Skip Navigation Xiaomi announces Redmi 13C 5G with new chip, 50 MP dual camera

The phone has a Dimensity 6100+. Xiaomi introduced the Redmi 13C 5G – an affordable smartphone with next-gen cellular connectivity, a 50 MP main camera and...

This seems like the cheapest way to get a 5G portable hotspot device.

0 VW is now an investor in Xpeng -

Volkswagen's financial investment in the Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng, announced in July, has now been completed. The Chinese company also reported progress in the development of two electric cars.

1 Volvo sells first EX30 electric SUV models in November

Volvo began selling what could be its most important vehicle to date last month. In November, Volvo sold the first...

3 SIXT ditches Tesla cars for BYD in its electrification push citing abysmal depreciation and repair costs

Tesla's big vehicle price fluctuations and repair wait times are putting rental car companies at a loss both in the figurative and literal sense. Tesla has cut prices by 30% this year and those rental companies which bought at the peak are suffering.

40 Wieambilla shootings: US arrests man over Australian religious terror attack

He is alleged to have links to Christian extremists who killed two police officers and another man.

2 Ford says unlikely Mustang Mach-E EV will qualify for US federal tax credits in January

Ford Motor said on Wednesday it is unlikely Mustang Mach-E electric vehicles currently in dealer showrooms will qualify for federal tax credits beginning in January.

4 How China’s buses shaped the world’s EV revolution

In the 2010s, China rolled out a rapid and widespread electric bus network. Today, China's electric buses are influencing not just the country's EV uptake, but the world's.

0 WHO says time to hike alcohol, sugary drinks tax

Too few states are using tax to incentivise healthier behaviours, says WHO. Read more at

8 World could breach 1.5°C warming threshold in 7 years

PARIS: The world may cross the crucial 1.5 degrees Celsius global warming threshold in seven years as fossil fuel CO2 emissions continue to rise, scientists warned on Tuesday (Dec 5), urging countries at the COP28 talks to "act now" on coal, oil and gas pollution. Battle lines are being drawn over t

1 Toyota confirms its sleek electric Sport Crossover made with BYD is launching in 2025

Toyota unveiled its slick electric Sport Crossover concept for the first time in Europe on Monday. The new fastback EV,...

12 Pope urges world religions to unite against environmental devastation

Pope Francis said on Sunday that it was essential for all world religions to unite in opposing the "rapacious" devastation of the environment.

11 India agrees to withdraw soldiers from Maldives, President Muizzu says

India's government has agreed to withdraw its soldiers from the Maldives, the Indian Ocean archipelago's President Mohamed Muizzu said on Sunday.

3 11 hikers dead after Indonesia volcano erupts, dozen still missing

JAKARTA: At least 11 hikers were found dead on Monday (Dec 4) and another 12 were missing after a volcano erupted in Indonesia, with rescuers racing to carry injured and burned survivors down th

US aims to limit China's role in electric cars - BBC News
  • That sounds like an oversimplification of why certain car manufacturers are successful. There are many state supported car makes from the likes of Proton (Malaysia) Maruti (India) Holden (Australia) that are not very successfull outside of their home market.

  • US aims to limit China's role in electric cars

    The US unveils rules aimed at keeping Chinese components out of electric cars sold in the country.

    3 BYD surpasses Nissan amid record November sales as EV maker closes in on Tesla

    China’s leading EV maker, BYD, notched another sales record in November. BYD continues surging, with over 170,000 fully electric vehicles...

    13 Japan suspends its Osprey flights after the fatal crash of a US Air Force aircraft

    Japan has suspended flights of its Osprey aircraft after a U.S. Air Force Osprey based in Japan crashed into the sea during a training mission.

    1 27% Of New Cars In France Now Plugin Electric Cars! - CleanTechnica

    Sign up for daily news updates from CleanTechnica on email. Or follow us on Google News! Plugin vehicles continue to ... [continued]

    1 China's Nio teams up with Geely on auto battery swapping

    Chinese automakers Nio and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group said on Wednesday they had signed a strategic partnership agreement on battery swapping that would see them work together on standards, technology and model development.

    Here’s How BYD Rocked Toyota’s Manufacturing World
  • Because it's a cheap car that starts from $18,700 in China. Considering BYD as far as I know is the only EV manufacturer other than Tesla making a profit, its not surprising the material cost is probably very low.

    Also most cheap cars come with hard scratchy plastic for its interior trim for a reason.

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    Here’s How BYD Rocked Toyota’s Manufacturing World
  • Personally I put reliability into 2 categories.

    First is the powertrain i.e gearbox, engine which toyota is famously good at. Only requiring routine servicing and not developing unexpected issues.

    The second is other miscellaneous stuff that does not prevent the car from not being able to drive you from place to place safely.

    I suppose most electric cars do the first part well as there is no engine or gearbox to fail.

    Usually the more complex the electronics and interior trim pieces are the more there is to go wrong. Eventually the sunroof will leak, power window switches will fail, tpms will need new batteries etc. More specifically for the atto3 I wonder how the guitar door string and rotating screen will hold up.

    Toyota is not exactly immune from quality issues. I have encounted less than a year old toyotas that power steering or automatic parking brake has failed.

    Personally I think all car manufacturers should do the tesla method of directly selling and servicing the car. That should prevent any issues with crappy dealerships.

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    Xiaomi won't give Android updates if you unlock your bootloader
  • Many years back if I am not mistaken the bootloader came unlocked. That led to some resellers flashing their bloatware on to the phones.

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    Xiaomi won't give Android updates if you unlock your bootloader
  • Don't people usually flash a custom rom when they unlock their bootloader? Somehow if you are still on the stock rom can't you just flash the update since you have already unlocked the bootloader?

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    World EV Sales Now Equal 18% Of World Auto Sales - CleanTechnica
  • That is probably caused by exhaust modifications. People will find some other way to display their antisocial behaviors once electric cars become the norm.

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    Panasonic cuts battery unit's profit outlook, warns on high-end EV sales | Reuters
  • There are many relatively cheap EVs sold around the world like the MG4 , BYD dolphin that cost around USD $35000 that come with 5 star Euro NCAP crash ratings so they are not some glorified golf cart with doors.

    Or a Citroën ë-C3 if you assume only Chinese cars can be that cheap.

    You can't find them in the US because Chinese cars come with a 27.5% import tariff.

    The US car market in my opinion will probably resemble their smartphone market in a few years time with Tesla (Apple) and a few korean cars (Samsung). While the rest of the manufacturers will go the way of Nokia & Blackberry.

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    China Does It Again: A NAND Memory Market First | TechInsights
  • It is probably not important enough for any "hype"

    The same thing happened last year with China's first 7nm chip in a bitcoin miner. It was launched without any fanfare and only discovered by TechInsights a year later.