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Thoughts on terrorism
  • I require all officers to attend mandatory terrorism classes.

    (I've never watched star trek and Im basing my assumption of this ladys' attitude towards terrorism among her ranking officers off the animosity this community has towards her. And she looks like a "keep your enemies closer" type of person)

  • It's real
  • Sunko - a derogatory term for someone who holds strong beliefs in something despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. One who is subject to the sunk cost fallacy fallacy.

    Example: These sunko boomers still think trickle-down economics are legit. Jokes on them, the only thing trickling down will be their piss down their own legs when the underfunded state nursing home caretakers ignore them for 3 days straight after we refuse to subsidise their geriatricity.

  • It's the talk of the town
  • Ive never not been paid weekly. Ive worked labourer jobs, technical trade jobs, and office jobs, and all have paid me weekly.

    Fortnightly would be annoying. Monthly would be a nightmare.

  • Math
    DIY Agent641
    Someone painted this poor desk brown and gave it to an op shop. I bought it for $60 and restored it

    Here is what it looked like when I got it home:

    ! !

    Fully stripped back:


    And restored to it's former glory:


    Tough but rewarding work

    It's okay, I can make this joke because some of my best friends are welders

    Hey, what smells like blue?

    Im not sure why, but Jerboa suddenly went a bit blue on me this morning.

    Is it an update, or something I did? For context, its always had this reddish/purple tint to it:


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