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Trump's Lawyer Says It'd Be 'Unfair' to Make Him Face Consequences Before Election
  • (number of indicted and convicted rapists, insurrectionists or otherwise criminals applying to run for president dramatically rises...)

    This is beyond stupid.

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    Joe Biden confuses Gaza with Ukraine twice in airdrop announcement
  • Serious question: what's the procedure if he wins it, then decides to step down to 'take care of my health' after, say, a year into his second term? Does Kamala sit out the remainder of the term, or is a fresh election held, and how does it affect the cycle?

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    Iran election: turnout sinks to record low as polls close
  • I'm seeing all this happen in November. All the democratic uncommitted, hurt bidens, and the stay homes are gonna result in trump returning to the wh.

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    An Automotive Locksmith On The Flipper Zero And Car Theft
  • When chipped keys launched, wasn't there a lot of talk about how the system would negotiate a new set of keys for the next interaction making the simple act of recording radio exchanges impossible? All hot air by the manufacturers?

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    What things am I a dumbass about?
  • If people say 'i have excel competence', the difference could be between 'i can resize fonts and do tables for my company forms because I don't know how to do them in word' to 'fully modelling a business plan for a Telco, including it's subsidiary units'. Make sure you test for the level of competence you're after.

    Learn a new formula every now and then, or at very least learn to read other people's formulas, then google what you don't know. Literacy in any field is the result of a long process of learning.

    (Reread your question) Outside of IT: if an appliance stops working, it's sometimes just a fuse that needs replacing. It's cheap and easy to do.

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    Judge in Trump civil fraud case was sent envelope with white powder, source says
  • The ones I mentioned pepper almost every London junction. In metro areas, there's also loads of private installations that can be looked at to help identify and track individuals.

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    If Biden loses in November, don’t blame voters who are angry over Gaza | Arwa Mahdawi
  • Dumb gotta dumb. They're willing to burn their country to the ground for something happening in another country. Under any other time, I'd be ok with it, but trump is an existential threat to everything the country stands for and will bathe in it's smouldering ashes. Reap what you fucking sow.

  • Need help identifying some growth.

    What is it? Seems to grow out of some wooden areas in the room. I've tried peroxide and bleach. Would a steamer help? Sorry in advance for the bad picture quality.