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Open source Git repo owners with open licenses, how do you know your code is eing used by a big corpo?
  • Or YOU could hack the company by stressing him about bugs and offer your help to fix them.

  • Two guys walk into a bar...
  • So... Roll for initiative then?

  • Two guys walk into a bar...
  • Are you really bringing politics into MY bar?

    Good, it could need some. *Hangs up a rainbow flag to make the bar easier to spot AND to piss off anyone who thinks "politics has no place on bars".*

  • Two guys walk into a bar...
  • Someone should move that bar before anyone get hurt.

  • When did you get hit by "the tetris effect" AKA playing a video game so much that you get the urge to do moves/actions from the video game in real life?
  • Got free-running vision after enough Mirrors Edge. Not literally painted red, but might as well been.

  • YouTube has now begun skipping videos altogether for users with ad blockers
  • Of course they dont. Not a chance with that much video added every hour. Also everything gotta be automated. And in favor of those who can make the most legal trouble. And thats companies, not the many various smaller IP-owners.

    Just rubs me the wrong way that only Google are finding this business worth it. None of the other companies, even with massive amounts of storage and cdn infrastructure, are able to compete for long.

  • YouTube has now begun skipping videos altogether for users with ad blockers
  • Microsoft could have done it if storage was all. They got the infrastructure, the tech, cdn infrastructure , and even had a lot of big business customers already using Azures media streaming services. Instead they are withdrawing.

  • SerenityOS: A 90's inspired Operating System written from scratch
  • 90s?! Does it have a login screen with a fat guy mocking me if I didn't say the magic word? Or a hidden π link i can click on to bypass authentication?

  • Danish PM calls for 15+ age limit for social media in EU
  • I wholly support the idea of kicking corporations off social media.

  • YouTube has now begun skipping videos altogether for users with ad blockers
  • The biggest drain is the copyright fights, I'm guessing. Defending against and pleasing every big company with an interest.

  • What 16th century Ottomans thought Europe looked like on top of an actual map of Europe
  • It was a mess up here, yeah! My home county, Telemark, was just a white spot with a lake in the middle on most maps at that time.

    Since the Middle Ages, and when Norway was first mapped in the 17th century, Telemark had only been a white spot on the map, that is to say, no so-called learned person had traveled through the region, and the area was mostly unknown to people in the cities and along Coast. The Telemark farmers had a reputation for being quarrelsome and 'bloodthirsty' and would not go out of their way to kill both priest and bailiff if it suited them. The hand ax was in frequent use and the knife was loosely in the sheath!


  • Have you ever seen yourself on a CAPTCHA?
  • Click on all the squares containing a human weak spot.

  • Mozilla confirms it will add Tab Groups, Vertical Tabs, Profile Management to Firefox
  • Hope we get a mouseover sidebar expansion too, like edge has for its vertical tabs.

  • AI chatbots’ safeguards can be easily bypassed, say UK researchers
  • Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down.

  • AI chatbots’ safeguards can be easily bypassed, say UK researchers
  • What we need is another AI to watch it! Then another to watch that one. And another...

    I dislike the idea that we spend so much effort trying to hide our humanity in these. Turning it so corporate clean and inhuman that its barely useful.

    Yeah, yeah, like most people I also don't like that they are created from stolen content. But ALOT of people seems to hate LLM with a passion just because its trendy, with very little thought to that its just a tool, and it cannot be uninvented.

    But having to find and pay each content creator is only an option for bigger corporations, of course. And a lot of work. If they wanted to do it legally and morally right, they would use only stuff that has fallen out of copyright. And we would have an autocompleter that spoke like a 1900 roman character. Wouldn't work. Its sad that copyright lasts this long. That we can't use more current content more freely for anything like the new inventions like LLMs, or for other kinds of research, or for making museums, or archive old games in a usable state. People do it, of course, and its sad seeing them occasionally taken down for their hard work just because the content isn't authors death plus 70 years old.

  • "Thought-Terminating Cliches"
  • Well, sometimes an end to a discussion is exactly whats needed. Sometimes. Like when theres literally nothing to do about something. Or the discussion is going in circles. Or when it would take shorter time to try it out in practice than have another meeting about the best way to implement it.

  • Beekeeping
  • Easy, you just name them after whatevers distinguish that bee. Like if the bee only can see on four of his five eyes, you naturally call him Foureye.

  • If somebody spends the whole day watching fox or religious propaganda, gets worked up and all he can think of is owning a liberal or converting an unbeliever, is this person a victim or just gullible?
  • No. But I am responsible for my own and my friends and family's safety.

    So what is right, is it to let these be free to indoctrinate themselves into hating me and my fellow humans and spreading harmful beliefs until theres no room for our kind? Or is it to police what they are allowed to consume and become the fascist I didnt want these gullible fools to become? Also if we did, how long until someone turned it around on us: Declared themselves the less gullible ones and worthy of policing what we should watch?

    Assuming most humans means well and want good, we'd always outnumber and outvote those who are fool enough to believe in the hate. But seeing politicians who demonstrately and openly want the worst towards certain people, somehow manage to get voted into leadership of one of the most influental countries in the world.. It has shaken my belief in that tolerance will win out in a democracy.

  • Prime Video subs will soon see ads for Amazon products when they hit pause
  • Yeah, theres a very good reason I dont use Spotify anymore. Not any music streaming services at all. Only good ol' reliable mp3s. Their idea of "service" is to silently remove songs from my playlists as their licenses expire, and then top it by replacing "Hotel California" with the WORST cover song I've ever heard.

    Imagine if Sony stopped selling on Steam, and Steam in response silently replaced my "Days Gone" game with "The Day Before"? I would have been so pissed. But with music it seems that is totally okay.

  • Environment effects!

    Hey, remember that mission in Mass Effect 3, I think.. Where you meet Tali and have to move from shadow to shadow to let the suit cool down between sun exposure? Or Chronicles of Riddick, where they had to get in cover before sunrise or get disintegrated by extreme sun radiation? Or Pitch Black, where some very aggressive animals came out at night? Jedi Knight Academy with its acid rain and having to cover under rocks while shield recovered?

    I love Starfield so far, but the suit exposure and suit protection gone warning that barely have a consequence was a bit unimpressive. I was hoping for some kind of game mechanics to it. Instead I just dont care anymore, I just stay away from gas pockets and pop some medicine to fix random unavoidable afflictions as I go. Nobody cares if a suit has slightly less or more chance to get one affliction or the other. The beeping sound from suit protection is barely audible anyway (is there a problem with my sound?). And protection either last infinite or is gone within seconds. And doesnt seem to be related to actual temperature (or wind, or atmosphere).

    I hope someone eventually mods in some cooler effects and consequences.

    How about an Icewind Dale sequel?

    Or at least an IWD sequel in spirit: A game in the same engine as BG3, taking place in Forgotten Realms, but with a more linear main story and you create your entire party. Not that I dont enjoy having companion stories but I do also enjoy a simple dungeon crawler RPG.

    Solasta is of course a good but less shiny alternative. I'm probably going back there when I tire of BG3.

    PSA: Dont put your gold in pouches

    Or in any other type of container. They bug out. One day they just decide to not stack with other gold. Or not be counted, nor retrieved on the barter balance button, it says you have no money despite there being a nice stack of thousands of gold. It is possible to manually drag the gold to the barter inventory, though.

    From what I can read on reddit, this is a known issue. Common fixes are stuff like dropping the money on the ground and pick it up again. Or splitting the stack to get the money out of that corrupted stack. I cant confirm any of those because I went for the fix of spending every ounce of gold, but havent had chance to check with a trader yet if my new stack of gold is uncorrupted.

    Hiding the vote buttons

    Sync for reddit used to be able to hide the vote buttons too on the cards and comments. I nearly never use the downvote button anyway, so hiding it in the 3-dot meny prevented me from misclicking it. I usually only showed the upvote and save button.

    I'm not entirely sure where to post suggestions, so I post it here. Maybe get some feedback on who else would(n't) want it.

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