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Why do my earbuds sound better paired to watch vs phone?

(I've got a pixel watch 2 and moto edge 40 neo, and some jlab earbuds.)

I usually listen to music on my phone, but recently linked my earbuds to my watch, and the same music played on Spotify sounds massively better on the same earbuds when played via the watch.

I assumed it was because I had installed the jlab app, and it was doing a bad job of meddling with the eq. But after uninstalling it there wasn't a noticeable difference. Is there some other setting I can adjust? Any thoughts on whether it's something my moto is doing wrong or something my pixel watch is doing right?

Its a substantial difference (although I'm not enough of an audiophile to describe it) enough that I'm now mostly playing music via my watch. But it's hitting the battery hard, so I'd rather go back to using my phone!

In movies a strong woman is manly. (big muscles, aggressive, punches people, etc.) Is that really the way it is?
  • Sorry, genuinely trying to understand here. So are you saying "in movies, women who have strength of character are also shown as being 'manly' (big muscles, punches people, etc). Is that how it really is?"

    If that's what you're asking, I don't think it's true. Some movies have women of very strong character, who are physically weak, pacifist, etc. And some movies have women that have strong characters and are physically strong, cabable of violence, etc. And some movies have women who are douchey, flawed characters who can be physically strong.

    I'm not sure I see any correlation between strength of character and physical strength, or propensity to violence, for either men or women. It's more of a genre thing - in action movies men and women are more likely to be physically tough, and in political dramas they're more likely to be physically weak. And there will be a mix of people with "strong character" and people with flawed or weak characters.

  • How do I stop wanting to be on a relationship?
  • Can you explain a bit more about why you feel it is easier to learn how to enjoy being alone than learn to enjoy being in a relationship?

    I defintely struggled with giving up my independence, and still find it hard to be responsible for/to another person. But I finally ended up in a relationship with someone who was also independent and we were in a very casual relationship for five years before we started to admit that we were a couple and another few years before we realised how much we now loved each other. I guess all I'm saying is relationships don't need to be one way. I have a friend who only dates people who live in other cities / countries, because that way they only see each other occasionally and at pre-arranged times, and that works for them.

    But if you really feel you are happier on your own and it's just internalised social pressure that makes you want a relationship then you could try developing "singleton pride". Part of the reason gay people historically got into "gay pride" was to help the overcome their own internalised homophobia, because even if you don't agree with something you still absorb it in your upbringing and it can be hard to get past it.

    So, you could try directly telling people that you're single for life and that your happy with that choice. If you're worried that society will think you're a failure for not having a relationship then confront that fear immediately and get it out the way. You'll realise that most people don't care, some people will actually be on your side, and the people who do actually think worse of you are wrong so you don't need to care about their opinions. But if you're not confident enough in your decision to proudly stand behind it, then of course doubts will sink in and you'll repeat the loop again.

  • Have you ever seen coal in real life?
  • Don't think so! Defintely much heavier and more solid than bbq charcoal. I don't remember it being very smoky, weird less so than wood fires (which have a distinctive and pleasant smell) or peat fires, which were also common in my region but would trigger my asthma. But possibly it was just that I was used to coal? Maybe someone else would have found it gross?

    Edit: Doing a bit of research, it seems like historically home fires would use bituminous coal, but by the time I was a child it was anthracite coal that was used. Which only releases 20% of the smoke of bituminous coal. But it's still a fossil fuel, and not charcoal.

  • degree in bamf
  • Oh god, yes. I worked in a call centre for six months and it was dreadful. The combination of dealing with sometimes frustrating situations + the anonymity of a voice only call... People were regularly dreadful. Definitely at least 10% very rude people.

    I also took it to be a sign of the 'banality of evil', that people having a nice time with their friends, eating some nice food, are generally pleasant. But put them in the privacy of their own home, speaking to a faceless stranger, and suddenly they can be awful. But I tried not to judge them to harshly. The design of call centres, with long hold times and staff with no real power to do anything helpful, is pretty much guaranteed to frustrate the most saintly of people.

  • degree in bamf
  • Totally agree that eating at a restaurant doesn't mean you see all the subtle ways people are douches. But the comment above was about people shouting, so I assumed that the "10% of people are rude" was meaning obviously and noticeably rude. If it's just 10% of people are impatient / distracted / not very friendly / kinda annoying. Then sure, but I don't think anyone would be surprised with such a mild claim.

    And as I said, I was a waiter in a busy restaurant for over two years. And the staff spent a lot of time complaining about the job to each other (as you do) and while many customers were annoying, kept changing their orders, or were a bit drunk and laughing loudly the whole time, blah blah, I don't remember anyone ever complaining about a customer being as rude as I regularly read / see on the Internet. I never encounter a "Karen".

    I've always assumed it is just that Internet focusses on the tiny number of extreme behaviours and makes it sound more normal. But then I hear people say things like 10% of people are awful to staff and it makes me think that maybe there's a real cultural difference.

  • degree in bamf
  • Maybe in some places. But when I go out to a restaurant, I'm often surrounded by a few dozen other diners, and no one is acting up or shouting at waiting staff. I have seen customers be obviously rude to staff but it's very rare compared to the number of "normal" interactions. Sure not everyone is friendly and totally polite, but entitled, shouting or just being an ass is an absolute exception, like less than 0.1%. I also worked as a waiter in a couple of different restaurants over a two year period, and don't remember any incidents either to me or my colleagues.

    When I read comments like this it makes me wonder if I've been lucky enough to live and work in decent places, and the USA is just an nightmare hellscape, or if the reality there is much more normal and we just hear an unrepresentative sample of it.

  • do you use cotton leggings? would you recommend them?
  • I'm not sure if the science of it, but I find cotton to be much more comfortable. Synthetic fibres get really sweaty while cotton feels comfortable in all weather. And I use to have skin issues (eczema and psoriasis) and cotton was defitnely less irritating than synthetic fibres.

    My fave is merino wool leggings, very soft and good at regulating body temperature. Doesn't get too hot but also protects from the cold.

  • If LLM continue to be the dominant branch of AI development what affects will they have on spoken language?
  • This is a really interesting, thoughtful comment (and exactly why I love lemmy).

    I don't know if it's just my lack of imagination, but I find your description of AI pet/companion as an art/media object much more plausible and interesting rather than when people discuss their possible sentience. It really doesn't seem to many steps from Spotify's discovery weekly playlist or Google Assistant reading all my emails, when combined with LLM capacity to plausibly bullshit, to having a 'virtual friend' who texts me jokes, questions and what not.

    Especially since we've both normalised interacting with humans in entirely digital ways & created a massive corpus of how humans interact via social media archives. Why do I want a calendar app pinging me a notification when I could have a virtual companion message me "I hope your haircut goes well this afternoon, looking forward to seeing your new look!" or "don't fucking forget your appointment again you dumbass" depending on what companion I purchased.

    Given many people's preference to "get everything in one place", it seems likely that instead of newsletters, comedy subs or travel updates, we'll just have different imaginary friends sending us the stuff we need/want to know, mixed in with our actual friends. Some of whom might as well be virtual since we never see them in the flesh.

  • A post may receive a hundred replies and host a fat and exciting conversation tree, but if one moderator doesn't like it then it may be locked or deleted. Is that immoral?
  • I understand the frustration, and I think we've all seen locked posts we would like to have participated in. But can I check what you're actually arguing, are you saying that if there's ever significant interest in a post (hundreds of comments etc) then it's not appropriate for one person to close it?

    If I make a "Trump just did something crazy!" post in a Android community, and I get lots of responses and spirited debate, is it wrong for the mod to close it because it's completely unrelated to the community?

    If I post some super hot NSFW "does my ass look good in this thong?" post in NoStupidQuestions community, is it wrong for the mod to remove it for breaking community rules? Even if it's a question and it's getting lots of up votes and comments?

  • There's probably a support group for people whos rise from mediocrity was fueled entirely by zealous 10 year olds.
  • Ah! Fair point! Yeah, I guess retried / has-been youtubers are going to be a weird demographic. I wonder if they'll do nostalgia fuelled tours of student unions or coffeeshops as the kids that loved them become adults? The ones that aren't already multimillionaires.

  • ADHD-friendly sports?
  • Yeah, furthest I ever fit with a fitness program is 5x5. It's such a small amount of individual activities, they're always challenging because of the increasing weights, and it feels like there's a really clear goal that you're moving towards (not just 'go to they gym until your fit').

    Focusing on getting the movement right kept me fully occupied during the actual rep and there's only a few different exercises each day so it didn't take too long. For getting started, I would just do a intense bounce / dance around the room to warm myself up (I had weights at home so I didn't need to worry about getting the gym or other people seeing me). With warm and focused reps and a bit of a cool down, I could generally do the whole thing in under 45 minutes, so even if I had spent the day lazing around I could often trick myself into "shit, it's almost six and I need to meet the guys in an hour, I guess I'll just quickly rush through my reps" (and then I would be late of course, but that's normal). A workout buddy would be the other ideal for accountability / motivation.

  • Et tu, Guinnéss?
  • In Britain lots of beers come on both sizes, and it makes comparing prices #mildlyinfuriating. Is 6x500ml at £7.99 better than 4x440ml at £4.50? What if there's an 12 pack of 330ml stubbies for £15, but it's Buy One Get One Free?

  • Site / service that will send a message at a specific date/time?

    This is maybe a weird request, but I'm looking for a way to send myself some information at a specific time in the future. Basically, it's because I've got a few sites that are huge distractions for me at the moment, and I can't stop checking my accounts, responding to messages, etc. My willpower is so low, and I've got a lot of important work right now and it's starting to really mess up my life.

    So my plan is to change the passwords to my accounts to a long random string, then save that string somewhere that I can't access for X days. I imagined a simple way would be to use a site that would send me an email on a date, and the content of that email would be my random passwords. But my web searches only seem to find pages telling me how to schedule my own emails, which isn't what I need.

    Any advice / suggestions?

    (also, in case anyone is thinking it, the sites I'm trying to block access to are all linked to the same email account, and I'm also going to change its password, so I won't easily be able to reset them).

    Edit: FutureMe is exactly the site I was thinking of, thanks lemmings!

    ELI5 How does chatgpt do its shit?

    I hear people saying things like "chatgpt is basically just a fancy predictive text". I'm certainly not in the "it's sentient!" camp, but it seems pretty obvious that a lot more is going on than just predicting the most likely next word.

    Even if it's predicting word by word within a bunch of constraints & structures inferred from the question / prompt, then that's pretty interesting. Tbh, I'm more impressed by chatgpt's ability to appearing to "understand" my prompts than I am by the quality of the output. Even though it's writing is generally a mix of bland, obvious and inaccurate, it mostly does provide a plausible response to whatever I've asked / said.

    Anyone feel like providing an ELI5 explanation of how it works? Or any good links to articles / videos?

    how to find a good USB cable?

    I feel like some usb cables are great, allow my devices to charge fast, connect to data reliably, etc. But it seems so difficult to find the ones that are good! I've tried buying expensive ones but it seems pretty hit and miss. Sometimes some cheapass aliexpress cable seems to beat the "good brands".

    Are there standards or anything I should look out for? USB drives, sd cards, and the like have read/write speeds or different "classes" but usb cables seem to all claim to be brilliant.

    Am I just being dumb?

    OSR system with specific 'low level' rulebook? (Holmes/Moldvay/Mentzeresque)

    One thing I loved about Holmes and Moldvay /Mentzer red boxes was having a set of rules that didn't overwhelm new players with lots of material that they won't need until later.

    I know that most osr games are rules light enough that it isn't too much, but I was wondering if there are any systems out there that seperate out the 'basic' and 'expert / advanced' levels like that?

    A particular peeve of mine is that spell descriptions seem so often to be presented alphabetical so that the 10 spells that might matter are lost in a bunch of pages. But even just class descriptions or saving throw tables that cover the whole range make level 1 look like a stepping stone, rather than a satisfying place to play many an adventure!

    Any suggestions?

    Learning computer/OS for kids, that teaches command line?

    My nephews & nieces aren't currently allowed much computer access because their parents worry about screen time, inappropriate content and the like. But their mother was sharing concerns with me that they won't have the basic computer skills and understanding that we learned growing up in the 80s and 90s. Having to make computers work before you got your reward of a game was such a big motivation for me as a child. We learned to program in BASIC on spectrums and Amstrads (typing code for a game out of a magazine didn't require much knowledge but taught me a lot) and about memory management by fiddling around with AUTOEXEC.BAT/CONFIG.SYS to get DOS games running, and so on.

    Are there any good educational computers / distros / OSes? Searching online mostly shows simplified GUI to access educational "games". But I was wondering if there was a Raspberry PI or linux fork or something, that was geared to create a challenging but supportive environment for learning the fundamentals.

    Any suggestions?

    Any AMOLED friendly redshift / blue filter apps?

    I've use Twilight for years and love the red filter for using my phone at night. But since getting an AMOLED screen it's started to frustrate me. The way Twilight seems to work means that black also gets a red tint. Previously this was great, but on amoled black is completely dark with no back-light that needs masking with red. So by shifting it red, Twilight is actually making the screen much brighter.

    Tldr: Any apps that leave black as black, but give a red tint to all the other colors?

    OSRSS: Anyone got good rss feed suggestions for osr / rpg content ?

    I'm trying to get back into blogs and rss feeds after a many year hiatus. But I'm finding it hard to find active rpg blogs, so if anyone's got any good recommendations please share! (tbh, doesn't even need to pure old-school, but I'd rather avoid a "WOTC awesome new dice set!" sites).

    What are up votes (uplemmies?) actually for?

    Obviously, most social networks have some sort of engagement button for liking/up voting/promoting a piece of content. As well as helping users feel like they're participating, rather than just passively consuming, most networks also use the likes/ups to filter or promote content to other users.

    As a dumb noob, what does the up/down vote do in lemmy in particular? Does it actually affect anything beyond changing the number beside the little arrows? I know there's some discussion about lemmy tracking 'karma' even if it's not visible in all clients. Can different instances implement "karma thresholds"? Or auto hide posts that fall beneath a certain down vote ratio?

    And more subjectively, what do you feel up/down voting represents? Is it showing agreement with the post? That you want to see more posts like that? That other people should look at the post? Does it matter if this subjective purpose is actually unrelated to what the up votes do in reality?

    Going to deep fry a bunch of these babies

    Mix of squash / zucchini flowers. Somehow, despite the fact it'll mostly be oil, batter and salt, the fact that there's a freshly plucked flower at the centre makes me feel like I'm a healthy elf.

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