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xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • I'd also add time to the comparison. Time isn't free, and if you spend 2 solid days driving, you might reconsider flying and renting a car at the destination even if it's more expensive. If you use an ev and have to take a few stops extra that might tip the scale.

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • It matters to people who drive more during the day than their range allows. They don't want to wait 20 minutes for the car to charge every time they venture 300km out and back /s

  • How Well does Pop OS! Support Touch
  • Your best bet may be to boot from usb and see for yourself how well your laptop is suppored out of the box.

    I have a thinkpad yoga, and when using wayland (Fedora 40 Gnome), the stylus is unusable - it stops working after few seconds of drawing and I have to reopen the app. In X it works fine.

  • Don't make a mistake in choosing a distro
  • I'm an annoyed fedora user and it seems every day there's an update that requires reboot to install. I want the latest patches to keep the system secure, but this is annoying, and I use 2 laptops.

  • Nvidia to Rebrand as "Nvidai" in Bold Move to Cement AI Dominance

    Santa Clara, CA — In a move that's already sending shockwaves through the tech industry, Nvidia announced today that it will be rebranding to "Nvidai" to better reflect its integral role in the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution.

    "We've been at the forefront of AI development for years," said Jensen Huang, CEO of the newly christened Nvidai, in a press conference that featured holographic projections of the company’s latest AI models. "It's only fitting that our name reflects our commitment to this groundbreaking technology. Plus, it sounds cooler."

    The change comes as Nvidai continues to dominate the AI hardware market with its state-of-the-art GPUs, which have become essential for training and deploying complex machine learning models. "Frankly, we're tired of people thinking our name is just a clever abbreviation for 'Nifty Video Interface, Duh,'" Huang quipped. "It's time to set the record straight."

    Reactions from the tech community have been mixed. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, tweeted, "Great move by Nvidai. Now they just need to change 'GeForce' to 'AIForce' and they'll be set. #brandinggenius." Meanwhile, Intel's CEO was reportedly seen scribbling potential new names for his company, including "IntellAI" and "InteLLigence."

    Despite the excitement, the rebranding effort has not been without its challenges. Early reports indicate that the transition has caused some confusion among consumers. One Twitter user lamented, "Just bought a brand new 'Nvidai' graphics card, and now my rig won't stop trying to pass the Turing Test. Send help."

    However, Huang remains optimistic. "This is just the beginning," he said, hinting at future product lines that will feature AI-enhanced everything—from gaming experiences that adapt in real-time to your skill level, to AI-powered GPUs that can predict the stock market. "We're not just Nvidia anymore. We're NvidAI. The future is here, and it's got a neural network."

    As the company embarks on this new chapter, tech enthusiasts worldwide are left to ponder one pressing question: how do you even pronounce "Nvidai"?

    ThinkPad Michal
    X1 yoga or x280?

    I am looking to get a secondhand ThinkPad as my secondary laptop. Im currently undecided between X1 yoga g3, or x280.

    I want a lightweight laptop to replace my old t440. I like yoga because it's a convertible and this may be useful to watch movies in tent mode or use it as a tablet to browse internet. My main concern is the power button which I hear is easy to break and impossible to fix.

    X280 is more lightweight and compact, but the screen resolution is lower than x1.

    Both have soldered ram, so not upgradeable. I would be getting an 8GB laptop as 16gb is hard to find around here. Does cpu make a big difference? I will be installing Fedora on it.

    Does anyone actually use bathroom bluetooth speakers?

    Seems pointless and inconvenient for me as they usually seem to be poor quality, and can you really listen to music in the shower, and are you showering long enough to benefit from it?

    Or do you own one and use for a different purpose, like swimming or Kayaking?

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