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Trump picks Ohio Sen. JD Vance for vice president
  • The beard is not fooling me. This man has no chin.

  • Reminder
  • Screenshot the reports pls I want to laugh. Thankies.

  • Anon experiences loss
  • House MD pride month special

  • People who are 1s and 2s on this scale, do you watch adult video?
  • I'm a 1 and of course I do. Imagination is like playing with dolls. You already know everything going on. It's not the same as watching something made by other people.

  • Anon has a dream
  • Was this mountain called brokeback?

  • Anon makes up a word
  • Every time someone cries about how teachers today are so underpaid and disrespected and nobody supports them, I just want to say that maybe it's because all of those kids who grew up constantly abused by the school system grew up into parents, taxpayers, and lawmakers who have a distrust in the whole mess.

  • Hmm, needs linux
  • 🎴

  • Hmm, needs linux
  • It's sapient it's clearly evil as all sapient life forms are.

  • The 2010 "phone wars"
  • The blackberry row is 1000% accurate at least.

  • arrested
  • So are all the deaths of innocent people caused by cops with no punishment and the entire class turning a blind eye or encouraging it.

  • The Canvas has started, feel free to add your country flag!
  • I think we should fuck up all of Germany's flags.

  • arrested
  • No. Cop lives don't matter regardless of skin color.

  • Anon makes popcorn
  • That's literally what the instructions say but for some reason when we crave popcorn our brains turn off.

  • Dollar General has 48hrs to make stores safe or face more penalties after $12m fine
  • I saw that paper in the office yesterday. All I thought was "not my fucking problem". Now I have a good chance to maybe get some retribution for all the abuse.

  • What occupation requires the most education/training only to be very low paid?
  • The payment is getting to chill in the capybara enclosure.

  • Medieval hardships
  • The wine may have been spiced with mercury to make it healthier

  • You're not supposed to be here
  • I'd be pretty wary of a nest of dogs driving around at 2am too.

  • Little bobby Fortran
  • What about girl adult or woman child

  • Political Memes Ricky Rigatoni
    It's only okay when MY favorite country does it.
    rickyrigatoni Ricky Rigatoni

    This account is dedicated to the brave Mujahideen fighters of Afghanistan.

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