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Who would win? 8.6m redditors or ~1k extremely online tankies?
  • With a site wide 1.73K users / month stat we have a 100% participation rate in this thread. kim-salute

  • Bottom text
  • Come on jack, it's legal now.

  • retro consoles
  • This is important.

  • Katamari Damacy On The Swing
  • Roll me into the Katamari and fire me into the sun. I'm ready. xi-plz

  • Imagine being a Warren stan in 2024. Even more pathetic than still being a Bernie supporter
  • This genocide could have been climate neutral through carbon credit incentives for small business bomb makers. warren-medusa

  • Huawei, other Chinese devices: how can I make sure only Xi sees my porn?
    • download every episode of Winnie the Poo
    • navigate to Tienanmen Square daily
    • record yourself feeding sparrows every morning

    You will be immediately classified as a high threat target and directly monitored by Xi Jinping.

  • Helpful life tip
  • When they wear shoes indoors, do amerikkkans put on their socks and shoes before they step out of bed?

  • Dang it
  • posadas He's beginning to believe.

  • NSFW
    Late night cat post
  • Baby pigeons are so cute before they can fly.

  • . 👁 .
  • pride month letters fading to spell "die moth" and a crying moth saying nooo

  • NSFW
    The Midwestern Marx guy got caught liking Nazi fancams on twitter (link in comments)
  • Midwestern Marx? Why would anyone want their Marxism to be either "mid" or "western".

  • Caption this.
  • Big boi time

  • US-EU assets pushing color revolution in Georgia - The Grayzone
  • I haven't read this yet, but when I saw something about this a week ago, it looked like an extremely pathetic 1:1 copy paste of the euromaidan program. They can not seriously dangle EU membership before a country that is further from Europe than Turkey while continuously denying Turkey.

    Also I feel like pointing at Ukraine today and asking "Would you like this to be you?" is not the power move the CIA/EU want to make.

  • Microsoft ignores emission goals to do AI

    Text from screenshot: > 2020: Microsoft sets goal to be carbon negative by end of the decade. > 2023: Microsoft's emissions are 30% higher than in 2020. > Main cause? The relentless push to meet AI demand, which requires new data centers built out of carbon-intensive steel, cement, chips.

    Article Original post

    !so-true Corporations will go green on public pressure. !yea

    Rummelsnuff - Stalinallee (STALIN AVENUE) 2024

    New song !stalin-heart !GDR-emblem

    English lyrics

    > Comrades, Marx is theory, > with Stalin it comes to life. The People's Avenue shines in splendor, raises the glass to it. This is your boulevard, you working people, come out side by side to mocha milk and film culture at the Frankfurt Gate!

    > Kilometers of power point towards the morning sun... Marx, Mielke, Stalin, Schilkin - the spirit of life flows here. This is your boulevard, you working people, come out side by side to mocha milk and film culture at the Frankfurt Gate!

    > The dream of peace has been sown in the face of the facades. War equipment shone at official parades.

    > And today the enemies believe that they have already won: the urge for popular democracy is not at an end. This is how it ticks you mercilessly, the world time clock and the bass dictatorship booms from the power plant.

    Katyusha rocket artillery
    It's over for hex bear!


    Cowards didn't even make their bear hexagonal.

    Hexbear logo / design guide

    Is there some document about what colors, fonts and logos to use for hexbear stuff? Maybe logos in SVG format? I found 4 variants of the logo linked on the site. The sidebar logo seems to have different colors than the others and is the only one with scan-lines.

    Logo in the sidebar: !side-bar logo

    Logo in the header: !header logo

    Watermark linked in the sidebar of c/memes !meme watermark logo

    tilted sicko hexbear logo: !sicko hexbear


    Original, which is too dark or maybe it isn't I don't really know anymore:

    !ironic, but too dark

    Small previews:

    !small preview1 !small preview2

    Keywords: palpatine, darth-plagueis, star-wars, prequels, sith, jedi, legend

    Category: U.S.S. Enterprise !picard-troll

    > palpatine

    Ad block script for GitHub - pixeltris/TwitchAdSolutions

    Contribute to pixeltris/TwitchAdSolutions development by creating an account on GitHub.

    GitHub - pixeltris/TwitchAdSolutions

    Standard uBlock origin has been broken on twitch for a while. I've been using this script for a few days and it mostly works fine.

    I did the "Applying a script to uBlock Origin" section. Rarely a video gets stuck buffering and I have to F5. Sometimes there is no embedded player for a stream and it just pauses on the last frame while the ad plays.

    Definitely better than seeing an ad.

    Before I've been using Twitch Ad Muter which just mutes the tab, but you still see it and sometimes the audio jump scared me because ads often start very loud and it doesn't always mute instantly. Also a bunch of ads that just start with flashing lights going from dark to white.

    Top 300 Henry Kissinger Quotes - QuoteFancy Top 300 Henry Kissinger Quotes (2023 Update) - QuoteFancy

    Discover the Top 300 Henry Kissinger Quotes, as voted by QuoteFancy readers. Updated October 2023. Download free, high-quality (4K) pictures and wallpapers featuring the best Henry Kissinger Quotes.

    Top 300 Henry Kissinger Quotes (2023 Update) - QuoteFancy

    Auto generated site putting the most vile shit on cute inspirational landscapes.


    mustGo mustGo [any]


    Feel free to repost/edit/share memes and emojis I made without asking.

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