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What Would You Like To See In Upcoming Updates
  • For the auto complete of linking, shouldn't Sync follow the Lemmy convention and communities start with ! and users start with @ or is that what you mean by super weird?

  • Self Hosted IFTTT RSS Replacement
  • Just wanted to say thanks, I ended up going with n8n.

    You should add a community for it over on one of your instances.

  • Proposed Router Design
  • I thought I thanked you for this at the time, but it seems I didn't. Sorry about that. This post has been invaluable to me and has coloured how I've been aiming to build out my network. Thank you so much!

  • Guest Mode Values

    When I have Guest Mode on, I'd like to maintain my downstairs temperature at 20°, but if it's just me, I'm happy to suffer at 18°. However I can't figure out how to do it so that I don't have to make a whole new set of automations. Is there a grateful way I can set a conditional variable?

    Timer Duration

    Does anyone know what I need to put in order to display the timer duration?

    Currently I have {{ states('timer.dining_study_clear') }} And that just displays Active, Idle or Paused.

    Pixelfed introduces Loops, a Short-Form Video App
  • Oh this is fantastic. It's definitely something that's been missing and been a conundrum in regards to figuring out how to sort it. Glad to see the PixelFed developer figured out how to do it.

  • Lemmy Development Update 2024-03-15
  • Congratulations @nutomic

  • I love Lemmy!
  • I'm a big fan of the Fediverse and Lemmy in particular. Thanks to the Fediverse, but mostly Lemmy, I was able to build my home lab and now when I walk around my house, the lights come on by themselves. I love the conversions I get into. I love the open nature of Lemmy and how you can look at the repositories and watch how it grows.

    There's definitely things that can be better and I'm happy to be on the train.

    My only true desire is to see more people and communities distributed across more instances.

  • [Fabrizio Romano]🚨 England coach Southgate: “We had a call from Arsenal last week to say that Ben White didn’t want to be considered for England squads”.
  • It honestly sounds like the whole thing has been blown gigantically out of proportion and all because Southgate failed to handle a situation appropriately. Now England is without one of its best defenders and Southgate continues in his failure to take responsibility.

  • Ryan Gosling and Mark Ronson Perform 'I'm Just Ken' at Oscars 2024
  • The film pretty much answers this question

  • Liar Liar - Horror Trailer 2024 - YouTube
    Mozilla Firefox is Working on a Tab Grouping Feature
  • Ah, thank you very much.

  • Banana Pi's 5Gbs OpenWrt WiFI router is now available for $30
  • For 30 quid, it's bloody marvelous.

  • VLC Media Player Plans to Add Online Media Streaming
  • Ain't nobody want this

    However, he also clarified that plans for this were not finalized yet, and if it were to happen, it would be optional for VLC users.

    Happy to see some sanity prevails.

    Having read the article, it sounds like the logical evolution of VLC. FAST Channels are here to stay and they actually are a vital thing in a world where Google have a monopoly on online video. While they're not what I would go for, I'm glad they're available as even my cable provider offers FAST channels.

    Will be interesting to see VLC compete with JWPlayer and the various forks of it.

    Also I don't think anyone disagrees that the core needs rewriting and the UI needs a refresh. Wonder when Android will start seeing these builds on the beta channel.

  • Mozilla Firefox is Working on a Tab Grouping Feature
  • Come now, let's not expect miracles.

  • Mozilla Firefox is Working on a Tab Grouping Feature
  • What's Ad-Hoc WiFi?

  • Mozilla Firefox is Working on a Tab Grouping Feature
  • You can actually try them on Firefox Nightly already.

  • Release v3.5.2 · piitaya/lovelace-mushroom · GitHub Release v3.5.2 · piitaya/lovelace-mushroom

    What's Changed Fixes 🐛 Fix layout inside grid by @piitaya in #1388 Other Changes Use new API for layout options by @piitaya in #1386 Full Changelog: v3.5.0...v3.5.2

    Release v3.5.2 · piitaya/lovelace-mushroom

    Just a heads up, this broke a bunch of my horizontal stacks and so I had to redo them. Didn't take long, but still annoying.

    Sync for Lemmy Beta 103 release notes
  • The post editing update is amazing.

  • Featured
    Markdown tests
  • spoiler

    Spoiler via Web UI

  • Featured
    Markdown tests
  • !Spoiler tags!<

    Don't work in the standard Lemmy way

  • This Week in Self-Hosted (8 March 2024)
  • The Immich logo is a massive improvement.

  • Release v25.0.4 · moby/moby · GitHub Release v25.0.4 · moby/moby

    v25.0.4 For a full list of pull requests and changes in this release, refer to the relevant GitHub milestones: docker/cli, 25.0.4 milestone moby/moby, 25.0.4 milestone Deprecated and removed featu...

    Release v25.0.4 · moby/moby
    Just Updated My Mushroom Dashboard To Utilise Sections

    Was super easy and didn't take long. Just had to copy and paste the elements from each page. Being able to look at my dashboard in landscape is so nice. I'm really impressed!

    Recommend A Lil Baby Album Please

    I'm not the biggest fan but I like his features on these tracks A LOT. Whenever I've tried to listen to his albums previously, I weren't really feeling the production, but I'm happy to try again.

    Navidrome YouTube Sync, is that a thing?

    Does anyone know of a plugin or extension they will play the video of whatever song I'm listening to when the video is available and just play something like a screensaver when the video isn't available?

    What NextCloud Apps Are You Running?

    As the title asks, what apps are you running?

    Also do you have your data on your host machine or on your main storage/NAS?

    Last question, is it just my set-up or is NextCloud slow for everyone?

    Self Hosted IFTTT RSS Replacement

    A couple of years ago, IFTTT did a thing where they asked people to sign up to premium and they could pay whatever they like and could keep the service forever. I didn't use many of the services, but thought it made sense to try and preserve something so useful for in case I did need it. In the meantime, I would allow it to check some RSS feeds and alert me when certain keywords came up.

    Some time goes by and the ambitions of IFTTT grow, they now rename the service I pay for as Legacy. Seems ominous, but I'm only using it for RSS so nothing to worry about.

    Fast forward to yesterday and I get an email to say that they're moving me to a new premium service and doubling what I pay. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I hate when companies do this. Especially when they promised I could keep my old thing at the same price forever.

    Anyway, since they've clearly lost their mind in the pursuit of AI supremacy, I may as well just host this myself.

    So is there a self hosted solution for RSS where I can get notifications when some RSS feeds publish indiscriminately and others when specific keywords come up?

    Something I can put in a Docker container on my RPi, set and forget.

    homelab sabreW4K3
    Advice On Proposed Router Design

    So I'm trying to build a router. Just need something to handle the networking in my house and the plan is to separate things out via virtual local area networks. Anyway, reading a bunch of threads and comments, I think my design will be something akin to this. Is this good or bad? Ultimately I wanna run OPNSense since that's what most people recommend, but wanna about x86.

    NanoPi as a hub:

    AX3000 as an AP:

    Network Switch:

    homelab sabreW4K3
    Proposed Router Design

    So I'm trying to build a router. Just need something to handle the networking in my house and the plan is to separate things out via virtual local area networks. Anyway, reading a bunch of threads and comments, I think my design will be something akin to this. Is this good or bad? Ultimately I wanna run OPNSense since that's what most people recommend.

    NanoPi as a hub:

    AX3000 as an AP:

    Network Switch:

    [Call To Arms] Legado

    For people that read their books digitally, they probably all know of Moon+ Reader the de facto industry standard. However I had a couple issues with Moon Reader, none were show stoppers, but just things that I felt could and should be improved. This led me to looking for alternatives, A LOT! Eventually I stumbled across Legado. It had a user experience that felt sane and modern and it didn't feel like it was bloated by legacy code or design. I've been using it for over a year and though it's not perfect, it's better than M+R for me.

    That said, the English translation is sub-par and that's being kind. Subsequently, when I asked the developer to host the translation somewhere it would be easier to translate than on Github, the developer, whom is Chinese and given that their userbase is mostly Chinese and said it wasn't worth the extra work and that is certainly their prerogative.

    But… I would honestly like to see this epub reader get the love it deserves from the West. So if anyone would like to contribute to the English translation please make a pull request.

    Chinese Strings:

    English Strings:

    IzzyOnDroid Link:

    Should I Be Switching My Dongle To Run As An RCP?

    One of the things I'd been putting off through pretty much cowardice, was updating my Zigbee coordinator. However, this morning I said fuck it and found the tabs that I opened about it again.

    This turned out to be a great idea because not only did I have the tabs for the wrong device open, the right tabs updated and now the process was simpler than ever. Hooray!

    But there was some extra stuff in there, no longer was it just about updating the dongle, now it was about enabling Matter/Thread and switching from NCP to RCP. Network Co Processor to Remote Co Processor to the ignorant like myself.

    I didn't opt for this, but I'm wondering if I should? If any of you have?

    BTW, the only issue I had with my set-up after upgrading the dongle firmware is that I had to manually restart the Zigbee2MQTT container afterwards and the initial cable I was using, wouldn't do the upgrade, so I switched to my cheaper one from AliExpress which did it with ease, but that was obviously beforehand.

    Edit: Here's the resource I used:

    Zigbee Went Down With My WiFi?

    The other day my WiFi network went down and with it, I lost access to my Zigbee network?* Is this normal or is this a sign of a massive issue?

    *When I checked the Raspberry Pi running Home Assistant, all devices showed as unavailable.

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