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What email client are you guys using?
  • I'm using it on Windows at work and I was also surprised how often it just gets stuck. Deleting the database did help for some time, but then it came back every time I'm sending an email.

  • GBoard replacement?
  • Gboard runs OK without any permissions, so if you don't find anything good enough, that still could be your solution. I tried many other options but haven't found a bilingual swipe keyboard as good as Gboard unfortunately. I just gave it network permission to download dictionaries, switched off all permissions, and it's running smooth since months now.

  • Newbie Question
  • Those purchases will be lost if you want to degoogle. Just went through this some time ago and actually it was a good opportunity to think about which one I'm really using. The ones I really like and there was an opportunity to buy them outside of the Google ecosystem, I rebought (for example Tasker). For all others, I found good replacements.

  • The Real Reason Why Music Is Getting Worse
  • I kind of agree with TAETRO on most of the points he's raising in his reaction video. Beato does not deliver any hard facts, and his main point being the word Music searched less on Google is downright stupid.

    Although one major thing he missed (maybe intentionally as he's also part of the YouTube machine) is that controversial videos give you the views and the money in the end of the day.

  • Phone calls still assume the people on the receiving end are attached to a desk.
  • I was more thinking about as something that should be baked into the "phone app" from my point of view. So when the phone rings, I'm seeing who calls, why is he calling and what amount of time would he need. If I'm missing the call, I would also see these info in the recent calls.

  • Phone calls still assume the people on the receiving end are attached to a desk.
  • For me it would help if there would be an option for me to see the at least the reason why the call is being made and also an estimated time of the call.

    And with work related calls, it kind of makes me insecure to not know the topic beforehand. I don't want to blob out some half information. Write it in email, I'll see for it and get back to you.

  • Removed
    Anyone else switched from googhell to
  • 300 searches/month feels tight for my use case. How do you manage? Are you using something else for search?

    I'm using DDG and I'm ok with it, every one out two time a month I check Google results for some topic, and DDG seems to do well.

  • ‘Conan O’Brien Must Go’ Is the Best Version of Conan
  • Can't disagree more. I feel it's not even close on quality to his travel shows he made for the late night. The Korean video with the teacher, the German when he's drinking with Flula, the Israeli one when he's joining some group of friends... I can't think of one which is not more entertaining then any ~8 minute segment of this new show. Still ok, but quite far from the best performances of Conan.

    I was already thinking about this before and I think having more tools, more time, more money is actually getting the worth out of Conan. He thrives in situations where it's less of these and he has to be creative.

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