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Can I use my Nintendo Switch in 20 years from now?
  • open_agb_firm is another option for GBA games. Seems to offer better performance, particularly when it comes to audio. I played through Pokemon Emerald with that recently, and it was the only way I could avoid the distracting sound issues.

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    Why Everyone Should Still Use an RSS Reader in 2024
  • When I switched from Reddit to Lemmy, I started using Feeder for news to fill that gap. I think my podcast app on Linux also uses RSS.

    I also used Feeder with Nitter for a while to keep up with friends posting on Twitter (I never really got into Twitter myself). Though that stopped working at some point.

    So yeah, RSS definitely still has uses today.

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    Just your everyday matches
  • Is this how Java web tokens were transported back in the day?

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    Remember when the Harry Potter fandom was a thing?
  • I agree that enjoying her work doesn't necessarily make you a biggot, but it does mean you aren't an ally. Your money absolutely does make a difference. She sees continued support of her works as support of her anti-trans ideas.

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    Dropbox is sharing users' files with OpenAI, here's how to opt out
  • How is this legal? Isn't this a violation of copyright law at the very least, plus any other licenses that might apply to the files?

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    Imagine only being allowed to upvote something?
  • I'm aware of what he's done, but how is that fascist? Are you using some non-standard definition of fascism?

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    Imagine only being allowed to upvote something?
  • for fascist propaganda

    Do you have a source on this? Everything I've seen them post has been left wing. Most of which was anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist.

  • Looking for a long term progress tracking app with widgets

    I'm looking for an app that allows me to set long term goals with the individual steps that are needed for each of those goals. Similar to a bunch of todo lists, but that allows me to easily see my progress on the home screen via a graph/progress widget of some kind.

    Some example goals are buying a house or publishing a new website. That sort of long term project where there are no strict deadlines, but there are clearly defined tasks.

    I've spent over an hour looking so far but have come up dry. I'm having a hard time finding relevant apps when searching, as I keep getting results for habit trackers - which isn't at all what I'm looking for. The tasks I want to track are not time sensitive, so they don't have any date associated with them. They are also not repeatable.

    The widget part is particularly important to me, because if the list of things to do is tucked away behind an app, or even not on the first page of my home screen, then I'll just forget about it. (Pretty sure I have ADHD.)

    I'm also not too keen on having to setup an account or give any personal info away - but if I find an app that for sure can provide what I need then I'll probably cave on that. I just don't want to end up with a bunch of accounts for apps I won't even use.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Or maybe some search terms that might show something closer to what I'm looking for? Any help is greatly appreciated, and if you've read this far I hope you're having a wonderful day! 🙃

    *Permanently Deleted*
  • I found this blog post, titled The Null HypotheCis, to be pretty helpful when I was questioning. To summarize, basically it can be helpful to stop treating being cis as the default, and treat both cis and trans as equal possibilities. That can be a much better way to frame things, as it allows you to consider if you are cis in the same way you are trying to consider if you are trans. For me, that made it much clearer that I wasn't cis.

    So to put it another way - you listed a few reasons you think you're trans, but it's worth asking yourself what reasons you have for thinking you're cis. And how do those two stack up against each other?

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    Looking for games with unique core mechanics
  • Life is Strange - At least the original, the sequels are not quite as unique. It's an interactive story (though still in 3D) where you can rewind time to redo conversations, effectively making "save scumming" a core mechanic. The designers use the fact that you deliberate on your own actions quite well. The story is also pretty unique, but unfortunately there isn't a good way to explain why without spoiling any of it.

    Inscryption - On the surface, this seems like your run of the mill card game. But once you get familiar with the mechanics, some other genres start blending with it.

    Edit: Should also add:

    A Normal Lost Phone - The premise is that you find a phone that someone has lost, and you can use it to slowly uncover the story of the person who lost it and why.

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    I sure as hell don't.
  • The original anti work community on Reddit was more about the abolition of work, before being co-opted by work reformists. It wasn't about just "pushing back", but about abolishing the modern concept of wage labor under capitalism.

    Money doesn't need to exist, so your complaint about them just wanting things for free is ludicrous and strikes me as capitalist apologia.

    I recommend reading The Abolition of Work to better understand the concept. At the very least, it would allow you to form actually compelling arguments against the idea so that you don't have to continue showing your ignorance.

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    Early opinion
  • I've been a bit underwhelmed so far. Hoping things get more interesting as I progress. I've only seen the first map so far, but it generally doesn't feel like something new. Which I get is sort of the point with the story, but it just doesn't provide the same excitement as Crystal Oasis did back when PoF launched.

    I didn't like the Wizard's Vault at first - mainly because of the reduction in daily reward from 2 to 1 gold. As a more casual player, that seemed like quite the blow to my income. But later on I noticed I overlooked the 90 gold at 6 currency each. So I think I may even come out ahead with the changes. It's also great to have a bunch of choices, especially regarding ascended and legendary gear.

    I haven't really touched the relics much either. I got one from the meta event and just equipped that for now to have something in the slot, but none of the options really seemed significant enough to care for now.

    The any weapon on any spec thing, while interesting, doesn't feel particularly useful as a thief. I'm also out of build/equipment slots to test out new builds - so I guess I'd have to use another character to figure out if any of those new combinations are worth it on my main.

    So overall, I'm glad there's more content, but I kind of expected more for the price.

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    Early opinion
  • I disagree. I've been playing since launch, and 90 gold is still a lot. A lot of players (probably most) don't do raids or CMs.

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    "AI will bring new jobs"
  • Be excited about OpenAI's approach to research

    Damn, guess I don't qualify. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    x last night
  • Via the same agency that created Agent Orange.

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  • Yes, thank you. There's so much casual misogyny on Lemmy now, it's getting tiring.

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    **Entirely Automated AI Powered News Site Runs on Linux AWS Server with Docker**
  • Why do this? Sorry if this is too harsh, but this is a downright terrible idea. AI in it's current state is just fancy word prediction. It isn't accurate enough to use for news.

    Judging by your other comments, you also don't seem to understand what is left wing. The US Democratic party is not left wing. They support the capitalist class just like the right. So if you use news sources like that, your entire project will have a right wing bias.

    And that's even besides the point. Why the centrist stance? It's incredibly stupid to think that both the left and the right are equal. One side wants people like me dead while the other doesn't. Where is the middle ground there? To only half kill us? To kill only half of us? Is my desire to live and be myself too extreme to support?

    Rethink this.

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    No more News for Canada as Instagram blocks content for Canadian viewers due to C-18 link tax, others to follow
  • I didn't know Instagram was Canada's sole source of news. You learn something new every day.

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    What video game have you played the most, that you think is garbage and no one else should ever play?
  • Temtem.

    Extremely predatory design that tries damn hard to force you into micro transactions. And once you do, you have to spend so many hours to get what you already payed for. On top of that, the endgame is almost a completely different game with a different target audience than the rest of it. I regret all the money and time I wasted on it. Had to hide it in my steam library to get myself to stop as well. That kind of predatory shit should be illegal imo.

    Stay away from that game, especially if you have any past issues with impulse, micro transactions, and/or addictive tendencies.