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Nothing CMF Phone 1 review
  • various security oversights or vulnerabilities

    • nothing chats link
    • cmf watch app link
    • cmf watches have other user's custom watch faces link

    they have a track record of stupid issues like those, and thats why i cant trust them

  • Nothing CMF Phone 1 review
  • seems like a cool phone, but its made by nothing so you either dont install a custom rom and get a potentially insecure experience, or install a custom rom and lose the cool branding of the phone

  • Somehow snapchat for web doesn't support firefox 🤦

    I know I can spoof my useragent, it's just ridiculous that such a massive app doesn't support an equally massive browser.

    All things mac and macOS potentiallynotfelix
    Older intel mac won't power on at all

    I've got a pretty old macbook pro, I would assume it's intel. I'd installed refind and debian on it then just left it for a while. No damage that I know of, but I did move houses. Now, I plug it in and the power cord shows green, and the battery indicator shows blinking fully bars. I have tried all the keyboard things to reset, but no luck. Is this thing fucked, or are there any possible solutions? Thanks for the help guys!

    Help me find info about a specific CMF watch issue

    So I distinctly recall reading a reddit thread where someone woke up with someone else's photo on their cmf watch's custom watch face. I remember a few other people saying they had the same issue, and that's about it. I have tried pretty exhaustively to find that thread, or even any information about the issue, but I just can't seem to find anything. Does anybody remember this, or have any more info? Thanks a lot!

    Just Cause 4 only runs well with Lutris

    As the title says, I want to play the Epic Games version of Just Cause 4. I have got the same version of wine as the version Lutris uses - wine-ge-8.26 - and I've copied the wine prefix to get the same files exactly. I run Just Cause 4, and on Lutris is runs at an easy 60fps on High, but from the CLI it runs at about 20fps on Low. Anyone have an idea for why this happens?

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