

  • Choose Your Own Adventure
  • "Taking Acid and trying to order pizza" is another great book in this series.

  • there is always one
  • Still works tbh

  • Favorite obscure multiplayer game?
  • Than and Iggy's recking balls sounds like a fun little set.

  • Most played games on Steam Deck for May 2024 - Hades II tops the list
  • We probably put 250 hours in on PC and I think I'm close to 200 on switch. I think my wife just broke 600 on her switch saves so we have some attachments to those farms, but looking into exporting them if we get a deck. Tbh she misses mods at this point after 100% both routes and working on some self imposed restriction farms.

  • Most played games on Steam Deck for May 2024 - Hades II tops the list
  • I've looked into it and I believe my switch is still one of the easy to jailbreak models. My wife has a lite (and the save files) but I never really looked into how to jailbreak those. The stardew save editors look pretty simple from some research and I will probably attempt to extract our farms if we get decks.

    Edit: Modded switches can't go on Nintendo Online correct? If not, buddy of mine has ones so maybe use that and restore from cloud saves and extract, unless that leads to account flagging/deletion.

  • Most played games on Steam Deck for May 2024 - Hades II tops the list
  • Gungeon is one I need to get back to. I really never clicked for me after hours of gameplay, but it has everything I'm looking for in a game. Kinda the same with Nuclear Throne, but I put a lot more time into that one.

    Streets of Rogue was the other top down roguelike shooter I fell in love with. So many weird ways to progress in that game.

  • Favorite obscure multiplayer game?
  • Thanks for the list. I haven't thought of Blast Chamber or the Mutant League games in a while!

  • Favorite obscure multiplayer game?
  • That was a big hit at sleepovers. Most of my friends has PS2s but if everyone came to my house it was that or halo split screen. Iirc they remade or made a sequel for Xbox one that wasn't half bad

  • Favorite obscure multiplayer game?
  • Fusion Frenzy by chance?

    Edit: autocorrect correction

  • Favorite obscure multiplayer game?

    I just got a RG353v and a friend at work has a modded switch. We were planning on playing games at lunch and I am looking for recommendations. We are both fans of 4-5th gen and will probably play those the most. Any genre of game is fine, co op or competitive is fine too. So far we have windjammers as a go to but I want to dig deeper and get weird with it.

    Has anyone been to STL Dental Center?

    I am currently in need of a lot of dental work. I have insurance but it is not the best, and I am looking for places that have affordable care. So far I found SLU, SIUE and STL Dental Center from AT Still.

    I have a huge phobia of the dentist and was without insurance for awhile, but now that I started my new job I am looking for something affordable. Currently I know I will have to have 3/4 of my wisdom teeth removed from the last time I went 3 years ago, and am scared for my upper molars (both have been fractured to the inner half of the tooth, an one is starting to cause pain).

    I have been putting it off due to lack of insurance, money and trauma related to dentistry/insurance as a child. I am trying to fix everything I have been ignoring the last decade of my life after getting insurance and back on my meds, but dentistry is one thing I'm horrified of due to the debt I know I will be in plus dumb stuff I started working through in therapy.

    Does anyone have experience with the STL Dental Center, or one of the other dental schools?

    Looking for a new dry herb

    I have a pax3 that is starting to show it's age. The battery is not holding it's charge that well and I'm sure the tech has improved a lot over the years. I was looking at a crafty or mighty+ but wanted to see if there was something else comparable for a little cheaper. I would like to keep it under 300, but can spend some more if it's worth it.

    Planning on setting up Proxmox and moving most services there. Some questions

    I am currently running most of my stuff from an unraid box using spare parts I have. It seems like I am hitting my limit on it and just want to turn it into a NAS. Micro PCs/USFF are what I am planning on moving stuff to (probably a cluster of 2 for now but might expand later.). Just a few quick questions:

    1. Running arr services on a proxmox cluster to download to a device on the same network. I don't think there would be any problems but wanted to see what changes need to be done.

    2. Which micro PCs are you running? I am leaving towards HP prodesk or Lenovo 7xx/9xx series around 200 each. I don't really plan on getting more than 2-3 and don't run too many things, but would want enough overhead if I switch stuff over to home assistant and windows and Linux VMs if needed.

    3. Any best practices you recommend when starting a Proxmox cluster? I've learned over time it's best to set it up correctly than try to fix stuff when it's running. I wish I could coach myself from 7 years ago now. Would of saved a lot of headaches lol.

    My dad got me The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday for Christmas and I'm conflicted.

    So my dad got me The Daily Stoic for Christmas this year. We have had a shit relationship for a long time and he recently got into therapy (which is good). I just feel like this thing is mindfulness for bros. Most of that is probably me knowing of modern stoicism (or grifters making a buck saying they're stoic) seeming to be red pill or day trader bros. I've made it to day 4 and I can't stand it anymore. This is the most basic 3Cs of recovery stufd and basic mindfulness. Also I might have looked to Google to justify my options that it's just a toxic male / bro coping mechanism, but this seems like a fucking grift for shitty people who are trying to be better but still aren't down/get it.

    I already learned all of this Jinkx Monsoon

    P.S. I haven't come out to that side of the family yet as genderqueer and my dad and grandpa kept making jokes that pissed me off. Possibly some misplaced anger

    Nvidia Shield owners, how have you configured your device?

    I have a Shield pro 2017 that is running really slow with a bunch of issues. The 9.0 update (ads on home screen one) killed performance and now it's slowly been getting worse. I was thinking of just reformatting but have been looking into debloat it as well ( Anyone have any other tweaks they've done on these? I just use it as a client for Plex and YouTube mainly.

    Why does the drive thru operator change back and forth during my order?

    I just had two people take my order in a drive thru. They alternated every question. First person welcomed me and asked what I wanted. The next person asked what size and drink I wanted. The first person came back on and asked if I wanted any cheese sauce then the second person came back on and told me the price. When I got up to the window the 2nd person was the one working the register. This happens from time to time at different places when I get lunch but I can't figure out why it is done.

    Favorite site for used/cheap TPBs or HCs?

    I am wanting to start to get back into physical comics but I'm not really interested in single issues if it's been collected. I know the printing process is expensive but fuck I cant really pay $100+ for a new Doom Patrol omnibus. My LCS doesn't carry used collected books and eBay sellers are hit or miss when it comes to pricing. Is there any sellers/sites you go to for collected books? I've used instocktrades a few times and haven't had any issues, but I want more options.

    Also if anyone knows of a book resell store that carries comics in STL let me know. I used to work for a book warehouse here were I could snag stuff for pennies, but it seems like they got bought out and aren't carrying comics anymore.

    Any comic recommendations like Tom King's Mister Miracle?

    Yo, looking for some more comics or TPBs similar to Tom King's Mister Miracle. For those not familiar, it's basically a story of dealing with and moving on from your past abuse while getting pulled back into the dysfunction you are trying to leave. Really good read even if you aren't a graphic novel fan.

    Sorry if this isn't normal askchapo stuff, but I feel like people here would know what I'm looking for. I gave my wife a list for my birthday coming up soon with the Animal Man omnibus and We3 on it, and I would like to prolong the sadness of reading We3 as long as possible.

    Note: already read heroes in crisis but that's the type of thing I'm looking for

    Coming out as genderqueer or "How did you learn to stop worrying and love yourself?"

    Hello there everyone. A bit of context:

    I've kinda known I've been genderqueer for the majority of my life. My wife and I just got married a little over a year ago after being together for 10 years (aww high school sweethearts). I've really only told her about my sexuality and gender stuff as shes been the only person I've ever been able to be myself around. She was a little weird when I told her I was bi a few years ago (consider myself pan now) but was fine with it and said she was as well. After that I started opening up about gender and that's when everything got weird and we would stop talking about it besides a few times here and there throughout the years.

    Over the weekend she brought it back up saying I could use they/them if I wanted, but she thinks "we need more guys like you" in the world. I guess if I change my pronouns and don't identify as my agab I'll be wasting the potential as a guy who stands for humane rights. Shit just fucking sucks.

    I feel like part of it is being an interracial couple in the Midwest and she sees it as just another struggle we have to go through. She's talked about that and I get it but it doesn't make me feel better.

    Sorry for venting, but it's just so frustrating. Like is this normal for couples who go through this situation? I'm just really pissed hearing my wife say "I understand, but most guys sucks so you should be the example" when I don't feel like a guy.

    Good piercing shop?

    Hey, looking to get my nose pierced sometime in the next few weeks and I am pretty lost. Never had any tattoos or piercings but I want it done correctly. Is there any shops I should go to OR any shops I should avoid? It seems like it is a pretty simple process but I'm a body mod virgin and want to make sure it's done right.