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World passes 30% renewables milestone for the first time, decline of fossil inevitable
  • If public transport was more reliable I wouldn't need a car. But since it isn't I'd be stranded and not able to really get to any large towns. If you live in a city it's probably much more practical to not own a vehicle.

    Unfortunately if you live in a city everything else is probably much more expensive anyway, especially housing, so you may not get any benefit from not owning a vehicle.

  • World passes 30% renewables milestone for the first time, decline of fossil inevitable
  • There was a UK politician who famously said that he thinks personally that coal is a renewable resource, because eventually trees would turn back into coal. Fortunately everyone thinks he's an idiot so no one really listens to him.

  • World passes 30% renewables milestone for the first time, decline of fossil inevitable
  • What you mean from the beginning there were no fossil fuels?

    For the case we likely would be quite technologically hamstrung. I can't see how something like the industrial revolution could have happened without coal, I suppose they would burn wood but I'm not sure the global forests would supply them enough.

    I suspect we would be in a far worse position as practically all the forests would have vanished.

  • Sleeping bat
  • Bats can carry all sorts of diseases some of which can affect humans like rabies. However most of them don't, and they're protected species anyway so you're not allowed to touch them. If it does have a disease the best thing to do would be to stay as far away from it as possible and hope it goes away on its own. Either way the best advice is not to touch it.

  • Baldur's Gate 3 won so many awards that it started to "affect development", forcing Larian to send "rotating teams" of devs to ceremonies
  • No you forgot to step or forcing them to develop a crap game with a bunch of micro transactions that no one buys because it's full of micro transactions. Then they shut the studio down for being unproductive, never mind that it was made unproductive by their decisions.

  • Sizing pants: men's vs women's
  • The explanation I have always received in the store for this, is that some shoes have stretchier material than others and it's up to the manufacturer whether they consider the shoe size to be the material unstretched or stretched. Seems like a daft allowance but there you go.

    What's the point in a non-standardized standard?

  • AI is overhyped and unreliable -Goldman Sachs
  • Yeah but it's Goldman Sachs saying it. Presumably because they haven't invested in AI.

    Perhaps we could get a non-biased opinion and also from an actual expert rather than some finance ghoul who really doesn't know anything?

  • My friend's cat used to do this to me all the time
  • My cat brought me a shoelace the other day. Dropped it right on my face, didn't half give me a shock since I thought it must be a small snake or something.

    Apparently it's not a dead shoelase either since it needs to be attacked at least 23 times a day. It's still alive and kicking though.

  • Spoiler text renders as white on white when revealed

    When you reveal a spoiler the black rectangles go away and it then renders the text in white, but on a white background (light coloured theme) The text renders is exactly the same colour as the background and so you can not see it unless you highlight the post, this renders the background of the post as light grey and there is just about enough contrast difference to now read the text.

    When spoiler text is revealed it should render in the same colour as normal text. I'm not sure why it's white.

    See images below for demonstration.

    !spoiler text is hidden

    !spoiler text has been revealed but is invisible

    !text post is highlighted and now you can see the spoiler text rendered in white

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