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  • Have you read the 13th amendment? Prisoners in the US are legally allowed to be used for slave labor. That's what I thought you were referencing

    • And what brand of vehicle are these prisoners building?

      • Hard to say for certain, per a recent AP report, privacy laws protect the info of which private companies specifically are using prison labor at any given time in several states.

        Seriously though, check out that article. Wild.

        • Hard to say for certain

          Okay so you intentionally derailed the conversation in an attempt to prove you were right about a subject no one was discussing?

          • No, I was genuinely guessing at what you were getting at, since you were alluding to one particular unnamed nation that relies heavily on slave labor. IDK if you opened that article, but it's from last month and is a major report by the AP, so US slave labor's been on my mind because I read the news.

            You then seemingly got annoyed at my guess and decided it was some sort of debate. I pointed out why my guess was reasonable and now you're trying to take a victory lap because I apparently annoyed you by not being a goddamn mind reader.

            Seriously, you're acting like I'm the one with the attitude here and all I've done is reflect yours back to you in one comment because you acted like I don't know what slavery is. But I'm the one being an asshole?

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