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RFK Jr. to get Secret Service protection after failed Trump assassination, Mayorkas says
  • And low enough standards for RFK Jr to count? It'd be so underwhelming if there's no mystique to it. Like saying you'll cook a romantic dinner for your partner and then giving them a piece of white bread. Technically it's food but I'd expect to be dumped for it.

  • RFK Jr. to get Secret Service protection after failed Trump assassination, Mayorkas says
  • Even then who would that impress? JFK and his father were important sure, but an accelerationist goober like the Trump one seems to be would cause zero reaction. Not in me, MAGA cultists, liberals- it'd be a day of civility fetishism and jokes about the rule of 3s. If someone is just targeting the family name, surely there are more meaningful Kennedys out there. He's a presidential candidate in the same way any meme candidate is.

  • Alcohol fuckin sucks
  • I know someone who started drinking heavily at university, 18-21 or so, and in the span of ten years he needed double hip replacements. Apparently alcoholism can make your body stop absorbing calcium/vitamin D so he has the bones of an elderly person at 32.

    It's such a horrifying drug to normalise. I didn't even know it could cause osteoporosis on top of the seizures and liver failure and cancer.

  • is it ok to clone a dog/pet
  • I love my dog and hate that he'll die, but to me the only real ethical way to have a pet is to rescue one. My local humane society has waived its $200~ adoption fee because too many dogs need homes. If I cloned my dog, the clone wouldn't have his personality and I'd be reminded that he's dead every time I see him. It'd be like paying thousands of dollars to be haunted by his ghost. That wouldn't be fair to the clone or the dog I could have rescued instead.

  • RFK Jr. to get Secret Service protection after failed Trump assassination, Mayorkas says
  • Why bother? He's a non-entity who is just going to start a guru cult after this campaign ruins his reputation. At best he'll get 1% of the vote. There's no point in anyone from any ideology targeting him for any reason.

  • Knowledge is Power. Every day I read 1 wikipedia article, think of 3 new kinds of chess pieces, and watch Jordan Peterson 10 Hour Megamix videos instead of forming relationships.
  • So you can best me in a battle of wits? Fine, I have so many other pieces.

    Dog piece- always loyal to the king

    Gun piece- one free kill

    Monster truck piece- throw it at the board

  • Shot, Chaser
  • officer-down His family will get over it.

  • Awww cute little FediNAZIS
  • Like toddlers playing with GI Joe toys. If their support for Ukraine is anything other than being a Nazi or a midlife crisis, they should immediately go to the trenches. I can't imagine thinking this war is what they think it is and not volunteering. It would be such a new low of cowardice that I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror. You Johnny-ass nerds go get your fucking gun.

  • Fuck Joe Brandon
  • This is so demonic that I want to become religious so that I can make sense of it cosmologically.

  • Feds ain't sending their best. Oswald be weeping.
  • classmate said Crooks was a bad shot

    No shit.

  • Our president walks very normally
  • kitty-cri-screm it's a stutter

  • ITT: we take bets on the shooters ideology
  • He has a unique wrestling/television background for presentation, but nothing he says or how he communicates it is original or limited to him. He's speaking to the crowd and saying 50% more of the quiet part out loud for bog standard right-wing policies. All the next crop of far-right politicians has to do is speak to the crowd with the same lack of filter. If the market still exists someone not on my radar will fill that niche in the same way that I think there are probably plenty of decent-ish left-leaning politicians that we don't see on democratic tickets because the democratic machine currently suppresses them. Even if it's just the-republican, that's probably a winning electoral strategy when the opponent is brump.

  • Locked
    Bulletins and News Discussion from July 8th to July 14th, 2024 - Nevertheless, He Persisted
  • What are the politics of Demolition Ranch? Is that a chuddy channel or more neutral/leftish like Forgotten Weapons?

  • ITT: we take bets on the shooters ideology
  • Hogs are hogs. If someone feeds them slop they squeal for that person. Trumpism isn't unique at all from run of the mill fascism and a fascist just speaks to the crowd.

  • Victoria 3 has made me, a capitalist, understand marxist theories on capital

    >Yeah, i see how governments can do a Faustian bargain where they allow foreign capital to colonize their country. Sounds great on paper, you got 2 million peasants who suffer, let their foreign money create jobs. But then suddenly you have 2 million factory workers who own nothing they produce. You can't put the genie back in the bottle so that those people instead own those businesses without going to war. Instead, if you take your time, and don't employ foreign capital (debt doesnt count tho), you can instead grow your business owning class. I think its better that they "oppress" themselves, rather than be oppressed by foreign powers. it aint colonial capital oppression if its Columbian on Columbian. Do I know what I'm talking about? probably not. But i do feel that I'm growing wiser.

    >How has V3 helped you understand political theory?

    >Edit: That feel when PB when you think youre Capitalist

    This is Mr. Pickles

    He's so calm. Walked right up to me and demanded belly time.

    Tourist Journalism Versus the Working Class Tourist Journalism Versus the Working Class

    A few days before the Fourth of July, British comic John Oliver used the pulpit of his US infotainment show, Last Week Tonight, to deliver a lengthy monologue about the depredations of His specific complaint was that Amazon doesn’t treat its employees very well. According to Oliver,

    Tourist Journalism Versus the Working Class

    Chapo reading it:

    One of the most frustrating !you-are-a-serf things I've seen. An Amazon warehouse worker in his 60s recuperates class consciousness talking points into supporting Amazon, threatening himself with robots if he doesn't comply.

    Vatican excommunicates Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano for schism Vatican excommunicates Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano for schism

    The ultra-conservative archbishop was found guilty of splitting with the Catholic church.

    Vatican excommunicates Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano for schism

    An Italian archbishop and staunch critic of Pope Francis has been excommunicated by the Vatican, its doctrinal office has said.

    Carlo Maria Vigano was found guilty of schism - meaning he has split from the Catholic Church - after years of fierce disagreement with the pontiff.

    The 83-year-old ultra-conservative has previously called on the Pope to resign, accusing him of heresy and criticising his stances on immigration, climate change and same-sex couples.

    Archbishop Vigano was a senior figure in the Church, serving as papal envoy to Washington from 2011 to 2016.

    In 2018 he went into hiding after alleging that the Pope had known about sexual abuse by an American cardinal and failed to act. The Vatican rejected the accusation.

    Over time, the archbishop became associated with US conspiracy theorists, criticising Covid vaccines and alleging a "globalist" and "anti-Christian" project by the UN and other groups - both familiar conspiratorial themes.

    On Friday the Vatican's doctrinal office said his refusal to submit to Pope Francis was clear from his public statements.

    "The Most Reverend Carlo Maria Vigano was found guilty of the reserved delict [violation of the law] of schism," the statement said, adding that he had been excommunicated - or banished from the church.

    Responding by a post on X, the archbishop linked to the decree that was emailed to him and said:

    "What was attributed to me as guilt for my conviction is now put on record, confirming the Catholic Faith that I fully profess."

    Archbishop Vigano was charged with schism and denying the pope's legitimacy last month. At the time, he write on X that he regarded the accusations against him as "an honour".

    "I repudiate, reject, and condemn the scandals, errors, and heresies of Jorge Mario Bergoglio," he said, using Argentine Pope's given name.

    Pope Francis has put himself at odds with traditionalist Catholics by making overtures towards the LGBTQ+ community, championing migrant rights and condemning the excesses of capitalism.

    Last year, he took action against another ultra-conservative critic, dismissing Bishop Joseph E Strickland of Texas when he refused to resign after an investigation.

    A Tesla driver says he crashed his brand new Cybertruck after the brakes stopped working A Tesla driver says he crashed his brand new Cybertruck after the brakes stopped working

    A Tesla owner crashed his brand new Cybertruck in his first few hours of driving it. He says the brakes didn't work. It could cost $30,000 to repair.

    A Tesla driver says he crashed his brand new Cybertruck after the brakes stopped working

    A Tesla owner said he crashed his new Cybertruck into a neighbor's yard within the first few hours of driving it — and he said it's because the vehicle's brakes didn't work.

    The owner, Bruce Freshwater, told BI that the crash happened on April 27 after he picked up the Cybertruck. He said he pumped the accelerator when his daughter asked him to, but that nothing happened when he hit the brakes.

    "I held the brakes down, and the vehicle really wasn't slowing down," Freshwater said.

    Freshwater said he went to make a turn and "the back wheels locked up." According to a report from the North Fayette Township Police Department in Pennsylvania, Freshwater stated that his vehicle went forward 50 feet and crashed into his neighbor's yard. The Cybetruck then barreled into one of his neighbor's cars. That car then ran into a second vehicle, Freshwater told the police in the report, which BI has viewed.

    Freshwater's Cybertruck, along with one of the neighbor's vehicles, sustained "disabling damage," according to the police report. The second vehicle had "moderate damage," the report said.

    Freshwater said no one was hurt in the crash, but also said a fuse was blown when the airbags deployed, so the Cybertruck can't be driven.

    Freshwater said a Tesla-recommended body shop gave him an estimate of between $16,000 and $30,000 to repair the vehicle. He paid around $109,000 after taxes for the Cybertruck, which he bought new from Tesla. He said he's now working with his insurance company to determine what happens next.

    Meanwhile, Freshwater said he called Tesla's service line after the incident and heard back on April 29, two days after the crash, and again a week later.

    He said a Tesla manager told him that due to the terrain, the accelerator may or may not disengage, and they're looking into the braking issue. He said that was the last he heard from Tesla.

    Tesla didn't respond to BI's request to verify Freshwater's account or to comment on the situation.

    The Tesla owner posted about the incident on X and said Tesla "needs to take some responsibility." Freshwater told BI that he still makes car payments every month on a vehicle he isn't using.

    He said no other Tesla owners have contacted him regarding a similar experience, but the issue he experienced may not be an isolated case.

    Tesla voluntarily recalled 2024 Cybertrucks in April for an "unintended acceleration from trapped pedal." The situation may occur when the accelerator pedal pad dislodges and causes the pedal to become trapped by the interior trim, increasing risk of crashing, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    The report said the issue occurred because of an "unapproved change" during the vehicle's production in which soap had been added to the assembly. Residual soap "reduced the retention of the pad to the pedal," it said.

    The recall covered 3,878 Cybertrucks, the NHTSA recall report said. As of April 15, there were no known related injuries, and by April 17, the vehicles in production were apparently equipped with a new accelerator pedal component, the report said.

    Freshwater said he was initially a big fan of Cybertruck and ordered it the first day it became available. But while he initially wanted a Cybertruck replacement, he now isn't sure what he hopes will come out of the situation.

    "With the wife and the kids, I'm not sure they would ever get in it with me," Freshwater said. "So it comes down to that, too."

    Oklahoma orders schools to teach the Bible 'immediately' Oklahoma orders schools to teach the Bible 'immediately'

    The state's top education official says students must learn about "an indispensable historical and cultural touchstone".

    Oklahoma orders schools to teach the Bible 'immediately'

    Oklahoma's top education official has ordered schools in the state to begin incorporating the Bible into lessons, in the latest US cultural flashpoint over religion in the classroom.

    A directive sent by Republican state Superintendent Ryan Walters said adherence to the rule was compulsory, requiring "immediate and strict compliance".

    The rule will apply to lessons for all public school students aged from around 11-18.

    It comes a week after Louisiana's governor signed a law directing all public schools in that state to display the Ten Commandments.

    In a statement on Thursday, Mr Walters described the Bible as "an indispensable historical and cultural touchstone".

    "Without basic knowledge of it, Oklahoma students are unable to properly contextualize the foundation of our nation, which is why Oklahoma educational standards provide for its instruction," he added.

    Mr Walters, a former public school history teacher, was elected to his post in 2022 after campaigning on a platform of combating "woke ideology" and eliminating "radical leftists" from Oklahoma's education system.

    His announcement, which covers grades five to 12, drew criticism from civil rights organisations and groups that advocate for a strict separation of church and state.

    "Public schools are not Sunday schools," Rachel Laser, head of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, said in a statement quoted by AP news agency.

    "This is textbook Christian Nationalism: Walters is abusing the power of his public office to impose his religious beliefs on everyone else's children. Not on our watch," she added.

    Mr Walters has previously argued that secularists in the US have created a state religion out of atheism, by driving faith away from the public square.

    In an op-ed last year for Fox News, he wrote that US President Joe Biden and the teacher unions had supplanted biblical values with "woke, anti-education values that tell students that they should treat their classmates differently depending on their race and sex and that they should be taught graphic sexual content at a young of an age as possible".

    The Oklahoma superintendent's directive comes a week after Louisiana ordered every public school classroom in the state to display a poster of the Ten Commandments.

    The Republican-backed measure was the first of its kind in the US, and governs all classrooms up to university level.

    Days later, nine families in the state sued Louisiana, marking the start of what some expect will be a protracted legal battle.

    The complaint, backed by civil rights groups, argues that such a display violates the First Amendment of the US Constitution, which guarantees freedom of religion, and that the display "pressures" students into adopting the state's favoured religion.

    There have previously been legal battles over the display of the Ten Commandments in public buildings, including in courts, police stations and schools.

    In 1980, in the case Stone v Graham, the Supreme Court struck down a Kentucky law requiring that the document be displayed in elementary and high schools. This precedent has been cited by groups contesting the Louisiana law.

    In its ruling, the Supreme Court said the requirement "had no secular legislative purpose" and was "plainly religious in nature" - noting that the commandments made references to worshipping God.

    Boeing contractor says he was fired after raising safety concerns Boeing contractor says he was fired after raising safety concerns

    The contractor also alleged he was labelled a "snitch" for speaking up over 787 plane safety issues.

    Boeing contractor says he was fired after raising safety concerns

    An aircraft mechanic who was contracted to repair Boeing planes has alleged he was labelled a "snitch" and then sacked for speaking up over safety concerns.

    Richard Cuevas claimed he witnessed substandard manufacturing and maintenance work on a crucial section of Boeing 787 aircraft.

    Boeing, which has been dogged by questions over whether its safety culture is rigorous enough, said the issues had been investigated and "did not present a safety concern".

    Lawyers representing Mr Cuevas alleged he reported critical issues that could create a serious public safety risk and has filed complaints with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

    Mr Cuevas, who has worked in the aviation industry for 40 years, was contracted to Spirit Aerosystems, to work on Boeing's 787 forward pressure bulkhead, a dome at the nose of the aircraft which serves as a barrier.

    “He recognised the substandard work and expressed concern," Mr Cuevas' lawyers said. "But Spirit and Boeing failed to stop the faulty manufacturing processes."

    According to the legal filings a colleague then remarked: “We’ve got a snitch among us.”

    Mr Cuevas said he was sacked by Spirit Aerosystems in March 2024.

    Boeing told the BBC: “A subcontractor’s employee previously reported concerns to us that we thoroughly investigated, as we take seriously any safety-related matter."

    However, the issues raised were found not to present a safety concern and had been addressed, Boeing said.

    Spirit Aerosystems spokesperson Joe Buccino, said the firm was "looking into the matter".

    "We encourage all Spirit employees with concerns to come forward, safe in knowing they will be protected,” he said.

    Mr Cuevas' lawyers Debra Katz and Lisa Banks have previously represented another Boeing whistleblower, Sam Salehpour, who earlier this year told US Congress he had been harassed and threatened after he alleged there were quality problems at Boeing.

    Mr Salehpour's concerns were also focused on production of the Boeing 787 model.

    That is a different model to the 737 Max which was involved in mid-air cabin blow out in January.

    That incident prompted heightened scrutiny of Boeing's safety standards.

    In April, Boeing said that it had seen a sharp increase in employees speaking up after it gave assurances there would be no retaliation for doing so.

    Boeing said that signalled progress towards "a robust reporting culture".

    "We continue to put safety and quality above all else and share information transparently with our regulator, customers and other stakeholders," the company said.

    Absentee landlord cries after finding cannabis grow-op in his rented home, warns other kulaks 'Cannabis crooks dumped tonnes of soil in my bedroom'

    How a London family's home was rented by scammers who turned it into a large-scale cannabis farm.

    'Cannabis crooks dumped tonnes of soil in my bedroom'

    "I turned the lights on and it's 'Oh my God, 3ft of soil in my bedroom'," Charles Reeves says, still in disbelief, as he shows the BBC his home. "I'm surprised the floors are even withstanding all this stuff."

    Mr Reeves, a north London homeowner, returned from working abroad to find his family home transformed into a cannabis farm.

    The criminals, posing as tenants, had dumped 10 tonnes of soil in the property, causing extensive damage and leaving the family devastated.

    According to experts, rental scams linked to cannabis farms are on the rise, with criminals seemingly exploiting the lengthy eviction process to complete illegal grow operations before disappearing.

    The Reeves family had advertised their property online as they prepared to work abroad. They were approached by an estate agent who discovered they would be away for an extended period. The agent promised them a family of tenants, supposedly working for a City firm and with children.

    However, the "tenants" turned out to be scammers who never paid rent and instead used the property for criminal activities. It was later discovered that the estate agent was operating a fake site, and the tenants were bogus.

    The police told Mr Reeves it was one of the worst cases of this kind of crime they had seen. They seized more than 400 cannabis plants from the property, with an estimated street value of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    Mr Reeves went to the property after the tenants had failed to pay their rent, having gained a court order to enter the house.

    He knocked on the door and was greeted by several men, with one claiming the property was in good condition. Within half an hour, these men had disappeared, although we don’t know what role they played in the farm.

    "I couldn't believe what I was seeing," Mr Reeves said, describing the moment he entered the house. "The cannabis crooks dumped 10 tonnes of soil in the family bedroom.

    "The whole place had been transformed into a drug factory. There were holes in the ceiling, wires everywhere, and the stench was overwhelming."

    Mr Reeves discovered an elaborate setup with fans, lights and a ventilation system powered by stolen electricity. The criminals had rewired the property's electrical system to bypass the meter, allowing them to power their extensive growing operation without detection.

    In addition to the tonnes of soil dumped on the upper floor, the property had suffered significant structural damage. Holes had been cut into the ceiling and walls to accommodate the complex ventilation system, which was designed to regulate temperature and humidity for optimal plant growth.

    The sophisticated lighting setup, which included specialist grow lamps, had been rigged up throughout the house. The intense heat generated by these lamps also caused damage to the property, with burn marks and melted fixtures visible in several rooms.

    "There was a big curtain here. This is astonishing," Mr Reeves says. "They had fans going, the lights were going, this curtain was being pulled in."

    The emotional toll on the family, from both the rental fraud and the damage caused to their home, has been immense.

    Mr Reeves's wife Julia said: "When you're dealing with property, particularly a home that you're in for nearly 20 years, and raising your child in... It was pretty horrific to feel that you got attacked at the core, that inner sanctum, that place of comfort, that we'd rely on in the city, it's our home - very emotional."

    Mr Reeves said: "Emotionally, it feels like my home has been defiled. That's what it feels like. The damage, the dirt, all this dirt everywhere.

    "This is the first real home I ever had. We're crushed and devastated."

    Metropolitan Police figures show more than 1,000 cannabis farms have been discovered in London in the past few years, with a total of 1,056 found between the 2018-19 and 2022-23 financial years. However, experts believe these figures represent only a tiny proportion of the cannabis farms currently in operation.

    According to Allen Morgan, one of the UK's leading expert witnesses from criminal drugs trials and a former police officer who now runs a drug consultancy service, rental fraud linked to cannabis farms is increasing.

    "We're seeing a definite uptick in these types of crimes, with criminals taking advantage of the rental market to set up illegal grow operations," he says.

    "The criminals exploit the legal system and the eviction process. They know that it can take months to evict a tenant, even if they stop paying rent. During this time, they can complete multiple grows and make a significant profit before disappearing without a trace."

    The lack of regulation in the rental property sector has made it easier for fraudsters to operate. Estate agents are not required to have qualifications, despite handling significant assets. This can leave homeowners vulnerable to scams and other criminal activities.

    "If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is," Mr Morgan warns. "If somebody turns up offering to pay cash because they've been let down and they need to move in immediately, then alarm bells should start to ring."

    The cannabis trade has evolved from small-scale grows to sophisticated multimillion-pound operations, allegedly run by international crime syndicates. London, with its vast local market and extensive transport network, has become a hub for drug distribution.

    "The issue that London has is obviously it is one of the main distribution hubs for controlled drugs throughout the United Kingdom," Mr Morgan explains.

    "The cannabis trade is so lucrative, what you get is when you convert a rented property, you effectively obtain five, six, maybe seven separate growing areas where you can produce cannabis plants, obviously discreetly and without any sort of evidential link to you."

    Police have stated that what happened to the Reeves family is still under investigation, but the reality is that innocent landlords are being left to pick up the pieces of London's growing drug crime problem.

    The Reeveses hope that by sharing their story, they can raise awareness of this growing problem and prevent other homeowners from falling victim to similar scams.

    "We want people to be aware of the risks and to take every precaution when renting out their properties," Mr Reeves said. "No-one should have to go through what we've experienced.

    "Not only was it the fraud, it was a destruction of our home."

    Pet donkey found 'living best life' with elk, five years after escape Pet donkey found 'living best life' with elk, five years after escape

    A man hiking in the California wilderness has stumbled upon a pet donkey that has been missing for five years.

    Pet donkey found 'living best life' with elk, five years after escape

    A pet donkey that escaped his owners five years ago in California has been found "living his best life" with a herd of wild elk.

    Terrie and Dave Drewry, of Auburn, are convinced the animal, filmed by a hiker earlier in June, is their pet "Diesel".

    The couple say they are relieved the animal is safe - and have decided to let him wander free with a new family as a "wild burro" .

    Diesel was spooked and took off during a hiking trip with Mr Drewry near Clear Lake, California in 2019.

    Weeks of volunteer searches proved fruitless, and a trail camera image a few months later was the last time he was seen.

    "We finally kind of gave up," Mrs Drewry told BBC's news partner, CBS. "Just no signs of him."

    Then hiker Max Fennell spotted the herd earlier this month, describing the donkey as "happy and healthy", and posted his film on social media.

    "It was amazing. It was like, oh my gosh. Finally, we saw him. Finally, we know he's good. He's living his best life. He's happy. He's healthy, and it was just a relief," Mrs Drewery said.

    The elk herd is a few miles away from where Diesel first went missing and in an area where there are no wild donkeys.

    "Two completely different creatures, but they learn to get along and be each other's family," Mrs Drewry said.

    The Drewrys have adopted new donkeys since Diesel's disappearance and do not plan on trying to capture their missing pet.

    "To catch him would be next to impossible," Mrs Drewry said. "He is truly a wild burro now. He's out there doing what he's raised to do."

    She said Diesel is about eight years old and donkeys can live for up to 40 years.

    White House hits back at Israel's claims of weapons delays White House hits back at Israel's claims of weapons delays

    The White House affirmed its military support of Israel, saying only one shipment had been paused.

    White House hits back at Israel's claims of weapons delays

    The White House has pushed back against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's claims that the US is withholding weapons and ammunition from Israel, hours after he lashed out at the Biden administration.

    White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed an ongoing pause remained on one particular shipment of bombs, echoing comments from Secretary of State Antony Blinken hours beforehand, but she insisted no other weapons were being withheld.

    "We genuinely do not know what he's talking about," Ms Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday.

    In a video in English earlier on Tuesday, Mr Netanyahu rebuked the US, saying he had told Mr Blinken it was “inconceivable” that weapons and ammunition had been withheld "in the past few months".

    "America’s closest ally, fighting for its life," he said of Israel.

    In the video, Mr Netanyahu said he had spoken to Mr Blinken about delays and that the secretary of state had assured him he was "working day and night to remove the bottlenecks".

    At a press conference in Washington, Mr Blinken confirmed the administration was continuing to hold back consignment of bombs from Israel over concerns about their use in urban areas of Gaza, but that the issue remained under review.

    He faced repeated questions from reporters over exactly what he had told Mr Netanyahu, but he wouldn't be drawn on what he called a diplomatic conversation.

    Last month, a senior administration official confirmed to the BBC that the delivery of thousands of 2000lb and other bombs had been paused - the first delay of US munitions to Israel.

    The US is by far Israel's biggest source of weapons and ammunition. By law, it provides Israel with $3.8bn (£3bn) of military aid each year. The US Congress last month passed a bill providing a further $14bn of military support.

    And the Biden administration will move forward with another major arms sale to Israel that includes 50 F-15 fighter jets worth more than $18bn, US media report, after two key Democratic holdouts signed off.

    The deal, first reported by the Washington Post, had been stalled by the objections of Senator Benjamin Cardin of Maryland and congressman Gregory Meeks of New York.

    "Any issues or concerns Chair Cardin had were addressed through our ongoing consultations with the Administration," said a spokesman for Senator Cardin in a statement to the BBC.

    "That’s why he felt it appropriate to allow this case to move forward."

    Senator Cardin, a vocal supporter of Israel and the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, did not express those concerns publicly.

    Mr Meeks, whose office has been contacted for comment, had been outspoken about his opposition to the sale, citing concerns over Israel's conduct in its war against Hamas. Mr Meeks is the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

    "I don't want the kinds of weapons that Israel has to be utilised, to have more death," he said in an interview with CNN in April.

    But after months of delay, and mounting pressure from the Biden administration, both Mr Cardin and Mr Meeks ultimately signed off on the transaction several weeks ago, the Post reported.

    In his statement, Senator Cardin's spokesman Eric Harris said the sale to Israel had gone through the "regular review process".

    Once the consultation process with Congress is complete, the state department can take the next step of officially notifying Congress of the sale.

    If approved, it would be one of the largest arms transactions with Israel since the war began in October.

    President Joe Biden has faced growing concerns within his own party over Israel's handling of the war, and the United States' continued military support.

    Republicans meanwhile have continued to criticise the delay of the shipment of weapons to Israel. Congressman Russell Fry of South Carolina last month called the weapons holdup "reprehensible", writing on X that "the United States must stand with Israel. Period".

    The Israeli military launched a campaign in Gaza to destroy Hamas in response to an unprecedented attack on southern Israel on 7 October, during which about 1,200 people were killed and 251 others were taken hostage.

    More than 37,340 people have been killed in Gaza since then, according to the territory's Hamas-run health ministry.

    Sometimes I almost forget I live in the 4th Reich.

    There's this !meemaw who always spends her mornings walking around a local park. She'll pick up cigarette butts and fish hooks, trim bushes, just whatever needs doing. Apparently an 11 year tradition for her.

    Today she stopped me to chat for the first time as I was picking up some fishing line. We had a nice little conversation about how important it is to protect birds and how poorly the city does so. I was just about to describe how much I also care about the local wildlife and how important stewardship is.

    Within two minutes she's pointing at a bike lane and asks me if I support that. I say "Yeah, I commute on it and it's a lot safer than it used to be". She launches into a rant about how one bike can cause a 4 mile traffic jam and she wishes they'd tear out all of the bike lanes. We have a visible air pollution layer from car exhaust being trapped by the local topography, making the air so dangerous that her demographic is specifically warned against going outside for most of the summer. Okay.

    Next came climate change. When she was a kid in the 40s they taught civics. Now kids are just told what to think. The climate changes cyclically and we've found fish fossils in Wyoming. People are so afraid of a perfectly natural cycle. She doesn't care if they're liberal, conservative, whatever. They're taught social studies instead of civics and it makes them believe in stuff like this.

    Then vaccines. She was a nurse and couldn't work in medicine these days with that COVID vaccine shit they're forcing on young people like me. It doesn't even work and they fire nurses if they don't get it. She wishes she could get all the nurses together and collectively bargain because they can't fire everyone for refusing to get the vaccine. She's 84.

    Sometimes I see a nice old person doing something good for their community and for a brief second I think "that's probably not a rabid reactionary who wants to spend their last years salting the earth". Then they speak and I remember that this is the Burger Reich. Death to America.

    dude's been struggling to put up his [$3000] CyberTent for nearly an hour

    Per the comments:

    It takes me 5 minutes to set up my $100 popup tent which seems to be made of more sturdy material.

    #JeChieDansLaSeineLe23Juin - Why are Parisians planning to poop in the Seine? Why are Parisians planning to poop in the Seine?

    It’s one of the more, er, unusual protests from the French in recent years

    Why are Parisians planning to poop in the Seine?

    >The French are famously good at protesting – and it looks like they might be staging a more, er, unusual protest in Paris this summer.

    >Locals are clearly not too pleased about the government’s €1.4 billion scheme to clean up the River Seine for the 2024 Olympics. In fact, the French are so unhappy with this plan that they’re threatening to defecate into the iconic river.

    >Officials are intending to use the Seine for the Olympics, with triathlon and open-water swimming events planned to take place in the river. However, there are widespread concerns that the river is not safe to swim in due to contaminated water. Recent tests have found that samples of water from the Seine still contain E.coli.

    >Swimming in the Seine has been illegal since 1923, though it seems things are changing with French President, Emmanuel Macron, and Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, promising to dive in before the Games this summer.

    >News that their President will be taking a dip in the Seine has prompted the French to devise a plan to protest against what they see as wasteful spending on the cleaning scheme. The #JeChieDansLaSeineLe23Juin hashtag, which translates to ‘I poop in the Seine on June 23’, has been trending on social media. If it goes ahead, protestors plan to defecate in the river before the politicians and Olympians venture in.

    >It’s fair to say the sentiment of locals towards the upcoming Olympic Games is mixed. Many Parisians are planning to leave the city, and news last year that the Seine’s famous bouquinistes will have to temporarily shut was not well received (though that decision has since been reversed).

    >Who’d have thought taking a dip in the river could be so dung-erous?

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