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Thumb drive heating up

I'm booting openwrt off a usb c thumb drive connected to a fanless Celeron mini pc. The pc is cool but the thumb drive is so hot i can't touch it.

Any ideas?

Problem with Chrome apps and task manager

Ever since upgrading to Plasma 6 (fedora 40) my chrome web apps have been misbehaving when I try pinning them to the icon-only task manager (is that still what it's called?)

1.They randomly disappear from taskbar although i have pinned them

2.Sometimes they are there but wont work (i get a weird "chdir: not found" error)

3.Pinned chrome apps work but wont survive reboots.

Have you experienced a similar problem? I've tried both stable and beta versions of Google Chrome.

Self-hosted YouTube downloader?

Is there a self-hosted downloader that would automatically download liked videos or the ones added to a specific playlist?

Tunnel app for my openwrt home server

(I know wireguard, tailscale and so on are the preferred options. But for some reaon I can't use any vpn atm)

I'm looking for some tunneling solution which:

-is NOT Cloudflare Tunnels

-doesn't need a VPN (so wireguard or openvpn are ruled out)

-is not SSH tunnel

I need something like FRP preferably with a luci app and automatic ssl certificate for my subdomain.

Any recommendations?

Taking your ideas for my next linux app
  • I want something with: a built-in key manager (with optional cross-device sync) SSH tunneling support (dynamic, remote and reverse) snippets simple, beautiful UI.

    I'm sure many users will like it.

  • Fedora
  • Fedora took away one of my biggest hobbies namely distro hopping. It's so good i haven't installed another Linux for 4+ years. Before fedora I would never use a distro for more than a couple of months. It's beautiful, it's solid and it's vanilla. Everything is shipped as the original developer intended.

  • Extremely positive experience with Waydroid

    I used to hate android emulators, since the ones I'd tested on Windows were ad-ridden, slow bloatware.

    The other day I needed to run an android app on Fedora 40.

    I tried Waydroid and it worked very well. The app ran supersmooth as if it was running natively.

    Also the cli syntax was very sane an user friendly.

    waydroid app install|run|list ...

    So if you need an Android app on linux the experience might be better than what you think it would be.

    m3u (iptv) server which is not Jellyfin?

    Jellyfin is very unreliable with live tv in my experience. It takes ages to reload a playlist and sometimes the old channels still appear in library. Is there a better alternative?

    Reverse proxy

    I have an openwrt router at home which also acts as my home server. It's running a bunch of services using docker (Jellyfin, Nextcloud, etc.)

    I have set up an SSH tunnel between my openwrt router and VPS and can access jellyfin successfully.

    I understand that I need to set up a reverse proxy to access multiple services and have https.

    But I'm confused if I should set up this reverse proxy on the VPS or on the router itself. Is nginx the easiest option? Should i add subdomains in cloudflare for every service?

    Pease don't recommend vpns since they are all blocked where i live (wireguard, tailscale openVPN, etc.) I'm limited to using ssh tunneling only.


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    Noticably lower standby battery drain with Fedora 40

    I upgraded to Fedora 40 workstation a couple of days ago. I never turn off or suspend my laptop (a Thinkbook 14s Yoga) and it was guranteed to be dead if i left it unplugged for a couple of hours before the update.

    With Fedora 40 it's been unplugged for almost 5 hours and still has 52% battey left (down from 59% when i unplugged the charger).

    I noticed both TLP and auto-cpufreq have been disabled after the update so this looks like default power settings are being used.

    I'm not sure if it means I'll be getting consistently better battery life but i thought maybe it's a good idea to share this first impression anyway.

    Has anyone had a similar experience?

    Remote access in a country with heavy cencorship

    Where I live wireguard and openvpn are completely blocked and my isp doesn't provide a public ip.

    Tailsclale and cloudflare tunnels don't work either.

    Is there a last resort method for accessing my home server (a mini pc running openwrt and docker).


    Extracted archive timestamp

    There is a very annoying problem with archive extraction on Linux. I always sort my files by "last modified" and want my latest files and folders on top in any file manager. When I download and extract an archive, the extracted folder is placed toward the middle or bottom of the list apparently because the original timestamps of files are retained. If I'm not mistaken I didn't have this issue on my MacBook and the extracted archives would appear on the top of the list.

    Workaround: In Ark if I choose extract to subfolder and type a name for the new folder, it is treated as recently modified and is placed at the top. But I don't want to enter a name every time.

    Shouldn't an extracted folder be treated as recently modified??

    Any ideas?

    I've never played games. Suggest a couple of addictive games I can play on Linux

    The only game I have ever played is FIFA on a PS4. Now I have a gaming laptop but have no idea how I should go about playing games on Linux. Appreciate your help in advance!

    How do we know if there aren't a bunch of more undetected backdoors?

    I have been thinking about self-hosting my personal photos on my linux server. After the recent backdoor was detected I'm more hesitant to do so especially because i'm no security expert and don't have the time and knowledge to audit my server. All I've done so far is disabling password logins and changing the ssh port. I'm wondering if there are more backdoors and if new ones are made I can't respond in time. Appreciate your thoughts on this for an ordinary user.

    Your experience with auto-cpufreq?

    I watched a video by Chris Titus in which he encouraged everyone to install auto-cpufreq immediately since it does wonders for battery life on laptops. He said it was superior to TLP and powertop auto-optimizations. Has anyone actually used this for an extended period of time? Does it really work as advertised?

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