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But don't say it out loud
  • This feels like some strained both-sidesing here.

    Calling the traitorous self-serving felon that caused an actual attack on the government and the Democratic process “a threat to democracy” seems tame, honestly. And that’s not even getting into his promises to jail political opponents, be a dictator on day one, suspend the constitution, call the free press an enemy of the people, and claim absolute authority and absolute immunity.

    But then that whole political group also seems convinced that a barely progressive status quo “let’s work together” administration is literally totalitarian tyranny.

  • Just kind of makes sense no?
  • One way to think of it is that if photovoltaics are cheap and efficient enough to be used in general all over the grid and be worth the investment, then if you’re building a structure with the sole purpose of blocking the sun it may be a good candidate!

    Plus since the cost involves a large investment of capital over a long period of time, revenue from the energy generated might make it profitable at the end of her day.

  • Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage
  • Ehh. On one hand, of course, and it’s not good for your psyche to revel in the idea of death.

    Buuut, when the context of the discussion is global politics, human lives are put through the wood chipper by the thousands because of what does or doesn’t happen. So the scale of severity we’re working with is just different.

  • Absolutely deranged
  • I’m not sure about this, but maybe micro allows for slightly thinner devices?

    I wouldn’t call that an argument though, because it doesn’t even approach mattering as much as USB-c’s other benefits. Hell Apple made their thinnest ever device (the new 5.x mm thick iPads) with it, including Thunderbolt support.

  • me💻irl
  • Oh yeah, I think a big part of it is not just what you can accomplish, but how efficiently/cheaply. Same with fixes, once they’re annoying enough to actually spend time on, lol.

  • me💻irl
  • Yeah sure but for some of us it’s not because we have over-complicated our homes.

    It’s because we do “fix the damn tech” at work all day and are too damn old to do it at home as well!

  • Republicans really want you to think noncitizens are voting in droves. They're not.
  • Have you ever read one of those articles that goes point by point on what the Bible says about the Antichrist? A bunch of them are spot on. But I won’t claim every single one of them are because I don’t know the full list, lol.

  • Republicans really want you to think noncitizens are voting in droves. They're not.
  • They are so bad, and so blatant about it, that the republicans feel like a fake party invented to keep the democrats in power.

    But, as always, the real version is much worse than the fictional version. The blatant shitbags actually get elected constantly! But even that isn’t bad enough. You have Trump, the traitorous corrupt bigoted scumbag who prey much qualifies as the Antichrist on paper, and he is their fucking hero. (“They” being the voters)

  • The name of the place is Deep Space 5

    I can’t get enough of these familiar spacefaring faces!

    Sneaking more Babylon 5 references into risa, please ignore

    Making my first Lemmy post because this moment in my DS9 rewatch made me think of you all.

    I think I’ll call her Captain Gilora Lochley.

    Also, DS9 is even better than I remember. It’s been a while!

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