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What is the best type of smart lock?
  • A single key is also a loss risk if you take anything out of a pocket. I'm always nervous about a single key. And then there's the 'where did that go' when you change without emptying the pockets because its so small you forget its there.

  • Tip?
  • If they pay just enough, with tips, then what is it without tips? Not enough. Statistically, more people would move to another just that put y back into ‘just enough’ category.

    I don’t see that as 180 at all.

  • Tip?
  • But if everyone did it, people wouldn’t be able to afford to work there. There would be no staff and the business would be forced to increase their pay to retain labour, or shut their doors.

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  • Fuck this guy.
  • What issues with minimum wage, other than the capitalists who are desperate to keep their costs down from crying wolf about inflation?

    I'm still waiting for anyone to show data that raising the minimum wages leads to higher inflation. Should be pretty easy to show looking at the minimum wages across countries over the last 25-50 years, while also looking at the inflation rates over that same period.

    As far as governments not raising the minimums, that is the result of poor policy when they were implemented, to not tie the minimum wage to inflation in the first place. People are more aware of that issue now, so hopefully that mistake wouldn't be implemented.

    I don't really expect UBI to be implemented on a larger scale because the people who buy the laws won't allow it.

  • Fuck this guy.
  • Having the mass majority of the population trapped in jobs that pay just enough that they put up with it, while giving away all their time and energy to a corporation is exactly why the average person has no power. They’ve had the will drive to force real change sucked out of them.

    UBI is a mechanism that can help them take back their time and energy to affect real change.

  • Not Likeable
  • When you only have one choice, you don’t have a choice.

    Yea obviously we’re at the point where the only non fascist choice is to vote for an unpopular incumbent, but it seems like the choice has been completely removed from the democratic process in the US and you have to wonder how much of it is exactly by design, and whose.

  • What do you think of the term "short king" as a term that's supposed to champion body positivity for men?
  • If someone doesn’t like how I look, oh well, that’s life. Seems this is a lesson most people learn in grade school - some people aren’t going to like you, you’re not going to like some people.

    You're not entirely wrong, but you're also totally missing the fact that people are 100% judged by stature and not just in attractiveness, but in their value period.

    The taller you are, the higher salary people will assume you already are making. During hiring, this means you'll be offered a higher starting salary to try and make the offer more appealing to you.

    Here's an article that references the study I'm thinking of. If you care ,you can maybe dig up the original study somehow.

    This sort of bias is pretty inescapable in our culture and will be I think regardless of our language. Preferred body shapes do change over time, even within the span of a single generation. Maybe tying more positive words around these words is part of that change.

  • Astounding absurdity
  • If we want to fix the bad stuff corporations are doing, simply put a larger cost on those things. It’s that simple. Pollution, Safety, Health, whatever… price the negative externalities (economic speak for bad things humans don’t want) properly and the market will sort itself out.

    The part where it goes right off the rails however, it seems now that its cheaper to buy and own the politicians, and buy and own the media to manufacture consent to kill these regulations than it is to operate responsibly. Which seems to be right around where we are now.

  • Is it OK for a company to expect using their paid product for a job interview?
  • This seems like a poor analogy.

    "I don't have experience with the 'Megamart Pool TM' brand of pools, but I've got my Lifeguard certificate through a training program that operated at a nearby lake." Oh sorry, we want our applicants to be familiar with our specific pool with 50+ hours of paid visits logged. Please come back next year after you've gather this.

  • Everyone be using the eggplant emoji as a penis euphemism, I have two thoughts on this ...
  • Are there not already words to represent the same thing to anyone old enough to read a message? A different representation of something they are already potentially exposed to isn't something that technology standards should be censoring.

    Especially when the defacto replacement for this is a symbol of something that could very easily give young men a serious sense of inadequacy and insecurity.

    edit: (you -> young)

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