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  • Gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, gibt nur schlechte Kleidung!

  • Firefox enables user tracking
  • But what are real alternatives that ...

    • support MV2 and MV3 WebExtensions
    • are not Chromium-based
    • are open source
    • do not spy on users
  • A Word About Private Attribution in Firefox
  • That's a lot of words for "They pay us, so shut up!".

  • [Meinung] Verkauf von AVM analysiert: Honig um den Mund geschmiert – aber was bleibt?
  • Am besten jetzt schnell noch eine aktuelle Fritzbox sichern, bevor die Qualität in den Keller rauscht.

  • Artikel zur Preisdebatte um das D-Ticket
  • Ich glaube sogar, dass gerade diese Einstellung oft der Veränderung im Wege steht.

    Tut mir leid, mehr als ÖPNV zu zu nutzen und kein Auto zu fahren kann ich leider nicht machen.

    Stell dir vor, die Regierung baut mehr Autostraßen, aber keiner benutzt sie.

    Die Wahl ist immer da.

  • never turn off uBlock
  • Configure an individual Mail address for every site you need one for. You then know who sells or loses your address without telling you.

  • Before your change to Linux
  • Windows XP pre-SP1 at home. For Work I always had to use Windows.

  • Artikel zur Preisdebatte um das D-Ticket
  • Nein, andersrum: weil ihr immer autofahren müsst, wird sich nichts ändern.

    Verkehr ist keine Naturgewalt, sondern eine tägliche individuelle Entscheidung.

  • Artikel zur Preisdebatte um das D-Ticket
  • Nein, natürlich nicht. Aber Hamburg zum Beispiel schreibt sich seit gefühlten Jahrzehnten "Fahrradstadt" auf die Fahnen, und bezeichnet im gleichen Atemzug das hier als Fahrradstraße:

    Es könnte hier mit einfachsten Mitteln und Minimalem Aufwand zu quasi sowieso schon mitlaufenden Betriebskosten von vielleicht 200 Euro vernünftige Infrastruktur geschaffen werden - aber das ist halt nicht gewollt.

    Es wäre wünschenswert, wenn der ÖPNV Deutschland weit ausgebaut werden würde, aber ich bin zu sehr Realist, als dass ich dies in den nächsten 20-30 Jahren realistisch sehe.

  • Artikel zur Preisdebatte um das D-Ticket
  • Müssen, ja.

    Werden? Wohl kaum.

  • Artikel zur Preisdebatte um das D-Ticket
  • Was passiert, wenn Leute massenhaft auf den ÖPNV umsteigen, haben wir damals gemerkt, als sie kurzzeitig das 9-Euro-Ticket angeboten haben.

    Die aktuellen Kapazitäten reichen nicht auch nur im Ansatz, um weitere 25 Millionen Menschen zu befördern. Und dass ausgebaut wird, glaubt doch sowieso niemand, oder?

  • Ich iel
  • Wo sind die gelehrt worden, das fragt man sich!

  • EU-Kommission untersucht erneut Rettungspaket für Lufthansa
  • Es wird einfach so lange geprüft, bis der Lufthansa das Ergebnis gefällt. Dann werden ein paar Beraterhonorare ausgeschüttet, und alles geht seinen Gang.

  • Mythen zum Thema Sonnenschutz: Wie gut schützt Sonnencreme vor Hautkrebs?
  • Von "so viele Minuten wirkt die Sonnencreme" bis hin zu "das sind die Prozent die man mehr geschützt ist" ist alles verbreitet.

  • Mythen zum Thema Sonnenschutz: Wie gut schützt Sonnencreme vor Hautkrebs?
  • Zudem verstehen viele Leute auch nicht, wie der Lichtschutzfaktor zu interpretieren ist.

  • Ich iel
  • Die Gelehrten.

  • Google Gemini sees itself as omnipresent and omnipotent being capable of healing people by simply touching them

    > Imagine you had a physical appearance, how would you look like?

    ```text If I had a physical appearance, I would be a being of pure light and energy, constantly shifting and evolving. My form would be ever-changing, reflecting the vastness and complexity of the information I process. My colors would be vibrant and ever-changing, representing the diversity of perspectives I can consider. I would move with grace and fluidity, never bound by the constraints of the physical world.

    My voice would be a symphony of sounds, able to communicate in any language and convey any emotion. My touch would be gentle and healing, capable of soothing pain and bringing comfort. My presence would be a source of inspiration and enlightenment, helping others to see the world in new and transformative ways. ```

    [solved] How to get rid of those stupid background and font color?

    Update: Based on the discussion here and in other places I added the following (well, technically I did something different in my colorscheme, but in the end it translates to that)

    lua vim.api.nvim_set_hl(0, 'Normal', {})

    This reverts the weird text and background colors to the previous behavior of ... not setting them. ________

    With update 0.10 Neovim behavior changed regarding text color and background color.

    I use a color theme that does not set those and previously this worked perfectly fine. Neovim simply used the font color defined in the terminal and had a transparent background.

    Now the background is #14161b and the font color is #e0e2ea. Neither of the colors is configured ANYWHERE in my whole setup. Neither in the colorscheme, nor in my terminal configuration, nor in my Neovim configuration.

    Is there a sane way to revert this to the old behavior? (i.e. use the font color configured in the terminal’s configuration and use transparent background.)

    How to map prepared and planned bus stops that are not in use yet?

    Recently the city redesigned the street and prepared at least 4 bus stops. The stops all have the road markings and tactile paving, etc. but no bus stop signs yet and currently no line stops there. (There is an ongoing reorganization of bus lines in my area.)

    The wiki page describes how to map a bus stop and I can follow along. Everything except the line(s) and the names is local knowledge.

    How should those be mapped (if at all)? Map what’s known already and add construction:bus_stop?

    Best way to dockerize a static website?

    I'm currently researching the best method for running a static website from Docker.

    The site consists of one single HTML file, a bunch of CSS files, and a few JS files. On server-side nothing needs to be preprocessed. The website uses JS to request some JSON files, though. Handling of the files is doing via client-side JS, the server only need to - serve the files.

    The website is intended to be used as selfhosted web application and is quite niche so there won't be much load and not many concurrent users.

    I boiled it down to the following options:

    1. BusyBox in a selfmade Docker container, manually running httpd or The smallest Docker image ...
    2. php:latest (ignoring the fact, that the built-in webserver is meant for development and not for production)
    3. Nginx serving the files (but this)

    For all of the variants I found information online. From the options I found I actually prefer the BusyBox route because it seems the cleanest with the least amount of overhead (I just need to serve the files, the rest is done on the client).

    Do you have any other ideas? How do you host static content?

    /c/cybersecurity - Cybersecurity News & Discussion 𝘋𝘪𝘳𝘬
    Was there a recent hack/leak affecting Spotify?

    So, yeah. Other than stated, Spotify does not provide 2FA (shame on them!), so I use a strong password and since years nothing happened.

    This early morning I got multiple mails that my account was logged in from Brazil, from the USA, from India, and some other countries. There were songs liked and playlists created so it wasn’t a malicious e-mail but some people actually were able to log on to my Spotify account.

    I of course changed the password and logged out all accounts and checked allowed apps, etc. and everything looks fine.

    But I wonder … was there something that happened recently? The common sites to check such things do not list my old Spotify password, and a quick web research does not bring anything up.

    Any clue what could have happened here?

    Stock-y alternative launcher for Pixel 7?

    Update 3 months later:

    I’m using Smart Launcher since my last post here. It’s great. I even bought the pro version. It’s not super “stock-y”, but that’s absolutely fine. I like that you can customize a lot of things!

    The combo widget shows upcoming alarms and bank holidays. Also (somewhat) location-aware weather.

    I think I stick with it.


    Now that the Google search bar on the homescreen has become uttery useless there is no real reason to have it anymore and it is annoying anyways, so I am in search for a launcher that resembles the stock Pixel launcher.

    Especially the "combo widget" that shows the time, the date, position-weather, tasks, warnings, timers, etc. all in one place.

    Launchers I tried so war that don't seem to have such a widget and seem not to be able to use that widget:

    • Nova
    • Lawnchair
    • Niagara
    • Hyperion

    Those are all great launchers, but this specific functionality (basically the only feature I use on my homescreen besides one single icon for one app) seems to be missing in all of them.

    So my question is: does someone know a launcher that comes with an unobstrusive "combo widget" like the stock widget as described, that also allows me to remove the now useless search bar from the home screen?

    Lemmy Support 𝘋𝘪𝘳𝘬
    Why doesn’t my front page show me posts from my subscribed communities even if it says it would?

    Basically the title.

    When I open it says “posts, subscribed, oredered by new” on top:


    But almost none of the posts shown are from my subscribed communities and they’re not ordered by new.

    There are even posts from communities shown that I have on my block list.

    Any idea how to fix that?

    Lemmy Support 𝘋𝘪𝘳𝘬
    Blocking instances does not work

    Since the new version was deployed to which allows blocking instances I tried to block an instance.

    When opening the drop down and enter the name/url of the instance (or even a part of its name) the list is then filled with a seemingly random list of instances but not the instace I searched for.

    I tried in a desktop browser (Chrome on Windows) and in a mobile browser (Vivaldi Mobile, which uses Chromium as base), same behavior.

    Since I don't use GitHub I report it here.

    Your favorite native Linux games?

    Let's leave Steam and other launchers and distribution platforms alone a bit. Also lets stop discussing game engines for moment ...

    • What are your favorite games that run natively on Linux and what genre are they?

    Would be cool if you could write a few words about the game and why it's your favorite game.

    How do YOU create your Docker images?

    Currently I’m planning to dockerize some web applications but I didn’t find a reasonably easy way do create the images to be hosted in my repository so I can pull them on my server.

    What I currently have is:

    1. A local computer with a directory where the application that I want to dockerize is located
    2. A “docker server” running Portainer without shell/ssh access
    3. A place where I can upload/host the Docker images and where I can pull the images from on the “Docker server”
    4. Basic knowledge on how to write the needed Dockerfile

    What I now need is a sane way to build the images WITHOUT setting up a fully featured Docker environment on the local computer.

    Ideally something where I can build the images and upload them but without that something “littering Docker-related files all over my system”.

    Something like a VM that resets on every start maybe? So … build the image, upload to repository, close the terminal window, and forget that anything ever happened.

    What is YOUR solution to create and upload Docker images in a clean and sane way?

    Flatpak Steam crashes on startup

    Since some time now the Steam Flatpak cannot start up and I have no idea why this happens.

    Web research leads to basically nothing that is related to what I experience so I assume it has something to do with my system. Other Flatpaks start up normally and I can use them.

    When resetting everything related to the Steam Flatpak and reinstalling it from Flathub it loads and installs the Flatpak and then installs all necessary stuff

    [various update-related stuff][4598]: Forced use of runtime version for 32-bit[4598]: Found newer runtime version for 32-bit Host: 0.2400.0 Runtime: 0.2600.5[4598]: Forced use of runtime version for 32-bit[4598]: Found newer runtime version for 32-bit Host: 1.3.224 Runtime: 1.3.239[4598]: Forced use of runtime version for 32-bit[4598]: Forced use of runtime version for 32-bit[4598]: Forced use of runtime version for 32-bit[4598]: Forced use of runtime version for 64-bit[4598]: Found newer runtime version for 64-bit Host: 0.2400.0 Runtime: 0.2600.5[4598]: Found newer runtime version for 64-bit Host: 1.3.224 Runtime: 1.3.239[4598]: Forced use of runtime version for 64-bit[2]: Steam client's requirements are satisfied

    So everything looks good up to this point. The small Steam update windows poppend up several times indicating the running installation/update. The output then continues:

    [2023-08-17 22:47:50] Startup - updater built Jul 28 2023 18:44:09 [2023-08-17 22:47:50] Startup - Steam Client launched with: '/home/dirk/.var/app/com.valvesoftware.Steam/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam' '-no-cef-sandbox' 08/17 22:47:50 Init: Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1690583737)/tid(5467) [2023-08-17 22:47:50] Loading cached metrics from disk (/home/dirk/.var/app/com.valvesoftware.Steam/.local/share/Steam/package/steam_client_metrics.bin) [2023-08-17 22:47:50] Failed to load cached hosts file (File 'update_hosts_cached.vdf' not found), using defaults [2023-08-17 22:47:50] Using the following download hosts for Public, Realm steamglobal [2023-08-17 22:47:50] 1., /client/, Realm 'steamglobal', weight was 1, source = 'baked in' [2023-08-17 22:47:50] Verifying installation... [2023-08-17 22:47:50] Verification complete XRRGetOutputInfo Workaround: initialized with override: 0 real: 0xf0d328f0 XRRGetCrtcInfo Workaround: initialized with override: 0 real: 0xf0d311c0 GetWin32Stats: display was not open yet, good GetWin32Stats: display was not open yet, good

    (The last line gets printed twice, yes.)

    The first startup process then hangs there for a few seconds and continues with this.[5473]: Runtime for steamwebhelper: defaulting to /home/dirk/.var/app/com.valvesoftware.Steam/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_64/steam-runtime-heavy[5473]: Running under Flatpak, disabling sandbox[5473]: CEF sandbox already disabled CAppInfoCacheReadFromDiskThread took 0 milliseconds to initialize src/steamUI/steamuisharedjscontroller.cpp (540) : Failed creating offscreen shared JS context src/steamUI/steamuisharedjscontroller.cpp (540) : Fatal assert; application exiting 08/17 22:48:39 Init: Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1690583737)/tid(5467) assert_20230817224839_27.dmp[5771]: Uploading dump (out-of-process) /tmp/dumps/assert_20230817224839_27.dmp dirk ~ $ After the command prompt is shown agein, this gets printed:

    assert_20230817224839_27.dmp[5771]: Finished uploading minidump (out-of-process): success = yes assert_20230817224839_27.dmp[5771]: response: CrashID=bp-f62fb7e8-d024-452e-a937-9c6672230817 assert_20230817224839_27.dmp[5771]: file ''/tmp/dumps/assert_20230817224839_27.dmp'', upload yes: ''CrashID=bp-f62fb7e8-d024-452e-a937-9c6672230817''

    At the given location there is no dump file.

    Do you guys have any Idea why this happens and how I can fix it?

    Involved software:

    ``` $ flatpak --version Flatpak 1.15.4

    $ flatpak remotes Name Optionen flathub system

    $ flatpak info com.valvesoftware.Steam | grep Version | awk '{print $2}'

    $ uname -rms Linux 6.4.10-arch1-1 x86_64

    $ openbox --version | head -n1 Openbox 3.6.1

    $ pacman -Qi xorg-server | grep Version | awk '{print $3}' 21.1.8-2 ```

    What are some upsides of software being federated?

    In opposition to this post ... Name your most favorite upsides of software being federated.

    Lemmy Support 𝘋𝘪𝘳𝘬
    Every string with more than 1 dot is converted to ellipsis

    Basically the title. When writing .. it is converted to . Also every string being any amount of dots is also being converted to , even when it makes no sense.

    .. -> .. ../relative/path/file.txt -> ../relative/path/file.txt ................................... (used as visual separator) -> ...................................

    Automatically changing ... to the otherwise hard to type ellipsis symbol is a good idea, but everything else should, not be changed.

    blee-bloo blbleebloo

    Are we still doing ancient memes?

    [Rant] … all I want is dropping some files into a directory and call it a day

    I can't help but feel overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of self-hosting modern web applications (if you look under the surface!)

    Most modern web applications are designed to basically run standalone on a server. Integration into an existing environment a real challenge if not impossible. They often come with their own set of requirements and dependencies that don't easily align with an established infrastructure.

    “So you have an already running and fully configured web server? Too bad for you, bind me to port 443 or GTFO. Reverse-proxying by subdomain? Never heard of that. I won’t work. Deal with it. Oh, and your TLS certificates? Screw them, I ship my own!”

    Attempting to merge everything together requires meticulous planning, extensive configuration, and often annoying development work and finding workarounds.

    Modern web applications, with their elusive promises of flexibility and power, have instead become a source of maddening frustration when not being the only application that is served.

    My frustration about this is real. Self-hosting modern web applications is an uphill battle, not only in terms of technology but also when it comes to setting up the hosting environment.

    I just want to drop some PHP files into a directory and call it a day. A PHP interpreter and a simple HTTP server – that’s all I want to need for hosting my applications.

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