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I don't know anything about Linux and the idea of installing it frightens me. Where do I start?
  • Just dive in head first. You will likely find things you miss about windows but if you give Linux a fair chance I promise you in the end it pays off.

    My switch was first a dual boot but I quickly realized I was rarely booting into windows and eventually just formatted the drive to purge all Microsoft from my system.

    These days even games only built for windows run just finez if not better than Linux.

    LibreOffice is great alternative to MSOffice and most other windows software will run with some form of wine (wine is not a windows emulator).

    Freedom isn't free. But it sure as heck is worth the extra steps to get there.

    Linux Mint is a great starter Distro.

  • RFK Jr. repeats debunked vaccine claims in interview with Bill Maher
  • Yeah. I agree, RFK is likely a greater threat to spoiling Trump than spoiling Biden... The average democratic voter is seeking rational, truthful rhetoric while the average Republican voter is well.... Seeking a little lesser than that.

  • Storage solutions

    For someone who wants to maintain a library of movies, I see the first two links in movies megathread total to 34TB worth of content.

    What type of storage solutions do you folks use or recommend for large movie collections like this?

    Do you have server racks? Which ones would you recommend?

    How can I migrate my existing /home/ directory to another drive?

    This was I can wipe the drive it's on and install a new OS without losing anything in /home/

    Is it possible to transfer an account from one Lemmy instance to another?

    I am eventually going to host my own instance but for now just enjoying the free ride on

    If I host my own instance is there a way to transfer this account over?

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