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When you finally get to watch Discovery and realize it isn't actually an enormous pile of mugato dung
  • The hair was one thing, but also their skin tone. Every previous Klingon has had a "human" skin tone. But in Discovery, each Klingon is entirely either a sort of dark charcoal color or just straight up black. They seem to be covered in a solid color of paint, not natural skin that has "texture" or whatever.

  • What are benefits for using privacy friendly frontends for apps like Reddit and YouTube compared to accessing them and using UBlock Origin?
  • tubular on mobile (broken right now so is newpipe).

    NewPipe is updated and working again, but not yet Tubular

    EDIT: I just got a Tubular update that fixes it

  • Removed
    Why are 99,9999999999% of trans people here, disabled?
  • Did you not fill out your Lemmy census?

  • Absolutely deranged
  • In my experience, mini USB was more robust than micro USB. Micro USB ports would wear out for me more quickly. Is there any benefit to micro over mini other than the fact that it is a bit smaller?

  • Android 15 beta has an optional desktop mode
  • The Atrix 4G was one of the first Motorola devices to ship with its Webtop platform. When the phone is placed into its HD Multimedia Dock or Laptop Dock accessories, the user can access an Ubuntu-based desktop featuring access to the phone and its applications via the Mobile View application, integration of Android notifications into the desktop, multimedia playback through Entertainment Center, file management through Nautilus, and the Firefox web browser (along with support for Prism for the site-specific browsers used on Webtop mode).

    I never knew it's "desktop mode" was Ubuntu and not Android.

  • Are there foods that dogs can safely eat but humans can't?
  • These are not things any human I know can do

    You need better friends.

  • Proprietary program for ios hacking/modifying called hive its super hush hush has anyone heard of it and if so. where can i get this software
  • "Only people who speak English as a first language should have access to powerful software."

  • Sounds legit sovcit.
  • Yooouuuuu'rreeee aaaaa crook, Captain Hook!

  • Sorry, but you're being assimilated, eh?
  • You're being assimilated wrong.

  • Valve rumored to be working on Android emulator for Steam
  • It is still surprisingly far from straightforward to get it working

    EDIT: I mean Android on Linux is difficult. Not Linux itself.

  • 8 July 2024
  • *gestures vaguely at Reddit*

  • 6 July 2024
  • The Mickey Mouse Club was an actual thing. Fighting in the back of the comic, we see Britney Spears in what I think is a famous outfit from some music video. She was famously on the Mickey Mouse Club. Whoever she is beating up in the comic is probably another famous member that I am just unfamiliar with.

    The joke here is basically "What if this happy fun time show was actually secretly like the novel/film Fight Club?"

  • What wasted potential
  • Remember when 20 was a huge accomplishment?

  • The four horsemen of the apocalypse:
  • It's Chad Flenderman, not Flenderson!

  • Satisfactory Announcement
  • I am confused. Is this just a cheeky way to announce the 1.0 date, or is there something about toilets in Satisfactory that I am missing?

  • Glassdown: FOSS APKmirror client
  • I have definitely installed a handful of APKs over the years that did not work for me because they required Play Services, but that is far from being most of the APKs I've tried.

  • Rest in Peace, Wii U: Nintendo bids an even more-final farewell to its dead console after finally running out of the parts needed to fix them
  • Despite the historical precedent, those two options sound even more like a mid-gen refresh than Wii U does.

  • Oh no
  • The body of comments that are just text within angle brackets do not render Linux market share passes 4% for first time; macOS dominance declines - Lemmy.World

    cross-posted from: [] > I know this might be a couple months old, but I didn’t know we already passed 4%.

    Linux market share passes 4% for first time; macOS dominance declines - Lemmy.World

    In this example, some commenters are joking around and placing angle brackets (less than, greater than) around their comment's text. As a result, the comment text does not display.

    It does display in a web browser or Voyager. Raccoon also does not render the comments, though strangely it does render that last comment in the chain. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the comment includes an apostrophe and comma, unlike the others.

    Introducing a new RISC-V Mainboard from DeepComputing Introducing a new RISC-V Mainboard from DeepComputing

    We’re excited to share a preview of a Framework Laptop 13 Mainboard with a new CPU architecture.

    Introducing a new RISC-V Mainboard from DeepComputing

    > We’re excited to share a preview of a Framework Laptop 13 Mainboard with a new CPU architecture today, and it’s probably not the one you think it is. The team at DeepComputing has built the first ever partner-developed Mainboard, and it uses a RISC-V processor! This is a huge milestone both for expanding the breadth of the Framework ecosystem and for making RISC-V more accessible than ever. We designed the Framework Laptop to enable deep flexibility and personalization, and now that extends all the way to processor architecture selection. DeepComputing is demoing an early prototype of this Mainboard in a Framework Laptop 13 at the RISC-V Summit Europe next week, and we’ll be sharing more as this program progresses. > > There is excellent philosophical alignment between RISC-V and Framework. Both are built on the idea that an open ecosystem is more powerful than the sum of its parts. To explain why, first we’ll go into what RISC-V even is. RISC-V is a fully open Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), which is the interface point between software and hardware. It’s a defined set of instructions that software is compiled and assembled into that the processor executes to run the actual program. x86 (or the latest version, x86-64) is the most common ISA for PCs today, and it’s what is used in the processors for each Framework Laptop we’ve shipped to date. The x86 ISA was invented by Intel, extended on by AMD, and is proprietary, with Intel and AMD being effectively the only two companies able to use and create processors around it. ARM is another popular ISA, owned by Arm Holdings. Arm licenses the ARM architecture out, which enables companies to pay a license fee for cores to make their own processors that leverage it. What makes RISC-V unique is that it is an entirely open architecture, which means that anyone can extend on it and create their own processors that use it without paying a fee. RISC-V International is the collaborative organization that exists to help develop the standard and define common versions to ensure cross-compatibility of hardware and software. There are hundreds of companies now developing cores and chips around RISC-V, but most of these have been hidden away in embedded applications. The DeepComputing RISC-V Mainboard is one of the first instances of leveraging this ecosystem for the main processor in a consumer-facing product. > > All of this is what makes RISC-V unique from an ecosystem enablement perspective. The actual technology is equally interesting. The base instruction set of RISC-V is simple and streamlined, while there are a number of extensions enabling high performance and specialized compute. This means that RISC-V cores can be developed for anything from tiny control CPUs embedded inside a sensor (the Fingerprint Reader we’ve used in Framework Laptops since 2021 actually has a RISC-V core!) to monstrous multi-hundred-core server processors. The DeepComputing RISC-V Mainboard uses a JH7110 processor from StarFive which has four U74 RISC-V cores from SiFive. SiFive is the company that developed CPU cores using the RISC-V ISA, StarFive is the processor designer that integrated those CPU cores with other peripherals, DeepComputing created a Mainboard leveraging that processor, and Framework makes laptops that can use the Mainboard. The power of an open ecosystem! > > This Mainboard is extremely compelling, but we want to be clear that in this generation, it is focused primarily on enabling developers, tinkerers, and hobbyists to start testing and creating on RISC-V. The peripheral set and performance aren’t yet competitive with our Intel and AMD-powered Framework Laptop Mainboards. This board also has soldered memory and uses MicroSD cards and eMMC for storage, both of which are limitations of the processor. It is a great way to start playing with RISC-V though inside of a thin, light, refined laptop. The Mainboard will be able to drop into any Framework Laptop 13 chassis or into the Cooler Master Mainboard Case. DeepComputing is also working closely with the teams at Canonical and Red Hat to ensure Linux support is solid through Ubuntu and Fedora. We’ll continue to keep you up to date as we work with the team at DeepComputing to complete development of this new Mainboard and enable access to it. You can sign up in the Framework Marketplace to get notified when we have updates. > > We have a couple of other updates around scaling access to Framework Laptop 13. The first is that just like we did for Framework Laptop 16 last week, today we’re sharing open source CAD for the Framework Laptop 13 shell, enabling development of skins, cases, and accessories. The second is that we now have Framework Laptop 13 Factory Seconds systems available with British English and German keyboards, making entering the ecosystem more affordable than ever. We’re eager to continue growing a new Consumer Electronics industry that is grounded in open access, repairability, and customization at every level.

    20 profile photos and community photos are broken

    Scroll through Local here and you will see. Communities and users that are local to this have a black box for a photo. Viewing the profile/community from another instance displays the black box as well. It seems that users who have not set a custom profile picture just have a default Lemmy lemur icon, and that displays just fine.

    If I try to upload a new profile photo, I get the following error:

    Request error: error sending request for url (http://pictrs:8080/image): error trying to connect: tcp connect error: Connection refused (os error 111)

    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    Kreayshawn - Left Ey3

    Song about infidelity

    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    Owl City - Lonely Lullaby


    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    Busta Rhymes - Touch It (Remix)


    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    WINK - Black Bomb (Jerry In The Bag) Feat. Trent Reznor

    Trent Reznor

    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    Owl City - Dental Care

    More songs about the dentist

    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    Tame Impala - Nangs

    Nangs = nitrous oxide

    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    NGHTMRE, Big Gigantic - Like That


    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythms Of The War Drums


    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    Born of Osiris - Machine

    From the album Tomorrow We Die Alive

    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    Front Porch Step - Drown

    Paso is Spanish for Step

    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist

    The lyrics of both songs include the word psychosomatic multiple times

    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    Party Favor - Wait A Minute (feat. A$AP Ferg & Juicy J)


    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    Billy Talent - Red Flag


    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    Charlie Kelly - Go Fuck Yourselves

    The character of Charlie Kelly is portrayed by the actor Charlie Day

    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    Ice Nine Kills - IT is the End


    Connect A Song SatyrSack
    Weird Al Yankovic - Spam

    That last post was spammed to half a dozen different irrelevant communities.

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