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Corpos being corpos
  • You can use your library for commercial projects that you have. Just have dual license that requires payment for commercial use or something similar. You don't have to pay yourself

  • Many such cases
  • Most open source tool have the same thing that it feels like it's made by engineers. I think that's because it's true, most FOSS tools are made by engineers for engineers. Because most project start with someone needing something and then creating it and sharing it.

    Chances of a programmer needing something and then making it is a lot higher, than an artist needing it and then making it as then there'd be a need to have the necessary skills to make the software. As someone not from CS field I've seen how much of redundant programs are present for CS related tasks while barely some exists for other fields because the overlap of programmer and that field is low specifically FOSS programmers. And a few programmers that field would have don't have the high level software development skills, so most open source tools made by them are "works on my machine, or works for this specific task" even though with less than 1% more effort they could have made a generalized tool.

  • The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think (2016)
  • Miniserve is a program for computers. Though you can run it in termux. It just opens a tiny server instance for file sharing, you can download/upload files to a directory directory. Will also show QR for the link.

  • Is Your Driving Being Secretly Scored? The insurance industry, hungry for insights into how people drive, has turned to automakers and smartphone apps like Life360.
  • It is kinda like that. We have a tracker that we added because they increased the insurance rate and said if you install this device we'll keep the rate low based on driving patterns.

    Basically records how often you drive, hard break/sharp turns, after midnight drives, etc. We don't drive the car often so the prob of accident is low but we recently learned that they can consider not driving enough also bad saying it can make you drive recklessly or sth.

  • Removed
    only as in free beer
  • If by editing you mean adding texts (forms) and signing, then Firefox, xournal++, rnote etc.

    If you mean changing the pdf content, then libre office draw for textual pdf, inkscape for graphical pdf.

    I also just open PDF in text editor (or with qpdf's qdf format) and edit certain things. I don't recommend it but due to certain recent events I had to change some font data from PDF and that was the best solution.

  • Windows is hell, i need to do something
  • Reading filesystem is not about which distribution you have but drivers on disc. If you have FAT the defaults should work, for NTFS you might have to install the ntfs driver. I don't use mint but it's the linux way so either it's already there or you can install it. Once you have driver just mount it like a normal drive and it's done.

  • Its a hard fate : (
  • System 76 laptop has fingerprint sensor. They don't say it has one cuz it's not supported.

    And since it's designed to be used as a tap/scan, and power button only on hard restart/shutdown it's hard to press to stop it being pressed on fingerprint scan, the hardware not being supported means you have to press the power button a lot instead of fingerprint.

  • Linux continues to be above 4% on the desktop
  • For the OCR, have you tried tesseract? For printed documents it can take image input and generate a pdf with selectable text. I don't OCR much but it has been useful when I tried a few times.

    You might be able to have a script that takes the scanner input into tesseract and output a pdf. It only works on a single image per run so I had to make script to run it on whole pdf by separating it and stitching it back together.

  • Daylight saving creator left the chat....
  • That sounds like too much work, and what if there are clouds. We should make devices that can be calibrated when you're in a certain location based on their standards and then the device will continue to show that locations' shadow location without the sun.

  • Does anyone know how to execute a script when a certain sound plays?
  • Someone already talked about the XY problem, so I'll say this.

    Why sound notification instead of notification content? If your notification program (dunst in my case) have pattern matching or calling scripts based on patterns and the script has access to which app, notification title, contents etc. then it's just about calling something in your bash script.

    And any time you wanna add that functionality to something else, add one more line with a different pattern or add a condition in your script. Comparing text is lot more reliable than audio.

    Of course your use case could be completely different, so maybe give some examples of use case so people can give you different ways to solve that instead of just the one you're thinking of.

  • "code-free" framework
  • Yeah sure, I'll compile it in my OS. For any other OS, either I'm not knowledgeable about the tools available, and many of them that I am not going to spend money to acquire. If providing the binary a developer compiles for themselves would solve it, we'd not have that problem at all.

    I specifically hate when program or libraries are only in compiled form, and then I get an error messages talking about an absolute path it has with some usernames I've never seen before, and no way to correct it as there's no code. Turns out when people pass compiled versions to the OS they don't use themselves they don't encounter the errors and think it works fine.

  • Everyone be using the eggplant emoji as a penis euphemism, I have two thoughts on this ...
  • It's not even at OS level (unless you're thinking fonts are OS level). So basically you'd just need to define a font, with certain unicodes with images you want, and make sure it ranks higher than other fonts. So the application will search for any characters in that font, and then for those you didn't define, it'll search in other fonts.

  • Reconstruction of an image from a stack of images
  • I was thinking the same, smartphones would definitely do everything it can to make images sharp so it's probably not going to be easily stackable.

    Still it feels like something should be there to combine the pictures to make better drawing, as there're softwares to generate 3D models from smartphone pictures.

  • I just updated debian and upon reboot and login i get this
  • Did you solve it? Recently there was a problem with graphics thing and downgrading mess from 1.24 to 1.23 helped me. It was in arch with AMD graphics, but some people said Nvidia ones also had the problem.

    Edit: mesa not mess

  • I made a Gtk GUI to open LaTeX Beamer file, so that you can extract some pages

    cross-posted from:

    > Basically, you can choose some slides from an opened .tex file to copy. It also has the function to see which graphics files are included in the selected files, so you know which ones to copy. > > Here is the Github link: > > The PDF pages are shown using the SyncTeX (if available) so that you can visually choose the slides as long as there is a single .tex source file, (might still work without synctex for simple cases). > > I've made it on Linux, so it hasn't been tested in windows. You probably will need to compile gtk on Windows if you want to make it work. So if someone is really interested let me know, I can give instructions. Even in linux you'll need to install dependencies.

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