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First-known TikTok mob attack led by middle schoolers tormenting teachers
  • I speak that really from experience. My Reddit account (which I abandoned) is roughly 17 now. Was on other platforms prior.

    You can usually tell when you've got a teen when they become libertarian and angry about why anyone should care about something edgy being done. The whole "it was just a prank, bro" mindset.

  • Spanish tourist trampled to death by elephants in South Africa
  • My sister in law is from China—my brother moved there, got married, and they moved to the US. Apparently they had a very long conversation about wild geese in the park that went “wait, you’re telling me that all this free meat is here and not one person is taking any home?” for some time before she believed that people just like to watch the geese.

  • Toddler, 2, dies after shooting himself while left alone in a Walmart parking lot as his parents shopped for fireworks
  • This isn’t a vaccine thing. They are certainly talking about things like antidepressants that we can see do work but don’t have really any clue how or why and can’t come up with something that doesn’t have bonkers life changing side effects.

    mRNA vaccines are precision engineering and are where the future of medicine is. They do one thing in a targeted way and do it well.

  • Toxoplasma is a common parasite that causes birth defects – but the US doesn’t screen for it during pregnancy
  • It makes rodents lose fear of predators and become more likely to be eaten by a cat, which is where toxoplasmosis wants to live. It does this by literally changing the brain of the victim animal. Evidence is showing that the same effect happens in humans and we sometimes engage in riskier behavior as a result of infection.

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