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Given the resources to accomplish it, what wildly impractical project would you finally pursue?
  • As someone with a tiny workshop as well I take pride in how compact and efficient I can make it. Sure, a larger one would be nice but I'm so damn grateful for what I've got. Used to live in an apartment building before where I could only dream of a space where I didn't always need to pack up my tools and shove them into a closet when I was done with the job.


  • Given the resources to accomplish it, what wildly impractical project would you finally pursue?
  • I'd develop a pickup truck that would have only the bare essential features and would be built from the ground up with the intention to make it extremely durable and easy to fix. Instead of a body-on-frame I'd probably go with a stainless steel exoskeleton instead and plastic/fibre glass panels you could just swap out to a new ones if you damage them. Kind of like on side-by-sides. The newer models then would just be ones with certain parts that have been upgraded to a better ones and would be 100% compatible with older models. You wouldn't ever need to buy a new truck again. Ideally there would be both diesel and electric versions - ideally so that you could convert one into another if you so desire.

  • Picture by Rob Hoeijmakers
  • Ofcourse it's photoshopped. There are virtually no digital photographers who release unedited photos. There's always adjustments done to exposure, shadows/highlights, contrast, white balance etc.

    However if you're implying that it's obvious to you that this has been faked then I'd love to hear your reasoning as I'm quite experienced photo editor myself and nothing stands out to me and I feel like my 15+ years of experience has trained me to spot such things.

    The only thing I'm noticing is the difference in the color of the sky behind the branches but that can probably be explained by the fact that this was likely taken with a smartphone and is due to it combining multiple exposures for higer dynamic range, commonly known as HDR.

  • Putin’s designs on a Baltic island are leading Sweden to prepare for war, researcher says
  • Meanwhile they're moving air defence equipment from Kaliningrad to strenghten the mainland borders probably knowing full well that it would be a lost cause anyway. Gotland is on the middle of Lake Nato. That's like trying to invade Belgium. Not going to happen. This article is just fearmongering.

  • Do you avoid discussing some topics online even if you have something you'd like to say about them?
  • I tend to avoid certain taboo topics because I assume some day all my social media posts will be linked back to me and I don't have faith in people being capable of understanding all the nuance in what I'm saying and it'll just make it seem like I'm saying something I'm not.

    I also don't discuss drugs because they're illegal and I don't do drugs and neither should you and even if you do you're better off shutting the fuck up about it.

  • Millennial powers
  • Same here. Went to trade school, working at construction since I was 21, bought my first car around the same time, bought house at 25. Now at 30+ I got like 80k€ left on my mortage and no other loans. Around +50k€ in savings mostly invested into index funds. I could be doing better but I can't complain. Recently started my own bussines so we'll see how that goes.

    My only friend I keep hearing the type of complaints from that I read about on lemmy every day went to photography school but is an aspiring painter/artist now instead. For some reason money's tight and it's because of capitalism apparently. Go figure..

  • ChatGPT Answers Programming Questions Incorrectly 52% of the Time: Study
  • We only need to keep doing incremental improvements in the technology and avoid destroying ourselves in the meantime. That's all it takes for us to find ourselves in the presence of superintelligent AI one day.

  • On self-driving, Waymo is playing chess while Tesla plays checkers
  • But but the rains sensors and..

    No, we're talking about self-driving.

    FSD is literally the name of the self-driving system that’s been available on Teslas for years. There’s FSD and there’s Autopilot. They’re different systems. You live in Germany and thus have never tried FSD because it’s not available there—only in the USA. You’re talking about Autopilot; I’m talking about FSD. You can disagree all you want about whether it is actually “Full Self-Driving,” but that’s still the name of the system. Having a discussion about it is impossible if you just plug your ears and deny its existence. That is just cognitive dissonance on steroids. Full Self-Driving (Supervised) is a Level 2 driver assistance system available for Teslas in the USA only, and it’s MUCH more capable than Autopilot.

    The existence of a system more advanced than Tesla’s FSD on a car you can buy would be a really big deal, and there would be a ton of videos comparing it to a Tesla on YouTube. Just link me such a video that’s less than 3 months old and shows both city and highway driving, and I’m ready to admit being wrong again.

    Being blinded by hatred doesn’t make you any more honest in your judgment than being a fanboy. You’re both just as biased. It’s ridiculous how angry this all gets you.

    Once more: Full Self-Driving (Supervised), previously known as Full Self-Driving (Beta) but commonly just called “FSD,” is the USA-exclusive, subscription-based self-driving software available on Teslas. It’s one of three different versions of self-driving systems that Tesla offers. The others are Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot. Autopilot comes on all Teslas and is just a highway assistant; it’s the one you’ve tried. You clearly have no idea how capable FSD nowadays is, and you refuse to figure it out because you’d have to admit being wrong. Confidently wrong.

  • What are you currently excited for?
  • Plenty new tech I'm curious about seeing evolving; self-driving cars, EVs, articifical-intelligence, VR/AR .. Advances in medicine overall but especially due to Crispr. My new job as a self-employed contractor is both exciting and also stressful. It's the start of the summer here which is also exciting to me.

  • Deflation Never Happens, Except Right Now
  • There's probably a good reason the vast majority of economists agree that deflation is bad for this exact reason. It's not just my opinion - I'm not an economist and I doubt you're either.

  • Early Finnish summer [OC]

    Canon EOS 550D / T2i

    Tamron 17 - 50mm f/2.8

    Photography Thorny_Insight
    Early Finnish summer [OC]

    Canon EOS 550D / T2i

    Tamron 17 - 50mm f/2.8

    Trail in the woods [OC]

    Canon EOS 550D / T2i

    Tamron 17 - 50mm f/2.8

    Photography Thorny_Insight
    Trail in the woods [OC]

    Canon EOS 550D / T2i

    Tamron 17 - 50mm f/2.8

    Tesla FSD vs Mercedes Driver Assist
    micromobility - Ebikes, scooters, longboards: Whatever floats your goat, this is micromobility Thorny_Insight
    My rig - GZR Black Raw
    Photography Thorny_Insight
    Yet another shot from the woods [OC]

    Canon EOS 550D Tamron 17 - 50mm, f/2.8

    Yet another shot from the woods [OC]

    Canon EOS 550D Tamron 17 - 50mm, f/2.8

    Finnish spring serenity [OC]

    Canon ESO 550D Tamron 17 - 50mm, f/2.8

    Photography Thorny_Insight
    Finnish spring serenity [OC]

    Canon EOS 550D Tamron 17 - 50mm, f/2.8

    How do I use uBlock to hide threads with certain urls?

    The filter I use to hide threads based on keywords doesn't seem to work for urls but I'm sure this is possible aswell.

    How do I deal with billing close relatives for work as an entrepreneur?

    I live in a country that has treated me extremely well. I've benefited from a ton of free services paid with taxpayer money including education and healthcare so I feel the responsibility to do my part and pay my taxes.

    However every single one of my close relatives expects special treatment and assumes I'm going to accept the payment "under the table" but I don't and I've made it clear from the beginning. They refuse to accept it even when it's for no extra cost to them. It's me whose losing money, not them. Still - the idea of me daring to charge them like "regular" people apparently is totally outrageous to them.

    I try to be the change I want to see in the world. I judge moral questions by imagining wether the world would be a better or a worse place if everyone else acted like I do. I believe that doing things by the book is the right thing to do here. I understand where they're coming from and it's okay to ask but when I say no then it is so. They're free to use someone else's services who doesn't pay their taxes if that's what they want.

    Now I'm basically at the point where no matter what I do someone is going to be unhappy. Ideally I would refuse all work to relatives but that too is going to leave them unhappy. Do I really need to let go of my own morals here so that I'm not seen as a complete asshole by everyone around me?

    Tesla will likely be the market leader in self-driving technology and it's a good thing

    Soon it will be undeniable that FSD is the most advanced and safest self-driving system on the planet and the haters just need to accept it. It's a good thing because it's literally saving human lives.

    You might not like Teslas as a vehicle nor the company itself due to the CEO but the fact is that no other manufacturer offers equally capable self-driving system and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. If you've not been following this technology closely they just switched from human code to 100% neural nets and the difference between V11 and V12 cannot be overstated. It's still not perfect and probably never will be but it's really good and there's a good chance it's already safer driver than the average human. This is all done using only cameras. No radar, no LiDAR.

    There's also rumors going around that Ford is about to licence the FSD software in their own vehicles and others are likely to follow so it will not be just Tesla's that are using it.

    Is there a more politically and ideologically diverse alternative for Lemmy?

    I know the real answer is reddit but I really don't want to go back now that I've already grown used to life without it. I was hoping for Lemmy to be a viable substitute but it isn't. I can see how this place is wonderful for the certain type of person but that person is not me. My experience during the past 6+ months has been a net negative and I'm pretty much ready to move on. I just don't know where else to go.

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    I prioritize ethics over optics even if it means facing criticism.

    Sharing my honest beliefs, welcoming constructive debates, and embracing the potential for evolving viewpoints. Independent thinker navigating through conversations without allegiance to any particular side.

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