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Videos Appear to Show 'Slipper-Like Object' Landing on PM Modi's Car in Varanasi
  • What happened to the person who had last contact with the said object?

    And slightly unrelated:
    The wire website saw a redesign recently, right?
    They used to have an rss feed. I think it got dropped after the redesign. Or has it gone private or premium?

  • Lemmy comrades/people/lemmings who have learned a new language using online resources, what/how was it like?
  • Watches JAV and starts thinking that yamete means very awesome or very good or that they are arriving

    I think people should learn the basic words before going into porn for learning stuff. But yes, it maybe a good way to learn things that are not explained in regular tutorials

  • American Christianity
  • In India, many states have a mid-day meals programme in govt schools from the 1980's. The central govt also focused on it around the mid 90's.

    My state, Kerala seems to be decent in that aspect and I think it was even extended to govt-aided schools.
    Though, there are some stories where the govt fund is delayed and the school teachers(mostly by the head teacher) have to pickup the slack until the fund gets disbursed.

  • Why in 2024 do people still believe in religion? (serious)
  • Islam used to be the forefront of scientific and mathematical discovery.

    People of all religions have contributed to scientific growth.

    The average religious person and the person discovering scientific/mathematical stuff are generally different tho.
    Universal basic education has gained focus in many parts of the world, only relatively recently.

    I think improved scientific temper would obviously clash with many mainstresm religions.

    Presence of some supreme creator may not be proven or disproven, but I think the anti-evolution stuff and similar things in most mainstream religions would face more questions when scientific temper improves.

    And I'm not saying that non-religious people are safe from similar stuff too. Just that it is easily spread and maintained when you have a community on it.

  • Lemmy comrades/people/lemmings who have learned a new language using online resources, what/how was it like?
  • I know some Python, but have never gone beyond normal stuff.

    I have downloaded online pdf's on Python. Sometimes I read it without trying it out and forget how it is used. Or just jump into something and get confused. When I try to read code on github, I take some time to understand what the functions do and stuff.
    Maybe I'm learning on and off, and it'll take time.

    Currently, I'm trying out stuff using Gcollab and it seems to be fun and easy to access, since I grew up using a phone more than a pc/laptop.

    What method/plan did you use?

  • Lemmy comrades/people/lemmings who have learned a new language using online resources, what/how was it like?

    I had tried to learn some languages using online resources on the net(freely accessible ones tho). Didn't actually commit to it with a plan. Curious on how others went about it.

    Do mention the resources that you liked/found useful.

    Why in 2024 do people still believe in religion? (serious)
  • They are taught about it from childhood and many of us don't questions stuff we've learnt in our childhood.

    Education fails to instil scientific temper in them

    Lack of proper mental health awareness and support.

  • Mozilla Welcomes Anonym: Privacy Preserving Digital Advertising
  • Is there a way for one to use this on android FF?

    Found one. Bookmarking the following(got it from view-source:) worked:
    javascript:(function(){var d=document,s=d.createElement('script');s.crossOrigin='anonymous';s.src='';d.body.appendChild(s);}())

    Websites that helped:
    Thanks for sharing the link

  • What mundane things of our era could be seen as beautiful or admirable in the future?
    • Good Emails/articles/publications that do not use AI atvall.
    • If AI regulations stop the NSFW side of AI, then those.
    • LAN multiplayer games.
      Minimilitia, SuperTuxkart(Haven't checked the LAN part, but 2 players can use the same keyboard to play the game, at the same time)
  • Is Whatsapp buggy/slow nowadays?

    Recently formatted my phone. Reinstalled whatsapp n the imported the backup. It seems very slow and buggy. After 1-3 mins of usage, the app starts acting up and after a minute or so autocloses.

    Has anyone experienced the same?

    I'm planning on reinstalling to check whether that fixes the issue. Asking here to see if anyone has experienced something similar and/or has resolved it.

    Aard 2 - Offline dictionary app

    I started using it last year and I think others would benefit from knowing about it too.

    Offline dictionaries(based on data from wikipedia, wiktionary etc.):

    I use the Wordnet and SimpleWikipedia dictionaries along with the one for the Wiktionary in my native language. ______ Going on a tangent about the dictionaries(you can skip this if you're currently not interested on that):

    They had a Malayalam dictionary, which was quite awesome for me, as I'm a Malayali. The dictionary is based on from 2021. Maybe there were not too many additions for the effort to make a new one.

    The code for creating the dictionaries are also available in their github. I tried it out, but I'm on Opensuse Leap currently and installing couchdb seems tricky.

    I also saw a python package, Pyglossary, which helps to convert dictionaries between opensource formats.

    Wikipedia provides monthly dumps of zim files(used in Kiwix, another dictionary app. Not available in F-droid). I was able to use Pyglossary to convert those into slob files and use them. So might be an easier way to get slob files, if slob files of Wiktionary or Wikipedia in your language are not available. Or if you want to update them. Data scraping is also avoided.

    How would/do you backup before a factory reset?

    I'm thinking about resetting my phone to see if it fixes a mobile data download issue.

    I want to avoid losing important data and also avoid cloud services for backup, as much as possible. So, how should one ideally go about it?

    • I can directly backup all files in /storage/emulated/0
    • I can backup contacts as vcf
    • I can backup apk's using apk extractor
    • I can write down saved passwords in Chrome and Firefox
    • Create backups from apps like Pipepipe and Mihon. And also get the database file from whsap

    Is there a way to save preferences for apps without root? Are there foss or offline apps that simplify this? Also is there a way to locally backup google calendar? (Fossify calendar seems to have an export local calendar option. The backup file seems to be supported by google calendar too.)

    Are there other things that I'm overlooking? Would like to get suggestions/advice on this. Thanks in advance.

    Are there any adb commands to block specific apps from accessing mobile data/wifi or in general network acesss?

    The system launcher on my phone has a data usage that is non-zero. I've already disabled background data for it.

    I use Lawnchair2, but haven't tried to disable/uninstall the system launcher because I've read somewhere that it affects gesture navigation(Is it actually so?)

    I know that apps like Netguard can help, but is there a more direct solution, other than rooting?

    Are there any other adb commands that are useful, hopefully that are not too dangerous?

    I've recently found adb shell pm trim-caches 99999M Clears all/most app cache, without having to install some cache clear or use Gfiles. I don't really use it often.


    Along with this, does anyone know way to troubleshoot gmail not being able to download attachments on mobile data? I've not disabled background data for that. Or should I make a separate post on it. Or would it be too tech-supporty?

    Any foss file sharing app that supports file upload by another person who does not have the app? (Through local network)

    I find it useful when I have to ask for files from another person without having to ask them to install the app.

    Trebleshot has this option(screenshot attached) and I'm currently using it. But it's source seems to archived, so looking for an alternative if it exists.

    Is android nearby share enough for this? Generally, I think that foss apps give me faster transfer speeds overy nearby share. Or is it just placebo?

    The Brutality of Sugar: Debt, Child Marriage and Hysterectomies The Brutality of Sugar: Debt, Child Marriage and Hysterectomies

    An investigation into the sugar-cane industry in the Indian state of Maharashtra found workers ensnared by debt and pushed into child marriages and unnecessary hysterectomies.

    The Brutality of Sugar: Debt, Child Marriage and Hysterectomies

    Link to non-paywalled archive:

    I didn't see any paywall(uBlock?), but if it does spring up, then the link maybe useful

    What file formats, technologies, techniques do you think would benefit most people by being more common? Or that people would benefit by being more aware of?

    .7z seems to be good and I do recommend it to people, saying that it's better than regular zip. Have recently started using opus n webm files more.

    I've also heard about jxl recently. Would be very nice to see it become popular, as it could reduce the size of my memes n screenshots folders. Faster webpage loading too.

    Are there any other file formats that'll be useful to people, but isn't getting enough attention?

    In the case of apps, Trebleshot seems to be good for android file sharing. I like it's web sharing option having an upload form. Helps me where I don't have to ask others to install an app to send me a file locally. Not sure about its encryption n security aspects, but I only have used it for local file sharing.

    And what about other stuff similar to that, other than file formats or apps?

    Recently have started exercising my neck. Not neck bridges and loaded things tho. Only safe n simple movements. Seems to be good, especially after using a monitor for some time. I think it's not much talked about, maybe because of the fear that people will overdo it?

    Gmail attachments not being downloaded in mobile data(Works on wifi). What would be the reason? [Factory reset solved the issue. K9 mail was a decent alternative until then]

    I can download the same when I use wifi tho.

    My phone is a Tecno Spark 8c, running Android 11.

    Things I have tried:

    1. Checked with different carriers. So it's probably not some block that my carrier has or my private dns settings being weird.
    2. Cleared the data of the gmail app and ensured that it has access to media and background data.
    3. Searched about the issue and saw people talking about clearing the data of downloads and the download manager. Have done that.
    4. Reset the mobile data and app preferences in settings. No change after that too.

    Related to this: I use Tachiyomi. Similar to attachments I never could download the extensions from within the app using mobile data(could get it manually from their site, so not an issue with their website). Recently the chapter downloads in the app have also stopped working on mobile data, displays No Network Connection available in the notification(have updated to Mihon).

    I think it is some android bug. Or downloads or download manager or some other app having issues. I've disabled some bloatware on my phone and also have restricted background data to some apps.

    Has anyone else dealt with a similar bug. Is there any fix for it(other than a full reset, if possible)?

    Thanks in advance

    Saw these apps while looking at the battery optimization settings. Does anyone know what these apps are for?

    !A screenshot of those apps

    The first one doesn't have a name. Searching for the second one, TPMS, gave me results on Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. Didn't see any articles on android about it(Might be that I didn't search well enough too).

    Is anyone familiar with these apps? What are they for? Saw these apps on a Tecno Spark 8C, running Android 11.

    Thanks in advance.

    Linux 101 stuff. Questions are encouraged, noobs are welcome! Achyu
    How would I improve battery life(and if possible, boot time) on a laptop with openSUSE leap 15.5?

    I have it installed on HDD, on a Lenovo Ideapad 3 gaming laptop, with a nvidia GTX 1650 Ti. I have windows installed, but it's on SSD, so it probably doesn't affect.

    The battery life is not so good.

    1. I have the proprietary nvidia drivers installed. In nvidia settings, I've set it to be in adaptive mode to save energy.
    2. I've installed suse-prime and set it to offload. Setting it to intel doesn't get me to the graphical interface. Is there a way to fix that?
    3. I use kde plasma and the effects and animations are turned off. I have disabled the cups.service, file indexing and other things I normally don't use.
    4. Autocpufreq is installed and tlp is not.
    5. I've also set noatime for root and home.
    6. My screen brightness and sleep settings are kept low and I normally don't use more than 20% and at night only less than 5%.

    I only get around an hour to 1.5 hrs of battery time on average. Are there ways to improve that?

    Also my current boot time is around a minute to 1.5 minutes. Is it ok for hdd? Or are there things that I could easily try to speed it a bit more?

    Thank you, for reading all this.

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