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  • Lemme just unload very blurry memories of junior high school class and add numbers with "millions", that sounds like enough work to not give 1 minute of my time to actually know anything about the USSR or China

  • Download xz Utils infected distro version
  • Yes, indeed the backdoor code checks, in the event of ssh authentication with a certificate, that it was signed with a specific ssh private key (their own CA), the corresponding public key being hardcoded in the backdoor code.

    But this project xzbot demonstrates how to patch the corrupted liblzma to replace the key

  • Download xz Utils infected distro version
  • Oh thank you so much for these instructions I'll go through them on my computer.

    I indeed wanted to know if the versions were still downloadable anywhere but if you can still install the correct liblzma version on any version of the distribution that works. I tried on a Debian VM on mac but with too little knowledge and it never run the correct liblzma

    xzbot from Anthony Weems enables to patch the corrupted liblzma to change the private key used to compare it to the signed ssh certificate, so adding this to your instructions might enable me to demonstrate sshing into the VM :)

  • Download xz Utils infected distro version

    Hi ! I want to demo the backdoor usage and would like to install a unstable/test version of a distribution (possibly Debian or Fedora) that had the backdoor (v5.6.0 or 5.6.1 of xz/liblzma and patched openssh for systemd notification)

    How could I do that?

    I will be using xzbot from amlweems to further patch liblzma but I want a distro that has openssh run by systemd that links to the correct liblzma version

    Thank you!

    A history of Rock papier scissors game theory
  • Indeed the mainstream media before was papyrus which is a bit different than paper. There was also an interesting thing where they cut bamboos to make some planks which where stringed together. They would write on the inside of the planks

  • A history of Rock papier scissors game theory


    Alt text:

    Timeline reading "All ties" from the far left until "Invention of scissors, -3000". Then it's reading "Rock advantage" until a second marker called "Invention of paper, -179". The final description from there to the far right reads "Balanced".

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