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You can only do this once, but you can get out of jury duty by saying "I looked up the case beforehand".
  • Just say "jury nullification" you'll never get picked again. Or better yet don't say it and just refuse to convict no matter what if you get picked.

  • Trump shot ?
  • You always aim for visable center of mass! How do people not know this?!

  • FFS Red Dead Redemption 2 is boring as shit
  • downbear

    Once you get far enough in the game you can go all JB-shining-aggro

  • This is my version of Harry Potter-ism
  • Meanwhile isntrael is chanting "Skulls for the skull throne!"

  • This is my version of Harry Potter-ism
  • At least the chaos gods tend to keep their promises before they devour your soul. Better than most politicians tbh.

  • This is my version of Harry Potter-ism
  • Don't blame me, I voted for Slaanesh.

  • Searching for artists/bands (and songs)
  • This is my very angry anti fascist playlist. It's mostly metal and rap. Most of the songs on the should at least hit your prerequisites, the artist themselves may not all be leftist but I picked songs that work. This is not a happy playlist, I use it when my only way to get through the day is with pure rage at the injustice of the world.

    (Immortal Technique is great on race and anti-capitalisum, but fucking terrible for feminism and homophobia. The songs I have on there should be unoffensive on that front though)

  • I'm mad, so here's a post about Warhammer 40k
  • Oh no the fascist empire isn't sexist enough!

  • Fucking mice got into my rice and beans
  • I've actually got three cats but my mouser has gotten fat and lazy, the kitten thinks they're just toys to be chased but not killed, and the other one just doesn't care unless it runs right in front of him.

  • Fucking mice got into my rice and beans
  • yeah I obviously fucked up my storage solutions. They tore through my entire pantry so thats going to be a lot of containers.

  • Fucking mice got into my rice and beans

    100lbs of rice and 50lbs of beans just fucking destroyed. These blighted assholes are really making me rethink my "no-kill" trap policy.

    Just found out my youth pastor was fully a predator (cw: pedophilia)
  • I had a youth pastor who I always disliked. One of the last church events I ever went to was a youth-group pool party. I was roughing around with the other guys and he decided he wanted in on it. I got him in a head lock and told him to just tapout but he couldn't stand getting his ass beat by a kid so I kept squeezing. He ended up having to eat through a straw for several weeks cause his throat was too bruised to really swallow. About five years later he was arrested for child porn. I regret that I didn't keep squeezing a little longer.

  • Louisiana passes into law that the Ten Commandments must be posted in all school classrooms
  • unless your crossing state lines to kill protesters, then murder doesn't apply.

  • Louisiana passes into law that the Ten Commandments must be posted in all school classrooms
  • Hopefully the Satanic Temple goes hard on this one. I want statues of Baphomet in ever school. sicko-satan

  • Big shout-out to Walmart for donating over $250 of product to my cause.

    My cause being collecting all the mtg commander decks. It wasn't exactly a voluntary donation but sometimes you have to help corporations be socially responsible.

    Is there an easy way to edit music?

    There's a fair amount of rap I like that has like fucking 4 minutes of talking in it, I'm good to listen to that once but it interrupts the flow when im making a play list. Also some music I sleep with will have like one annoying section that I'd love to cut out. Bonus points if its use able on Linux.

    My incredibly angry anti capitalist playlist
    bash the fash

    Keep your hate pure! Mostly rap, hip-hop, metal and punk. I welcome any suggestions if you have ideas to help the rage flow.

    I've played about 6 hours of Project Zomboid

    And spent like 10 looking at and configuring mods. It's a great pre-game!

    Oh Palestine, Oh Palestine (Original Song) by Seth Staton Watkins Oh Palestine, Oh Palestine (Original Song) by Seth Staton Watkins

    Oh Palestine, Oh Palestine (Original Song) by Seth Staton WatkinsSTREAM HERE:

    Oh Palestine, Oh Palestine (Original Song) by Seth Staton Watkins

    From the river to sea!

    Mudvayne - Scream With Me (metal) Mudvayne - Scream With Me (Official Video)

    Watch the official music video for "Scream With Me" by MudvayneListen to Mudvayne: to the official Mudvayne YouTube...

    Mudvayne - Scream With Me (Official Video)
    Lessons on singing?

    I've decided I want to learn how to sing but there are a billion youtube videos claiming to teach you how and I have no idea assess them. If anyone with some musical talent can point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Enshittification obviously was the correct choice

    I ain't hating on zoomers for their word it just really doesn't have the impact or important of enshittification.

    The chudiest rap ever Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun - "Your America"

    DOWNLOAD "Your America": "The Brave 2":

    Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun - "Your America"


    Musicly they're pretty good but holy shit their politics. They have a few songs about how they're not racist while being racist as fuck. The first song I heard The System ( lyrics) I thought was leftist until it got massively transphobic, horseshoe theory defined.

    Look how proud we are of exploiting suffering!

    Had to go to urgent care today and saw this shit.

    Edit: I seem to have run out of pixels...

    Caspian and Elijah

    Caspian (the one sitting) is the best cat ever, I literally owe my life to him. Elijah is nothing but murder and cuddles. (Before you @ me mouser's are absolutely necessary where I live and they both completely ignore birds)

    This sub has made me realize how bad my ADHD really is.

    Like I've always known that I have it but after seeing all these memes call me out I've realized how many of my behaviors are tied to it. Now that I know some of the shit i do is treatable maybe I can actually change. Just started treatment today. So thanks to all the posters here!

    My neighbor is awesome.

    (slight back ground: My driveway is a half mile long and I live past my neighbor so any car that goes past his place is going to mine ,also the area is heavily wooded)

    So yesterday the sheriff comes tearing up the drive way to my place (had to leave my car on the side of the road, not any problem.) A couple minutes later my neighbor sees lights moving through the woods (it was just me) but as soon as the sheriff left he steps out of the woulds holding an AR-15. "Just came to check and make sure you're ok"

    It's nice to know your neighbors truly have your back even when the shit is hitting the fan for real.