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  • Stress, especially about money, makes you tired. So it's got nothing to do with being lazy. I just switched medication because the old ones made me tired. It adds up quickly to feel debilitating IMO.

  • I bet the Vulcans never tried to "Save Daylight" by changing the clocks twice a year
  • Where I live we have sunlight from 5:20 to 22:00 in summer. This means going to bed while it's still light outside. We're actually in the wrong time zone though, the sun is at the highest point somewhere around 14:00 in the summer.

  • The Amazon has a 286% increase in fires in February
  • How is the data for February in other years? A quick Google didn't give me this data, but I gathered that the number of fires in the wet season can vary wildly from year to year, where more fires occur in El Ninõ years.

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