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  • That's a subset of disabled people & people without the use of legs or a arm can drive they just need a vehicle with special controls.powered wheelchairs don't fulfill all travel needs.

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  • More guns does not mean more gun deaths, it doesn't correlate. States with high rates of gun ownership don't nesisarally have high violence rates. Accident rates have been demonstrated to go way down with actual gun safety instruction (gun control groups have been trying to coopt 'gun safety' because gun control has high negative ratings in polling). Suicides don't correlate with gun ownership internationally, we have a general suicide problem. It doesn't matter if someone takes their life with a gun or overdosing with pills, we need to better help for people in crisis & to end the ableism against people who suffer from metal illness. And where violence does correlate is communities that have been marginalized for generations socially, economically, in the educational, & 'justice' system.

    Gun control is really just a way for the power elites in society to avoid having to actually deal with the actual underlying causes of violence. Also the prison industrial complex needs more laws to fill prisons as support for pot legalization builds.

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  • That's a couple of bad assumptions right there but let's put aside your narrow conception of what disabled means, you're still OK with fucking over some disabled people.

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    That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.-George Orwell

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    Many of you may have heard of the Youtuber Shadiversity's homophobia but there's another.

    I tried to ask a another youtuber Living Anachronism who has worked with Shadiversity if he knew about Shad's homophobic content & the mod delete my question, told me asking about that was against the no drama rule, that it wasn't homophobic & proceeded to try to gaslight me with pseudo-intellectual bullshit.

    I'm tired of bringing thing up in non queer spaces only to be told that's it not actually homophobic.

    The original video I referred to:

    I musket axe you a question

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    Oldest wooden spear known to exist | Schöningen, Germany (400,000 BCE)

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    Justice for Nex!

    Also the declaration that they where not murdered is a bit premature considering the whole autopsy report hasn't been made public & the medical examiner definitely has an agenda.


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