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“Why does Fox News put on so many Biden people?”: Trump rants on Truth Social ahead of debate
  • I feel called out on some shit, but you aren't wrong. I don't like Biden, but I still will vote for him again in November.

  • Looking for new Site Admins
  • I take offense to some of that, but I applied to be an admin back in Q3 of last year. After the video interview I got ghosted. Thought I would give this a shot, had another video interview, and yeah I'm not expecting much. So yeah, I'm not even sure the process actually does anything other than waste time.

    I do have a very well paying job, family, but you may have called me out on the "no life" thing... Though I do have a car that's become a bit of a project so I don't waste as much time on "IT" shit.

  • “Why does Fox News put on so many Biden people?”: Trump rants on Truth Social ahead of debate
  • Also, what exactly are "Biden people?" Are there actually people that are like, hard-core Biden supporters?

  • Trump–Biden Debate Conspiracies Have Already Flooded the Internet
  • So, following the "every accusation is a confession" it would stand to reason Trump is doing all of those things. Which tracks actually...

  • What’s the worst piece of technology you’ve ever owned?
  • The worst piece of tech that I have ever owned in my life is a CD Cleaner I bought from GameStop back in the day. That shit was straight up a sacrificial altar. It never cleaned. Only consumed.

    Oh shit, I remember those. They "cleaned" by using an abrasive spray to "polish" the CDs. Those things were straight-up evil.

  • Rate of Young Women Getting Sterilized Doubled After ‘Roe’ Was Overturned
  • The number of young men getting vasectomies also shot up, but men still get sterilized much less often than women.

    I got mine in September. I'd kicked the can down the road for years but finally pulled the trigger largely because of Roe being overturned.

  • Poseidon must be appeased
  • I vote for Musk.

  • These Are the Rules of the CNN Presidential Debate
  • lol that would be hilarious actually, I can picture it in my head. As the commercial break ends the camera fades to black then the stage slowly fades in. Both candidates are passed out in their chairs drooling all over. An infomercial for dentures blares from an unseen TV. As the TV is turned off both of them jolt awake and hobble slowly back to their podiums.

  • NASA Selects SpaceX to develop the International Space Station US Deorbit Vehicle
  • According to a different article I was just reading, sounds like the 2030 isn't a hard date and it may be extended if commercial stations aren't ready to go:

    While the 2030 end date has been referenced in NASA budgetary materials in recent years, some NASA officials have stated that the station could potentially remain operational past that date. "There's nothing magical that happens in 2030," Steve Stich, manager of NASA"s commercial crew program at Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, said during a Jan. 25, 2024 briefing.

    Stich added that the ISS will continue operations until commercial space stations are in orbit and ready for crews. "We want [the commercial stations] to be supportive, and then when they're ready to go, that's when ISS will move out of the way," Stich said.


  • These Are the Rules of the CNN Presidential Debate
  • From the article:

    However, campaign staff will be prohibited from interacting with their respective candidates during these intermissions, denying them the opportunity for strategic consultations or to touch up the candidates’ appearance.

  • That face isn't showing an ounce of remorse
  • And he'll fucking do it again, lol.

  • ID Verification Service for TikTok, Uber, X Exposed Driver Licenses
  • Makes me think of the skydiving scene in Deadpool 2 where pretty much the entire team dies and Wade asks who could have seen that coming? I think it was Domino that responds with everyone, everyone saw that coming.

  • How heat pumps can turn wasted energy into low-carbon whisky :A century-old Scottish distillery has halved its CO2 emissions with waste-heat recovery tech.
  • It's actually a really cool concept honestly. I do this on a very tiny scale at home. I run a small server cluster largely as a playground but also for things like Plex and Vaultwarden. The waste heat from that is pushed out the back of the rack and a heat pump water heater a few feet away uses that to help heat water.

    As you said, seems like there are many opportunities to do this on a much lager scale.

  • Coffee recalled nationwide due to risk of fatal food poisoning
  • Wait what? How is that WAY more expensive than say beer which also has an extra tax?

  • Oklahoma Supreme Court Blocks First US Religious Public Charter School
  • huh, non-corrupt judges? In this timeline that seems wrong...

  • Pollution from Ohio train derailment reached 110 million Americans
  • Oh cool, good to know we were told we were safe in Columbus. I'll look forward to my $3 check when I get cancer 10 years from now. Fuck these corporations.

  • AOC defeats moderate challenger in Democratic primary
  • Yeah:

    "We need to freeze the border and send that message to the world to stop the death and casualties along the way," says Dolan. "The Republicans are right on this issue. But that doesn’t make me a Republican. No party is right on every issue."

    On his campaign website, Dolan who has served as managing director at banks including Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase, puts the city’s current plight thus: “Bail reform a disaster, the National Guard in the subway, toothpaste locked up in drugstores but criminals running free.

  • During Trump Interview, Newsmax Runs Disclaimer About 2020 Election Results Being ‘Legal and Final’
  • So, how long before we get a man-baby tantrum from the orange turd on his safe-space social media platform?

  • GoFundMe launched to help pay Trump’s legal fees GoFundMe launched to help pay Trump’s legal fees

    The wife of an investor has launched a GoFundMe to help fund former President Trump’s mounting legal expenses in the wake of Friday’s verdict in the New York fraud case. The GoFundMe ha…

    GoFundMe launched to help pay Trump’s legal fees

    LMAO and the grift continues...

    Researchers Install Ransomware on Internet-Connected Wrench Researchers Install Ransomware on Internet-Connected Wrench

    “We were able to make the device completely inoperable by preventing a local operator from controlling the drill through the onboard display and disabling the trigger button."

    Researchers Install Ransomware on Internet-Connected Wrench
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