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We all know at least one
  • Exactly. I was asked by my players at campaign start what the rules were for food, encumbrance, etc. I basically said that as long as nothing was going on that was out of whack with reality, we're not bothering with any of that. The only exception would be to avoid being game-breaking. Like traversing a desert on foot, I'd shift gears to track food and water. Or if they find a dragon's treasure horde, we're absolutely tracking encumbrance.

  • We all know at least one
  • Eh, I stick to "video game rules" for the most part in my campaigns. This lets the party focus on the more game-y aspects of DnD instead of the simulation-like elements. Otherwise, it devolves into a game of "simon says".

    You didn't mention anything about putting your armor back on before breakfast. You've been ambushed, you're in your pajamas, and you're not getting to those eggs before they get cold. Roll initiative.

  • Secret Service rushes Trump off stage after shots fired at his Pennsylvania rally
  • Imagine someone competent filling his shoes with the unprecedented powers that were recently granted by the supreme court and the rabid MAGA fanbase behind them.

    During the early pandemic, I was 100% convinced he was going to declare a national state of emergency as a pretense for a kind of coup. It would have been easy to have disproportionate military occupation of population centers like NYC, enforcing curfews, enforcing distancing and masking, while generally fomenting unrest through non-military groups. Throw in some old-fashioned resource scarcity by restricting shipping in the name of quarantine and, baby, you have a stew going. Once people are incited to riot, martial law is easy to justify.

    Instead, the Republican party doubled-down on the dumbest plan possible - literally betting on the stupidity of their base - to secure political power. The sheer greed, ego, and narcissism in the upper echelon of their leadership has them stepping on their own feet half the time, and I'm convinced we're lucky for that.

  • Biden says America 'must not go down this road' after Trump assassination attempt
  • I really wish you well, but don’t see a way out for you.

    I'll admit, even the optimal path in front of us is not looking too good. And I'm the guy in the office that's saying "no worries" most of the time. A Biden win still leaves us with a corrupt supreme court and equally corrupt and deadlocked congress.

    You guys are an idea factory

    Thanks for saying this. Perhaps our greatest export is our culture, but it would seem that's the good, bad, and ugly all at once. I really do wish it was only the good stuff.

  • When you finally get to watch Discovery and realize it isn't actually an enormous pile of mugato dung
  • I still maintain that season 1 of Disco was a sly attempt to reboot all of trek into the alternate timeline Calvin-verse. I can't prove this though. To me, the aesthetics are all a closer match to what's going on in the recent Trek movies than anything done before all that. Season 2 saw the producers backpedal hard after fan backlash.

  • You have to love Japan's image of the US.
  • It's actually against the flag code, which is not law. So it's at worst deeply disrespectful, depending on how seriously you take that kind of thing. But we also have this freedom of expression thing going on, which includes being obnoxious or disrespectful, so one might have a hard time getting the flag code into law in the first place.

  • Lauren Boebert is laughed at on the House floor as she’s fact-checked by EPA head
  • $18k “donation”

    This is the part I hate the most about this. It's one thing that we have this "squint a little and you'll see it" kind of graft and corruption. It's another entirely that the going rate for sending us all down the river is appallingly low. Especially since the kind of money a corporation can make for a favorable legal change could be a thousand times that, or more.

  • guide rule
  • Well, there are men's ballet leggings and whatever folks wear to your local renaissance festival, but I see your point. Neither really has the fit or look of women's athletic gear or cozy/comfy stuff.

  • guide rule
  • Recently, I learned that a (female) friend of mine has what can only be described as a body hair fetish. As in, "you're not hairy enough for my taste," level of fetish. You might be surprised.

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