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Dark mode comment chain clarity

In the dark mode comment chain indentation is not quickly obvious. Can you please either increase indentation or make the left comment marker lighter?

Edit: Fixed by the dev with an option in settings to change comment bar width.

Bulk delete SMS matching search string

I am looking for a way to delete 1000s of SMS from my service provider pertaining to calls with zero charge. However there will also be some important messages from the same sender. So I cannot delete the whole conversation.

The best option I have seen so far is SMS Organiser but it limits me to only 25 messages at a time.

Is there any other SMS app that can let me do this in one go?

Your WhatsApp chat backups on Android won't be free anymore
  • When did they remove local backups? Or is it removed for someone who has opted for Google Drive backup?

    I never chose cloud option, so I have my local backup. Android by the way.

  • Clicking YouTube links in WhatsApp opens in strange minimised player mode

    Earlier it used to be thus for random links but almost any YouTube link in WhatsApp if clicked leads to the playback happening in a small minimised window at the bottom with the main window almost blank under it. I can pull the video up to the top where it will play in portrait mode but won't rotate to landscape. No comment section seen. !YouTube links open in minimised fashion

    Boost for Lemmy is now live
  • I was a Boost for Reddit user who made do with LiftOff for the time being. What ever happened to LiftOff - there are no releases in a long while now.

  • Jump
    Today 10 years ago I got a Firefox OS phone
  • I sincerely hoped Jolla would at least continue to make one technology demonstrator hardware model available for purchase by enthusiasts. The current situation where I have to buy a phone and then buy OS separately is not feasible for me.

  • [feature request] Re-hide viewed NSFW pictures

    NSFW pictures are by default hidden/blurred for me now. In case I take a peek at one, then there seems to be no option to make it hidden again to prevent accidental embarassment. May be there is a way to do it in future?

    Firefox 115 can silently remotely disable my extension on any site
  • Why? This is like some authoritarian clause in a new law being introduced with a reassurance that it will only be used for national security purpose. I feel the author is correct until more explanation is given. Even then it does not look good to me.

  • TV remote tile disappeared? [SOLVED]

    I had a tile with which I could open a TV remote on my phone and control local nerwork Android TV.

    Suddenly I am no longer seeing that tile. There is an called Google TV which has an option to display the remote but it is too cumbersome.

    Do you know a way to restore the tile to the pull down options?

    I am using Motorola G82 5G Android 12.