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How come hotel check-in time is always 3-4?
  • As many mentioned in the thread, early check-in is an alternative, when not possible, most hotels I've visited offer the service to store the luggage for free. I leave the luggage at the hotel and go for a walk, or stay at the lobby.

  • Why stand in line to board an airplane?
  • I saw in a flight that the airline mistakenly sold the same seat twice, two persons were fighting for the same seat, and when the stewardess came to review, she saw the error, the flight was oversold and the second man needed to leave the plane.

  • I'm giving them a year until lifetime licenses start to mean nothing.
  • I've bought VPN lifetime several times, 2 of them have disappeared, 2 are still running. On the other hand, just think about it from the company point of view, lifetime support is not a sustainable business model, so it necessarily must be a scam.

  • What's the worst scam you've fallen for (or gotten close to falling for)?
  • I received a friendship request on Facebook from a friend, picture matched, 30 common friends, so I accepted. Next day he wrote me, that he was sick of strep, but now is fine, I said sorry, then he asked "have you applied for the NEH government fund? they help people that do social labor". As I do some kind of social labor I asked what was that, he asked me to contact the NEH official, this second guy asked my address to check if I was a potential receiver, I gave my address, he said "yes, you can apply" please send me this filled form. I got suspicious, went back and asked my friend "have you contacted Rose again? the consultant we met at Berlin?". He answered, "no, no further contact with her". We have never been together in Berlin or known any Rose. So, I reported the fake account to facebook, contacted my friend and let him know about the fake so he can also report it, and adviced him to notify the other 30 common friends on the list.

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