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Roku TV bricked until agreeing to new terms of service
  • These are digital signage displays. They're meant to sell the McRib at McDonald's. If you care about any of the features that make modern TVs look great, black levels, contrast ratio, HDR these won't cut it.

    And yes the bottom of the barrel brands like Roku and Viso will give you the bottom of the barrel experience. This is not the same if you go with something like LG, Samsung or Sony

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    Roku TV bricked until agreeing to new terms of service
  • Problem with monitors is they're not practical as a TV replacement for a livingroom environment. The 16/9 ones pretty much top out in the 40s inch wise unless you're going for something outrageously expensive like the Samsung Arc. Then you're investing a lot into features that don't necessarily benefit the livingroom entertainment uses like GSync if all you're using it for is watching movies and TV.

    There's a lot of smart TVs that work great as dumb displays (my LG never shows anything from it's OS, just my inputs) as long as you don't connect them to the internet

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    HP is in the rent-a-printer business now
  • Yea I definitely fall into the 20 pages or less a month category. Hell I probably fall into the 20 pages or less a year category. But I'd never add a subscription for something I can just buy out.

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    Nintendo is suing the creators of Switch emulator Yuzu
  • But let's be real though. Getting a car and driving it a crowd on purpose is an extraordinarily small percentage of car users. You can't say the same about emulation. A torrent site I frequent has 28000 downloads of Smash Bros Ultimate. I don't believe for a second there are 28000 broken copies people are trying to replace.

    Don't get me wrong, I love emulation. It has huge benefits! Access to out of print games, higher framerates and resolutions. But I'm not going to pretend piracy isn't a massive component of it, particularly on current gen systems.

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    Netflix Avatar review: another live-action cartoon misfire
  • I was 25 when the show premiered and watched it a few years later based on recommendations from a colleague. Me and my wife loved it, it's definitely not just a show that only works for 10 year olds.

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    Air Canada must honor refund policy invented by airline's chatbot
  • According to Air Canada, Moffatt never should have trusted the chatbot and the airline should not be liable for the chatbot's misleading information because Air Canada essentially argued that "the chatbot is a separate legal entity that is responsible for its own actions," a court order said.

    That's some business class horse shit right there, glad they got taken to task over this

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    Microsoft says next Xbox will 'deliver largest technical leap seen in a hardware generation'
  • I don't buy it. Xbox has for a while now pushed away from being a hardware platform to being a software platform. Specifically a gamepass platform. They don't need to sell Xboxes anymore, they need to sell subscriptions and they can sell these on many devices.

    Also, what does a next generation console even mean anymore? If you look through the history of gaming the big jumps have brought big gaming enhancements that simply couldn't be possible on previous generations. Since Xbox 360 it's just more resolution and frame rate. The only real current gen gameplay feature through hardware I've seen is fast storage which allows for things like Ratchet and Clank to do that multiverse jumping.

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    Movies would be better if they didn't use the same actors over and over again. I wouldn’t mind a world where once you were in one movie you were never cast again.
  • The thing is, most actors do only average about 2 movies a year. On a particularly busy year they might have 3. Marvel have thrown off the equation a bit because the same character will show up for small roles in multiple movies but it's pretty rare otherwise to see an actor consistently do more than 2 movies every year.

    I like the idea of more diverse casting but we (the moviegoing public) broadly won't go and see the movie unless it's someone we know.

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    Movies would be better if they didn't use the same actors over and over again. I wouldn’t mind a world where once you were in one movie you were never cast again.
  • Hard disagree (guess that makes it a good unpopular opinion). Acting is a skill that takes time to hone. Very rarely do you get a great performance from a first time movie actor. I know it happens (The Holdovers is a good recent example of this) but it's rare. Even then you need seasoned actors for the new ones to bounce off of. Think of your 10 favorite movies. Chances are slim these movies are starring first timers. Now imagine some untrained actor comes in and plays the lead and totally bungles the whole production.

    We wouldn't have iconic characters like Vito Corleone, Indiana Jones or even Gollum because you're not going to get first timers with the skill or charisma to pull these off.

    Also, known faces draw crowds, the industry couldn't sustain on indies alone.

    How would you even do something like Harry Potter recast every role 8x times? That would be a mess

    What if an actor does a small movie that doesn't get a wide release. That's it? career over for them? The truth is most movies are bad, indies included and most actors are bad. We just usually don't see them because bad movies are quickly forgotten and the good ones stay with us.

  • How well does the raspberry pi handle being a moonlight client

    I'm thinking about moving my PC out to the living room and streaming back to my office when I need to. I've used a number of moonlight clients with mixed results.

    Apple TV and Xbox Series X, terrible with massive lag.

    Android with Nvidia shield pro or Chromecast with Google TV, not bad but not amazing,

    MacOS client on MacBook pro and Google pixel 6 pro over wifi 6, perfect feels like it's on the same machine.

    Before I go through all the effort of setting up the Raspberry Pi 4 just wondering if anyone has any first hand experience on the quality of the stream

    Is there an easy way to stream full bluray disc rips with menus and features over the network to my TV

    Most of my collection is just the movie rips of just the video that play fine in Plex or Jellyfin. I've got a couple of full disc rips though that have the menus and features and all just like you would if you put the disc in. I can open these in VLC on my computer by choosing the folder.

    My living room setup is an Apple TV as the primary streaming device but I also have an Nvidia Shield pro and Google TV Chromecast.

    Is there any way to stream these over the network into some kind of app on any of these devices?


    After some looking around Kodi might be able to do what I want. Going to investigate further.

    EDIT 2

    The Kodi repo with the required addon (HEVC kodi bluray addon) seems to be down, maybe permanently :/ Still looking for a solution

    I'm at a roulette table. I only bet on red. When I lose I triple my bet, when I win I restart. Is this a roulette strategy?

    Ok so here's the rules

    • I just bet on red every time
    • I start with 1 dollar
    • every time I lose, I triple my previous bet
    • every time I win I restart

    I'm going to simulate 10 games

    • Game 1 - Bet $1 Lose
    • Game 2 - Bet $3 Lose
    • Game 3 - Bet $9 Win $18
    • Game 4 - Bet $1 Lose
    • Game 5 - Bet $3 Lose
    • Game 6 - Bet $9 Win $18
    • Game 7 - Bet $1 Lose
    • Game 8 - Bet $3 Lose
    • Game 9 - Bet $9 Lose
    • Game 10 - Bet $18 Win $36

    In this simulation I'm losing at a rate of 70%. In reality the lose rate is closer to 52%. I put in $54 but I'm walking away with $72, basically leaving the building with $18.

    Another example. Let's pretend I walk in with $100,000 to bet with. I lose my first 10 games and win the 11th.

    • 1 lose
    • 3 lose
    • 9 lose
    • 27 lose
    • 81 lose
    • 243 lose
    • 729 lose
    • 2187 lose
    • 6561 lose
    • 19683 lose
    • 59049 win $118098

    $88573 spent out of pocket, $118098 won

    Walk out with roughly $29525.

    I get most casinos won't let you be that high but it's a pretty extreme example anyway, the likelyhood of losing 10/11 games on 48% odds is really unlikely.

    So help me out here, what am I missing?

    LPT: If you're ever in a conversation circle at a social function, keep an eye out for people trying to get in and get them up to speed

    This feels like a common courtesy I don't see enough, particularly the second point. In a conversation circle, always try to keep your side vision open to people trying to find their way in. It can be awkward to try and find your own way in so giving them a spot tells them they're included then drop a quick brief on the conversation "We're talking about pineapples on pizza, good or bad" gives them context to jump in immediately.

    Game recommendations: Passive / Turn Based + Portrait Orientation + No IAP (or at least minimally invasive)

    I'm looking for some game recommendations. I feel like a ton of these games exist but they're riddled with IAP. I don't mind paying a little to buy the game. I have the play pass but so many of these games are active involvement and landscape orientation. I like to have an extra hand free and landscape requires both hands on. But really want passive engagement. Like as soon as I stop playing the game is waiting for me. Example games:


    Magnet Balls

    Free Cell


    Card Thief

    Knights of Pen and Paper

    Games like Slay the Spire (but portrait). Although I've never really found a Slay the Spire-like that didn't feel like a watered down version of STS