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Why do you choose to continue living?
  • Randomness ? something tells me you're not the kind of person to identify jesus on a toast... I don't believe in meaning personally, but each day passing has its lot of discoveries on the universe, space, other planets, etc. to me it's a bit of a race, I want to live long enough to see more photos from Enceladus, Titan, learn whether there are simple lifeforms over there, witness the birth of a convincing unified physical model, I want to see humankind figure out dark matter at last, etc. I'm just dying to know. But I'll most likely die before I do. Here check out

  • Just discovered Disco Elysium,... I may not recover from it

    I haven't even cooled down yet, literally just finished it... I don't think I've ever experienced a piece of art so carefully intentional, so cleverly crazy, or so painfully human. I've only done one playthrough, but I could guess the multitude of paths and forks, the complexity of it all, simply staggering.

    My friend recommended it to me a couple weeks ago, and I went "yeah yeah, sure I'll play it". Oh, boy. I got hooked a few days ago and played through the entire last night -I think I didn't blink once during the last four or five hours. I was nearly brought to tears when I met the phasmid on the island. I was hoping so hard that holding onto that belief would pay off... and it did ! it appeared at the apex of the story, the moment of resolution, and suddenly... nothing else mattered.

    So much conscientious artistry went into that world, it feels incredibly tangible. That writing was unbelievable. The art style is fantastic too of course. Perfectly wraps the whole package.

    For the record, I played a mostly communist Harrier, with artsy tendencies and a logician/analytical brain, but also a strangely developed sense of authority. 😂 Gotta admit I was kinda trying to throw off the game, but it... totally rolled with my weird build.

    So yea I just needed to share. Peace !

    Russia is working to subvert French support for Ukraine, documents show Russia is working to subvert French support for Ukraine, documents show

    Russia has been increasing its efforts to undermine French support for Kyiv, according to Kremlin documents and interviews with European security officials

    Russia is working to subvert French support for Ukraine, documents show

    “We have to change all the governments. … All the governments in Western Europe will be changed,” Jean-Luc Schaffhauser, a former member of the European Parliament for Le Pen’s party, said in an interview. “We have to control this. Take the leadership of this.”

    Strange layout in bottom buttons

    It looks like text wraps because it is too long, this ends up looking a bit off. Perhaps you can try scaling it down to fit the monitor width.



    Mangrove tree

    Hi all, here's my contribution to getting this sub off the ground : link to ArtStation (cross-posted from

    > Hope it's alright that I'm linking to my Artstation gallery. This is a procedural mangrove tree I made with Blender geometry nodes. I've been working on it for a while, finally got it in a state where sets can be populated with it. The approach is pretty naive, there's no phototrophy or anything fancy (yet!), just branches planted on branches planted on branches... I did respect the golden angle though, and the leaves turn to face the sun to an extent. I'd like to try space colonization next, most likely that will have to be simulated from the seed onwards. But that should yield much more organic and realistic shapes.

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