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Small phone lovers... our era is not over. Yesterday I discovered the Unihertz Jelly Star. I fell in love. I will be reporting back.
  • I didn't find any information on long term software security support, and I don't need phones to chase the latest Android releases, but the security updates are important to me.

    I was excited when I bought Palm phone, but they didn't support the security software soon after.

  • Bone conduction headphones?
  • In my experience, after trying most brands, they are just ok for music.

    Using them at the gym was not a good experience because the gym music is too loud, and this is the same for malls and airports.

    Outdoors usage is good for running and washing the car. None of them are good for Webex or Zoom meetings because the mic is very tinny, except for Shoks OpenComm2 UC, with the boom mic.

    In a quiet office, with open space design, my coworkers didn't complain. One coworker sits two desks down, from me, has a pair of Shokz and I don't hear his music.

    And because of the behind the neck design, you can't lay in bed. Anything that pushes the conductor out of the sweet spot will ruin the music.

    I didn't keep any of them.

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