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I was always there and you forget me like this
  • There is not one thing that affects the other senses I can truly feel comfortable about saying is my favorite; but sex is most definitely my favorite sense of touch.

  • Finally, a use for microplastics...
  • I'm pretty sure my tall and fat ass would produce more than just 2.

  • reaches into pocket and pulls out 32 cents, a paperclip, a button and a ball of lint

  • What mid tier wireless headphones do you recommend and why?
  • I like my Sony WH-XB910s. I think I got them on sale though; they were only like $120 when I picked them up but I think they're normally about $200.

  • How much is it worth in its current condition?

  • Wey hey and up she rises
  • I still have a ton of fucking sea shanties on my favorited songs playlist on Spotify.

  • Finally, a use for microplastics...
  • I want my body dessicated, vacuum packed and turned into uniform discs that can be sold off at my funeral.

  • Does anyone else use AI to rework texts/emails/planned conversations to sound more allistic?
  • I've been great at writing since I was a kid, so I hadn't even considered it since writing is the one place I can express myself properly.

  • A good leader always farts first πŸ’¨
  • But then he accidentally shits himself trying to fart and you forget all about that.

  • PS2 Classics Catalogs coming to PS+ Premium on June 11th, Tomb Raider Legend, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
  • Did they make HDMI cables for the PS2? πŸ€”

    I still have my slim one with pretty much every NA released game. But my TV doesn't have composite inputs, just HDMI. This made me want to take it out of the closet and play some Shadow of the Colossus but then I remembered that I just have the original cables.

  • Flood water use
  • I don't think you want to use dead body soup in ag either for the same reason using human waste as fertilizer isn't done.

  • Tom Cruise's "MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 8" production has been delayed, again, due to submarine malfunctionβ€” budget said to be nearing $400M.
  • I laugh every time I watch one of the Indiana Jones movies because we see Indy get on top of a submarine and then it just shows the map sequence, so one can only assume Jones just rode outside the sub all the way to its destination.

  • But My Leftovers
  • Mine are picky little shits and like variety.

  • Rule
  • Duke Nukem doesn't need mana. He's not magic. He's just a guy on steroids and testosterone. You're not actually summoning him, he just showed up.

  • Sophie's choice 70s edition
  • At least the dog will just rip their body to shreds and not their soul.

  • Is there a "canvas" of the universe? Do we even know? Would a canvas follow the same laws as the paint?

    Think of the universe as a painting. There's the image made in paint, and the surface it was painted on. The canvas.

    The stars, the planets, the gasses, the matter and energy and even the space between are the paint. What's the canvas? Is there a canvas? Would the canvas follow the same rules as the paint?

    What foods from the shows would you like to try if you could?

    There's a few for me. Yamok sauce. Various synthohols. The desserts Troi's always eating (or being). But most especially gagh. I wouldn't let the fact it's some kind of living worm distract me from the way all the cool people describe it. If Riker likes it, I think I would too and I certainly wouldn't want to look like a p'taQ in front of Riker.

    What happened to "stoner" comedies?

    Half-Baked. Happy Gilmore. Billy Madison. Grandma's Boy. Dude, Where's My Car? Where have the movies like this gone? Clerks 3 was, I think, the last good one I've ever seen (and even they got too real and too sad so I don't even know if I ever want to see it again as a comedy). There's gotta be some good, funny shit that's even funnier when stoned out of your mind that's more recent than that, right?

    Why is only the ? and ! put at the front and upside down of a sentence in Spanish?

    Why not periods? Why doesn't every sentence in Spanish that isn't a question or exclamation start with a period floating in the sky?

    What would be the best way to fix the little stopper switch for one of the motors on my Aquilla?

    One of the stepper motors' switch things (the metal part that hits the bar to tell the motor it's at one end of the track) came out and it's either bent too much or snapped off (it's so small I can't really tell) and it doesn't go back in place, which means I can't use the printer because the motor with the head on it doesn't know when it has reached the end of the track and just tries to keep going if I don't stop it.

    My first thought was to print a new piece but... That won't work when I have to use the printer to do that. The motor itself is great. It's just that stupid little metal triangle thing used to give the teeny tiny switch some more surface area to be pressed.

    I want a Mixed Reality thing that works the opposite of how I am seeing it done right now...

    Right now it's augmenting reality with fake shit. Like you see the real world and can put non-real things in it. What I'd like to be able to do is be in a fake world and bring real world objects into that.

    Like, say I'm in VRchat just sitting somewhere hanging out it would be cool if I could bring my drink, my food, my vape, etc into the game so I don't have to fumble around looking for them with my hands. I haven't found anything that does this though... :/

    Got new phone yesterday. Already hate it.

    My previous phone's charge port finally went kaput so I had to get something new. The best option I had was a Pixel 8 or 8 Pro. I went with the 8 since it looked like the only major difference other than price was the cameras, and I don't take a lot of pictures.

    1. It's half the size of my previous phone. I'm a big guy and I like big phones, especially of the phablet variety. This thing feels like it's made for children.
    2. Because it's a carrier branded device, I can't actually install the custom OS I wanted to because the option for OEM Unlock is grayed out. Which wouldn't be a surprise had this information been front and center on Graphene or Lineage's supported phone page and not half way through the instructions for install.
    3. Fucker has ads!
    4. Don't know what to do with my 2TB sd card since absolutely nothing available had an SD slot.

    I'm so sick of these closed down bastards. I wanna be able to build my own like I would a PC 😩

    How come running hard (especially when out of shape) makes your lungs feel like they are on fire?

    Just had this thought while running with my dog and getting fatigued. Why does it feel like that? What is going on in the tissue to make it "burn?"

    An emotional, story-based game in VR would kinda suck...

    Crying while wearing a headset could damage the headset. At the very least, it would be hard to see if you can't wipe your eyes.

    So every time a discussion about Dragon's Dogma came up, I was apparently thinking of a totally different game.

    I could have sworn that I had played Dragon's Dogma before because people told me it was like Skyrim and Dark Souls had a baby but I found it to be more like Monster Hunter on the Source engine.

    I fired up the game since I do actually own it and it was totally not the game I was thinking of. I don't remember a damn thing about this but it really is like Skyrim and Dark Souls had a baby. So now I have been wondering: What fucking game was I mixing this one up with?!

    It was setup exactly like Monster Hunter where you do things in a little hub city to buy, sell and upgrade shit, check out mission boards and gather a party before using a boat to head to the mission area. The mission areas were super linear paths like Monster Hunter, but without even the facsade of being in a bigger area and you could do things like use ropes to tie down bigger monsters while your DPS attacked the monster. And it was built on the Source engine. I can remember all that but I am drawing a blank on the name since realizing it's not Dragon's Dogma.

    If one state changed its state flag to be the exact same as another, is that a copyright violation?

    Just saw a thing about Minnesota's flag contest and some joker suggested using California's flag which I started overthinking about which leads us here. If Minnesota actually changed their state flag to California's state flag, could California sue Minnesota? πŸ€”

    Kolanaki πŸ‡° πŸ”΅ πŸ‡± πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡³ πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡° ℹ️

    I'm just a weird, furry, pan guy (cis he/him). I also have a big, blue username. I tend to edit everything I write like a million times within the span of a couple minutes after posting, so if you see one thing and suddenly it changes, that was just a first draft. πŸ˜…

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