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Guess the Episode [Medium]
  • sigh time to get on disney and watch series two again 💚

  • Well, I couldn't possibly guess this episode
  • i thought mister smithers shot mister burns

    that would have made more sense

  • Kaspersky is shutting down its business in the United States
  • the consequences of xenophobia. i worked for kaspersky usa from 2011 to 2014 and they were great. it shows how much conspiracy theories take root when people believe eugene has ties with the russian government based on his mandatory service back when it was still the ussr.

  • Streeting defends puberty blocker ban in Twitter thread
  • can't wait til the labour government collapses tbh. and people called me daft for saying i was less safe under a labour government.

  • Wes Streeting defends puberty blocker ban decision after Labour criticism
  • blocking puberty blockers for trans kids but not cis kids tells me you're not interested in protecting kids, you're just interested in a bullshit culture war. streeting deserves the blood on his hands from trans children.

  • AEW Collision Discussion Thread - 07/13/24 (Spoilers)
  • but it's self inflicted blobcat, nod

  • AEW Collision Discussion Thread - 07/13/24 (Spoilers)
  • i can't be mad at adam cole he loves jill and clive as much as i do :(

  • Featured
    Let's discuss: Age of Empires
  • i remember getting age of empires ii at compusa in rhode island while i was in university and playing multiplayer with the rest of my roommates all the time. it was the best.

    i already remember not being very good at conquest but loving the design aspects and being so sad when i got raided. blobcat, sad

  • (Major event happens) "I should post immediately without first checking if there are already 30 other posts about this"
  • i hate how good filters and content warnings are on mastodon and how terrible they are on lemmy like how?

  • His early work was a little too "new wave" for my taste.
  • brother can you spare two feelings?

  • Please take the fries off my head, kid. The basket is extremely hot.
  • excuse me, where do you think we are? denny's?

  • AEW Collision Discussion Thread - 07/13/24 (Spoilers)
  • tony getting the urge to kill face with all the heels who guest commentate will never not get old ❤️

  • AEW Collision Discussion Thread - 07/13/24 (Spoilers)
  • after mariah, i don't trust oc and kyle to not break my heart eventually 😭

  • AEW Collision Discussion Thread - 07/13/24 (Spoilers)
  • stokely is a perfect role model (ironically also the name of my first tag team in my first efed)

  • green day ~ jaded in chicago (18 november 1994)

    one of green days best concerts ever and also the birth of my crush on billie joe <3

    end your free trial

    [image// text reading "End your free trial You still have 29 remaining days in your free trial. Once you cancel, you will lose access to the apps in your free trial." with a button that says cancel trial]

    did i say mildly infuriating? i meant rage inducing. companies that don't let you cancel recurring billing at the end of the trial who hurt you? stop making me remember to go in at the 28th day to cancel...

    yes, it is adobe. shocker.

    Anyone tried Pro Wrestling Sim? Pro Wrestling Sim on Steam

    Pro Wrestling Sim is a text-based pro-wrestling booking simulator. Control a wrestling promotion, decide your roster, and create storylines, feuds and matches where the winners and losers are in your hands.

    Pro Wrestling Sim on Steam

    I played ewr and tew (and basically every adam ryland, adam jennings, and oliver copp version) since i first can remember. i saw this in steam and was intrigued. has anyone else tried it? does it compare to tew? it's still early access so that's why i'm curious

    hopefully this isn't considered too off topic if it is i'll delete :)

    welp it's coming up on one year since i've been here

    so thanks to the admins for the year of blahaj it's been amazing :)

    how to enable vertical tabs in nightly?

    are vertical tabs and the sidebar updates an a/b test?

    i can't seem to find out how to enable them and everything i've read show options that don't exist in my install - i've also tried a fresh profile.

    Oklahoma commission issues warning against All Elite Wrestling after transgender match Oklahoma commission issues warning against All Elite Wrestling after transgender match

    All Elite Wrestling has been warned by a little-known state commission to not have certain matches in the state again.All Elite Wrestling, a professional wrestl

    Oklahoma commission issues warning against All Elite Wrestling after transgender match

    headline should actually be oklahoma continues to be shitty transphobes but i didnt want to editorialize!

    anyway aew should do a mega event with wwe and impact for trans lifeline in oklahoma with nyla main eventing for the womens title because fuck bigots and celebrate queer wrestlers all night

    sorry but this just made me so mad and it should be bigger news

    also a big fuck you to the oklahoma commission for purposely misgendering nyla

    [Discussion] What match most reminds you of your childhood?

    inspired by the other discussion post today, it got me thinking about what match evokes the best childhood memory? it doesn't have to be a good match or anything - just the one that you remember most?

    for me, it's eddie gilbert vs the dark patriot from global in 1992. i didn't really watch wwf growing up but i was really big into wcw and i remember discovering global on espn afterschool and out of every wrestling match i watched nothing is more memorable than global.

    someone uploaded it to youtube, so you can watch it here:

    AEW Rampage Discussion Thread 1 March 2024

    don't know if kbin is having issues tonight or anything but feel free to delete this if there's already one that didn't come through :)

    and all take time to praise your hero and saviour riho :)

    [FFXVI, echos of the fallen, no spoilers] So proud of myself; completed dlc

    i had to share because i was rather proud of myself. i know its probably nothing special to most people but i went through the whole rise of the fallen dlc the other day without the timely assistance ring and im super happy.

    i went through the other hand with it because i struggled with the timing and coordination but with each major boss i kept getting better and better at hitting the precision dodges :)

    i stíll died a couple of times but i was so happy with myself for not putting it back on! :)

    Add caption field when using the link or image tag when creating post or reply

    Lemmy supports alt text for images by adding quoted text after the url for the image tag. it would be nice if the image button could have the option for uploading or using an external link and a caption field so you can automatically add alt text too.

    i know you can just edit the bbcode after its done but not a lot of people know about it and it could be a good way to expand the use of alt text on images in lemmy :)

    TNA Impact! for 18 January 2024

    Nic Nemeth speaks

    Osprey vs Josh Alexander

    Xia Brookside vs Tasha Steelz

    Kushida vs Trey Miguel vs Laredo Kid vs Mike Bailey vs El Hijo del Vikingo vs Jake Something

    Grizzled Young Vets vs Young/Kazarian

    USA: Axs, Youtube

    Canada: Fight Network, Youtube

    UK/Ireland: Youtube, DAZN

    [Feature Request] Please remove down votes on instances that have them disabled

    it's an eyesore to use the app with the down vote icons since my instance disabled them. when you click on them they work but obviously it doesn't actually do anything (the animation works but the down vote isn't registered since they're off on the instance)

    it would be nice to hide them altogether like in eternity for lemmy.

    thanks :3

    In Reach - Miles To Go [1999]

    one of my favourite albums growing up. mass hardcore/ sxe. got a chance to see them live a bunch of times.

    Head canon

    So the 7th Doctor ended his run in 1989

    The 8th Doctor started in 1996

    Back to the Future 3 came out in 1990.

    Emmett Brown's nickname was "Doc"

    He visited Marty in his version of the Tardis (or train).

    So I'm calling it. Between the 8th and the 9th, we had the War Doctor.

    Between the 7th and the 8th, we had the Mad Scientist doctor.

    He travelled around with his companion, Clara, and did science-y stuff.

    google discover feed

    anyone know what google was thinking when they got rid of google now in favour of the discover feed because i honestly can't understand how you can have the best engineers in the world and make a decision like that

    Anyone else as obsessed with the Chronicles of Prydain as I am?

    I remember reading the series in sixth grade for an assignment and falling in love with them and try to read them at least once a year.

    As much as I love LOTR, Shannara, and Dragonlance, I always find myself coming back to Prydain. &lt;3

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