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New German citizens required to affirm Israel's right to exist
  • To be honest, countries don't have right to exists countries don't have rights. Rights are inneherently for humans. It's a stupid notion, countries are established by violence and their borders are enforced through violence, it means that Israel or any country has the right to use violence against those whom they judge to threaten their existence. And that includes the population of said country, if the people of country A decides one day to become country B, they can't because country A has a right to exist but not the none-existing country B.

  • US journalist Evan Gershkovich faces Russian spy charges
  • I think we have a different view of spying, this can also be Russians just want a prisoner swap.

    All intelligence services have people working for them undercover, you can be hired by or talked into doing x and y by an some intelligence service, you can also be asked to share information with them. They can even help you getting in contact with the right people to make what ever you're trying to do easier.

    You can say that a journalist will publish it findings, but also the journalist can do a lot of other things. I mean I can think of multiple things that the CIA would be interested in that is not necessarily related to the journalistic job. Like recruiting a spy inside Wagner, milking information that is a secret: locations, personnel or arsenal. It can also be a damageing story, Russias official stance is that Wagner is not controlled by the state.

    Is he a spy? Does he become a spy if he is spying?

    Anyways we don't know, Russia maybe just wants s prisoner swap, and maybe this journalist was digging in places that he shouldn't have. We arrest Russian and Chinese spies all the time, some of them are working as journalists.

  • US journalist Evan Gershkovich faces Russian spy charges
  • Yeah I agree, it's impossible to know if he's a spy or not. He might even not know he had shared intresset with other agencies, someone might have led him closer to Wagner than he initially intended.

    But he does raise a lot of questions for the Russian it intelligence.

  • Electricity Live Map
  • This is not accurate, we have coal power in Sweden as well, but not at large scale, also they try to cover it as burning olive seeds, but that is just some percent of the coal they are burning.

    EDIT: seems like they closed the last coal powerplant in 2020.

  • South Park Vows to Never Make Fun of People For Their Weight 'Ever Again'. “Rich people get Ozempic, poor people get body positivity,” Cartman says in Paramount+’s latest special.
  • It feels like you got to high of expectations on yourself, that you should go from 1 to 100 in a snap, without failure.

    That is very hard to do and is setup to fail, you didn't give yourself a proper chance. Try doing things in small steps, change one thing instead of everything. Maybe choose carbonated water instead of soda once in a while, maybe skip the fries if you're eating a burger and replace it with cooked potatoes.

    But try changing a few stuff at a time, and make theme routine, and when they are routine try changing something else.

    Changes take time, changing your life in a swoop is very hard to do, take your time and explore what works for you.

  • Valve has little to worry about as new Steam Deck rival arrives
  • I don't know how to tell you, but these benchmarks doesn't say anything if there's not any technical discussion. Sometimes yes games run better on linux, and the reasons are not that linux is faster. It has to do with mainly two reasons, dx10 or dx11 might cause bottleneck that is resolved by the translation layer in vk3d, for games that have that issue. Second all the features of dx is not supported, you might think that the game looks ok in linux while it looks and feels different on windows. You might have shadows or lightning that is rendered differently, you put your graphics settings on ultra and on windows that might include hdr and linux it doesn't exist. So of course the games run faster if it doesn't have to do the same work. The game literally runs through a translation layer, it's not fucking magic.

    You think a youtube video or some fucking idiot at Forbes is going to convince me.

    This is a benchmark that you can trust.

  • Valve has little to worry about as new Steam Deck rival arrives
  • I'm not a windows user, I would be considered more of a power user, because I use it professionally and at home, both handling servers and software development. Don't get me wrong I hate windows user interface more then anything. But I'm not in denial, windows kernel is a very good kernel for gaming, it has a lot of features that doesn't exist yet. Where do you think the kernel devs for linux take their inspiration from, my god they are adding stuff like windows NT thread primitives to the linux kernel.

    First of all, you're just making up stuff, you have no idea what the code base of the Microsoft kernel looks like. Second, who do you think develops the linux kernel, a lot of them are Microsoft engineers, most linux kernel devs nowadays are hired by big tech companies, because they all have a stake in linux, it's one of the main reasons why linux is evolving so rapidly.

    Third looking from the outside the Microsoft kernel is pretty amazing for what it does, backwards compatible, you can still run windows 98 software on windows 11, it's fast and efficient, you have yet to prove that it's slower than linux.

    Bro no large or medium sized government entities are using anything else, even if they do, it's for a little while and then they go back. You know why? Microsoft office, exchange, outlook, there is no other good alternative, good lucking telling their employees that they are going to learn libre office and linux. They can't even handle windows properly.

    Most if them have already spent years building their infrastructure around windows and Microsoft office suite, and they are not changing anytime soon.

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