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*arr metadata frustrations

Does anyone know why there is no option in the Sonarr/Radarr apps to change where metadata is sourced from?

The TVDB is where it is sourced from now, but often this information can be incorrect. For example, Cunk on Earth/Cunk on Britain is listed on the BBC site as one series (Cunk on...) with two seasons. TVDB lists the two as separate series, and TMDB follows the BBC site.

Since Jellyfin uses TMDB metadata, this series and its two seasons are sorted in the same way as on BBC iPlayer, but Sonarr sorts them separately.

In the end it's not really a huge deal, but at the same time it's frustrating that the metadata between the two are not always the same. I really just wish there was an option to change where *arr gets its metadata from.

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