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Open source ebook reader recommendations?
  • There's Librera FD, on F-droid. It's the open source version of Librera on the google play store. I believe it strips out the google api/cloud stuff, but its db /reading status/etc are all easily synced via Nextcloud (which is what I do). The only real negative I've found with it is that it's search for text in books is slow compared to more popular reading apps like Moon+ Reader.

  • tankie censorship problem
  • Try not being a leftist at all on (most instances of) Lemmy in general. I just don't comment almost ever at all anymore unless its about something technical that can't in any way be controversial. Otherwise its instant down votes all the way, or bans.

  • Probably a stupid question, but what can I do to 'degoogle' a Google Pixel 8?
  • This must be some weird American thing. I've gotten pixels on contract before in my country and I can OEM unlock and flash them no issue. If you don't pay the cell carrier will just blacklist the IMEI. They don't lock down the device itself.

  • How to save kindle unlimited books after subscription ended
  • It is still possible if you have an old enough Kindle. I have a 1st gen paperwhite and can just connect it via USB to my PC and pull books off the kindle with Calibre and then remove the DRM.

    Though if you're wanting to remove DRM from Kindle Unlimited books, you'll have to actually edit the DeDRM plugin code, as by default its set to not let it be run on KU books.

  • Smart watches
  • Basically any Fossil / Skagen (they're the same thing) Hybrid (meaning e-ink) watch will work with Gadgetbridge. I personally have the Fossil Machine Gen 6 Hybrid which works great. Ignore the 'Alexa' bit, that does nothing via Gadgetbridge (and in fact you can just flat out remove that 'app' in the GB app). Heart Rate and Message/Notification/Call control functions all work fine. Step tracking works, but sleep tracking does not (Fossil doesn't have it done on the watch, it's done in their app, so until/unless GB replicates that functionality it won't work).

  • Smart watches
  • I use a Fossil Hybrid watch with gadget bridge. Works really well, though one caveat is that while you can read and dismiss messages on the watch, you can't reply from it. This isn't a problem for my use case, but YMMV. The couple weeks of battery life is a great plus, though. (E-ink screen)

  • Meta Services, Sorry WHAT!?
  • Shit like this is why I use a DeGoogled phone. Get a Pixel and install GrapheneOS or CalyxOS and use open source apps wherever you can, and sandbox any Google Play apps you have to use (banking, etc).

  • What is the best site to search for torrents?
  • if you have TCP only and decentralized peers/peer exchange/local peers turned off in qbittorrent (a good security idea if you're using a VPN to torrent already), you'll get added security at the cost of less peers. Not to say that's for sure what's going on for you, but if you have sane settings for security, it could well be the cause of the discrepancy.

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