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Xi is pushing climate, study shows
  • Creation of value means nothing in the context of climate change. The atmosphere doesn’t say “you’re less at fault because you made so much value for the shareholders”.

    The only measure that means anything is absolute emissions, full stop.

  • Economics
  • Yep, graphing calculators are a forced necessity for school, therefore they can charge anything they want and people will still buy them. This kind of artificial demand causes extreme price inelasticity and is capitalism at its worst.

    Same deal with university books, you are forced to buy them so they cost hundreds of dollars, when they could easily be sold at a profit for a quarter of the cost.

  • How British tech star Stability AI imploded with debt and lawsuits
  • Emad is actually pretty smart, from a technical level, just listen to what he has to say on Reddit and it’s obvious. His business models seem pretty handwavey though, and you can’t just take money from people without a plan.

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  • If that’s truly the case, nothing on earth can protect your data.

    That being said, large corporations are far more liable to consumer protection lawsuits, especially in areas like the EU.

  • AI is a Lie.
  • AI does mean something, but it’s quite disappointing.

    Even mundane algorithms like A* pathfinding are technically under the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence. However the public’s perception of what AI means constantly shifts to be “whatever computers can’t do today”.

  • Maven Imported 1.12 Million Fediverse Posts
  • The easiest way is a sitewide NoAI meta tag, since it’s the current standard. Researchers are much more likely to respect a common standard and extremely unlikely to respect a single user’s personal solution adding a link to their comments.

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