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Stop Killing Games hopes to petition regulators to stop developers from shutting down games
  • I have this feeling too. But any game that requires an internet connection to work will eventually end up being bricked when its servers are shut down.

    I recently played Helldiver's 1 on the PS vita, and realized the servers were disabled. despite those servers being down you could still essentially play the game, even though its not as fun.

  • Chevron Will Pay Record Fines for Oil Spills in California
  • This part is hilarious in a sad way:

    At least one of Chevron’s spills is still running 21 years after it began in a Kern County oilfield, although a state spokesperson said it has been reduced by 98% “from its peak.” The amount spilled from the site, dubbed GS-5, is larger than the Exxon Valdez disaster.

    It's reduced because it's been leaking for 21 years! It's bound to stop flowing as aggressively as when it first started.

  • POV:
  • "You're talking to me": How do we determine from which POV we're looking from? Seems like the POV is from whomever sends this picture, so wouldn't that mean that we're looking through OPs eyes? CMV

  • What is an activity that you can't do in the area that you live in, but that you would like to try out?
  • To go hang out with people in a cool setting while having alcohol-like drinks without the problems. Like going to a Kava bar or something, or tea bar. Bunch of places out there with themed drinks to hang out. Sometimes you like the taste of cocktails but don't want to get drunk.

  • No thanks China!
  • I'm not big of a fan of Chinese surveillance but to most peoples point that have already posted here, if this was about privacy then the government should be passing laws to protect consumer privacy as a whole and not just targeting Chinese companies. Really shows that the government doesn't give a shit about your privacy just who's able to get it.

  • Any Freedconn users? Thoughts on R3? Options/alternatives bang for buck?
  • I've thought about using these kinds of camera/common systems but a while ago when I looked into it they seemed to have so-so video footage quality and had so-so battery life. I'd be interested to know what other people think too, currently have a sena and go pro setup.

    Looking at their website, I don't see much about interoperability between brands though, and no specifics on battery life when in use. I'm not sure if you'll ever get good footage at night though, I haven't tested that with my gopro so I can't speak to that.

  • Hillary Clinton warns birth control is ‘next’ after Alabama IVF ruling
  • I wouldn't be too surprised. After the heart beat bills that came out soon after the supreme court ruling a lot of language for abortion pills felt like it could be applied potentially to birth control. I don't think those bills passed where I am but it is worrying.

  • Watch out for fake cards, even on Amazon
  • Out of curiosity, does this happen when buying from alternative sellers on amazon, or even when you buy from official product sellers. I haven't run into this issue when I've looked for cards yet.

  • Windows-as-a-nuisance: How I clean up a “clean install” of Windows 11 and Edge
  • When I tried setting up a new computer I initially started with Windows. Going through that new setup process was such a pain in the ass with how Microsoft tries to connect you to their services. I just want to use the damn computer without any of these 'extra' services. Like, is it so difficult to have an OS that you can just simply install and use without any BS? Its what finally pushed me to move to Linux. Haven't looked back since.

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