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Microsoft has gone too far: including a Game Pass ad in the Settings app ushers in a whole new age of ridiculous over-advertising
  • You're correct on all counts, but you're also not a typical desktop user, you're definitely a professional or power user with specific needs.

    The average user needs the ability to use a web browser and that's honestly about it. That's why Chromebooks are so popular with schools. A basic Linux desktop is quite capable for a standard user.

    For the things yoi need you're correct that it's not 1:1 and you'd need to move to open source alternatives or tinker with VMs/WINE to get those apps working and it would be a chore.

  • Microsoft has gone too far: including a Game Pass ad in the Settings app ushers in a whole new age of ridiculous over-advertising
  • Yeah that doesn't sound typical, but you're right if you've got those going on OpenSUSE then I don't think you're missing anything major. If Fedora ever gives me trouble I might give that a try. I just wasn't interested in PopOS or Mint as a lot of other people were because I want those latest core components and don't really like GNOME.

  • Microsoft has gone too far: including a Game Pass ad in the Settings app ushers in a whole new age of ridiculous over-advertising
  • Not knocking your choice, OpenSUSE is a grand daddy OS, but if others are looking for a good KDE experience I find Fedora KDE Spin, which is not anweird fork yoi can get it from Red Hat themselves, is very good and come out of the box with all the latest and greatest like Wayland and Pipewire by default.

  • Netflix mulls introducing free ad-supported tier. The circle is complete
  • I expect to see this soon as a way of combatting people who join one for a month or two, binge, then switch to another provider.

    It might not come in the form of contracts at first, maybe they will just jack up the price of month to month high enough that people will voluntarily buy into a contract or yearly pre-purchase.

    Trust me, there is always a way to make more money if you're OK with being anti-consumer. It's just a matter of time.

  • The Find My Device Network is holding back the true arrival of an 'AirTag for Android'
  • Of course they could, this is a software limitation. However consumer friendliness is not in either companies interests. Apple prefers to keep total control over their ecosystems so they aren't going to do Google any favours, and Google likely doesn't care much either way seeing how long it's taken them to even attempt a similar network.

  • The Find My Device Network is holding back the true arrival of an 'AirTag for Android'
  • Kind of. From what I've heard each network will alert you if it always sees the same tracker from the other network, as a precaution against unwanted tracking / stalking. I don't believe it goes further than that though, as in the networks won't report back all the tags they see on a daily basis to help with location.

    Any tag following you = alert

    Tag from the other network seen = nothing

  • Top news app caught sharing “entirely false” AI-generated news
  • I think it's important to recognize when someone holds a different opinion/conclusion and when they are repeating misinformation or have facts wrong.

    I can't listen to Joe at all because he doesn't bring anything intellectually to thr table and prompts pseudoscience. Sam on the other hand is brilliant and tries hard to bring facts to the table. However, no one is "perfect" or will share all of our opinions/conclusions.

    I for one am not onboard with Sam in regards to the Isreal/Palestine conflict, some if his opinions on guns, etc. But I still enjoy listening because even when those opinions clash with mine he lays out why he has that opinion and I can see he gave it some thought but has a different conclusion than me.

    The only reason I write all this is to say that we shouldn't allow ourselves to blend misleading facts and differing opinions into one.

  • Google Chrome’s plan to limit ad blocking extensions kicks off next week
  • Ive been using Firefox on Android for years but it really needs some TLC. It doesn't support scaling to a tablet/desktop UI at all so it doesn't work well in DeX or anything larger than a phone. I also recently had to swap to Brave because I noticed Firefox was draining a lot of battery all of a sudden. There's some kind of leak or running process that isn't sleeping properly. In a few months I'll re-install and try again.

  • Alberta’s Fossil Fuel Fixation Is Dimming Renewables’ Bright Future
  • Absolute /s implied.

    Want to know something really scary? I have a friend who's friend circle includes some crazy "conservatives" and he says the right is getting crazier and stronger by the day. You know how they ousted Kenny for not being right wing enough? Well they're planning against Daniel now because she won't make all vaccines illegal, outlaw abortion, etc.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg here and Regressives are actively consuming what's left of the UCP. Fun times ahead.

  • Why do Millennials hate Gen Z fashion so much?
  • I don't think it's anything against you, just that you gave a personal opinion and so people are voting if they agree or not with your take.

    For example, I think you're right that millenial fashion had more form fitting clothing. I also think you're wrong that high waist pants look good. No offense intended.

  • Woman killed by her two XL bully dogs at home in east London
  • I feel I should clarify that I don't hold this position because dogs are dangerous or think it should be harder to have a dog. I hold it because I think our breeding programs are creating a lot of animal suffering.

    From puppy mills where dogs are kept in horrible conditions, to overproduction of animals so that there aren't enough homes, to propagating breeds that can barely breath so that they have an "adorable" face. Dog breeding is exploitative and re-enforces that dogs are simply a commodity.

    I'm not sure a law making it more difficult to own a dog would have the effect you intend, as there are already too many dogs in need of homes. I think a more palatable middle ground to elimination would be regulation of breeders to ensure that they are not producing more dogs than can be homed.

  • Woman killed by her two XL bully dogs at home in east London
  • Not the OP, but let me step in. Dog breeds are something we have created as humans, they're not wild species that need to be preserved and don't have any effect on ecosystems.

    Dog breeding is largely negative at this point as most breeds have outlived their original use and are now seen as designer pets. We continue to breed them as there is continued demand, but quite often these breeds are so inbred that they have genetic health issues. We also oversupply and don't fix/neuter enough, meaning there are always unwanted dogs without homes.

    I love dogs, but all of mine have been rescues and I would have no problem with the vast majority of breeds being phased out. There are still some niche cases where dogs are actually used for their breed's purpose (dog sled, search/rescue, hunting, etc) but no, I don't think a chihuahua or a pug should exist and would not be sad if breeders stopped producing more.

  • Potential Super Cheap Charger - Ikea SJOSS IKEA just made all fast chargers look way overpriced

    IKEA's new SJOSS chargers offer all the latest fast charging protocols at a price, much lower than the competition...

    IKEA just made all fast chargers look way overpriced

    Looking at the charging preferences of the Steam Deck, which from my research wants 45W at 15v/3A, it looks like the larger model should work just fine. And with it being $15 USD / $18 CAD this could be an incredible bargain.

    It's so new though I can't find any info on it being used with a Steam Deck. I'll definitely be grabbing one to try, as it would be perfect for my USB hub that sits by the TV.

    Intel to invest $4.6 billion in new chip plant in Poland Intel to invest $4.6 billion in new chip plant in Poland

    Intel plans to invest up to $4.6 billion in a new semiconductor assembly and test facility near Wrocław, Poland, as part of a multi-billion-dollar investment drive across Europe to build chip capacity, it said on Friday.

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